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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Baltick, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Baltick Guest

    I would agree with Dolorian and would appreciate a feedback from a Dev concerning a merge with an other server like Splitpaw.
    What are the points that you are considering when you decide to merge two servers? Is it just about population?
    Don't you think that Storms meets the requirements for a merge?

    If you decide to not upgrade the Storms server, please take in consideration the fact that you have the opportunity to merge us with the european server, Splitpaw.
    Answer welcome.
  2. ARCHIVED-Whilhelmina Guest

    I think we would have realised it if our server had been upgraded. Y'know, the little "8 hours downtime" everybody else got while we never had anything more than 2 hours.
    Storms should have been upgraded, it would be nice to actually get that upgrade one day. Well, for those that will still be there :/
  3. ARCHIVED-Kenrill Guest

    What's the point in having a forum, community managers and what not if you don't answer the concerns of your community? I mean if this forum is as useful as to have a mod come in here and delete most of the posts then decomission this service and give us the spare server as an addition to storms old piece of crap.
    How can I appreciate the game when I'm supposed to cure my group and my spells proc 2 seconds after clicking them. Hmm group down ! WTG hard mode... Please come on and see for yourself...
    I mean from a business perspective I fully understand that it makes no sense to upgrade and spend several k$ for a community that is down to what? 400 people? But hey, guess what, you're offering the service and, we, costumers are paying for it.
    So if you don't want to invest that much $ because you feel there's no return on investment then please it's time for you to consider a merge. Sure you will lose some of your french players, but in the long run I'm pretty sure you will lose more if not upgrading. Not to mention that merging will greatly reduce your operating costs and no translation -> more cash for you
    Err.. wait a minute, didn't you just sold all your european player base to PSS1?

    Nenila - inquisitor on Storms
  4. ARCHIVED-potako Guest

    One week has passed and no answer. It seems that Storms population doesn't deserve any consideration.
  5. ARCHIVED-Cerridwen Guest

    ...Or gimme around 150 free server transfert tokens for each 3 or 4 raidstuffed toons my guildies have to move free this ruined server.
    I know my guildies will be much better on an active et non-laggy server. The main trouble we met was the cost of this. And you know what, we are not the rothchild family to give you around 2000$ on this affair.
    In my opinion, we've got 2 ways of issues :

    Upgrading storms server, and kill the regional locking system.
    Upgrading storms server will be a nice argument to get back the french community from the other "poor HL content games" ( we bump, we +1, we /agree because we do not have any else to say about this, we just use this only for solidarity )
    Think about the rogues who cannot pass more than 1CA per each auto attack in raid.
    Think about the healers going crazy about curing an AOE damage who kill the entire raid on the second tick.
    Think about my 100% spell recovery turns in -400% on each HM fight i practice.
    Think about casual players who spam the LFG tag all day long without any response.
    Think simply about raid/instance guilds, at the moment, that is very difficult to keep our members just for this 2 facts.
    Just like said many people here, maybe we are around 500 active players, but we signed for the same service and paying for that.
    So please, do your job, please contact the right person who can do the right thing, and the entire french community will thank you ( and maybe, give you more money! )
    (and sorry for my crap english by the way )
  6. ARCHIVED-Kenrill Guest

    +1 !!!

    (let's see if someone's actually reading this and my post gets deleted)

    Or as Brasse said on EQ2's facebook page (02/27/2012) : "Our community is our top priority and rest assured, all of your concerns have been heard."
  7. ARCHIVED-Baltick Guest

    I /agree the /bump for the +1
  8. ARCHIVED-Cyrnéa Guest

    I retry:
    +1 ?
    any feedback ?
    A f... useless SOE mod? Barack Obama? Obiwan Kenobi? dev(AHAHAHAH)?
  9. ARCHIVED-Whilhelmina Guest


    *crickets* *crickets* *crickets*
    seems they didn't hear a thing, will try louder..

  10. ARCHIVED-Valraukar Guest


    We need answers !
  11. ARCHIVED-Whilhelmina Guest

    *is listening to the sweet voice of crickets*
  12. ARCHIVED-Whilhelmina Guest

    *listens to the sound of crickets*
  13. ARCHIVED-Zaathaan Guest

  14. ARCHIVED-machiavelis Guest

    I ever opened another petition, let's see...

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