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Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Tsoth, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Maybe someone can help me...
    Here's the story. The boys and I go traipsing up to Big Scary Dude and his 2 Friends. We have Mr. Mezzer with us so the strat becomes kill Scary, mez the Friends, kill the Friends, get pizza. Knowing that mezzing is going on the nice shiny AE buttons are now off-limits. No problem, I got lots of other tricks. Mr. Mezzer is telling me he's having problems, however. Look at the parse and The 2 Friends have Hemo (I use that as poison on raids for long fiights, Caustic for short) ticking away on them, wreaking the mez party.
    What I want to know is: how the hell did it get there? I tried turning off things like Surrounding Attacks (my AA build has that) and looked for anything else that would hit them (which, really, there isn't). Mr. Mezzer said that there should be no known way that should happen yet there it is. Is this a "feature"? Would I have to go back to Caustic to keep that dot from messing with the mez? No Poison? (actually thinking about that)
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    There are a few abilities that do splash damage, and a lot of items that cause AOE damage. If any mob got hit with those, there is a chance to get poisioned. Maybe open up with a debuff or something, let the Mezzer do his thing, then start shooting?

    That being said, poison is all but worthless now since they took away the chance for it to crit. No Assassin/Ranger/Swash I know of has spent any aa points there, and a few of them don't even bother with the poison at all! Not that I agree with that at all, if there is ANY dps you can get for "free" I'm all for it, but it almost doesn't make since to use.


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