Stronger than Death Quest Problems

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    Hello all - yesterday afternoon I was boxing my Conjuror and Mystic in Eidolon Jungle (both grouped together with mercs) and got to the Stronger than Death Quest (last one from Riishu Sulrel as part of the signature quest, Shades of Drinal: The Shores of Everafter). - I could not find Lania Sulrel to update the quest on the 2nd Instance on the Permafrost server - there seemed to be someone sitting on the spawn site so i moved the mystic to the 1st Instance to see if he could finish the quest and the NPC was where she shows on the map in the first instance and got his updates but didn't turn in the finished quest with Gutan. Don't remember clearly but I believe while we were still grouped across instances I was able to finish Nimmage quest and get his belt (now I am getting old so I don't remember if i did this in Instance 1 or 2 but did move to Instance 1 before doing next quest Emergency Exit in Greyfall) but when we moved up to Greyfall Lania was still following Gutan as he hadn't turned in his quest reward yet. Lonepanther sent me a tell about why the NPC was following me - I camped Gutan out and she didn't dissappear (well at least immediately and Lonepanther didn't see the NPC appear to proceed with Stronger than Death) so i reloaded him and went to turn in his quest and then the NPC reappeared for Lonepanther in Instance # 1 after Gutan turned in his quest with Riishu (where we both were at this time). HE believes that the quest was setup with a single NPC that persists until the person doing the quest turns it in and if like me they are doing several quests and don't turn it in immediately no one else in the zone can find the NPC to hail her and finish their quest. I didn't see any notes on today's patch about this quest. This behavior may be by design but probably needs to be fixed as this error will no doubt come up a few times in the next few weeks as people run thru the signature quest series. I should bugged it at the time but while the server is down today I thought I would post something to flag the problem.

    Nimmage - 92nd Conjuor Permafrost - Gutan - 92nd Mystic Permafrost