Stormhold (PvE) and Deathtoll (PvP) Servers Open Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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  1. Стихиец New Member

    at the most extreme case it is possible to make the starting area of the forest ruins or peat bog,and in the evil graveyard or flooded city.And DLW and sea ice Fang to be deleted!!!,also rebalance vehicles,why quest horse and 10 platinum are the same??
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  2. ArgentGarou Member

    They said we would NEVER have beastlords and yet we do. So don't give up all hope about regaining the Isle of Refuge
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  3. IATESAND New Member

    Dude.. give it up there wont be an island. I man for the love of Gawd, I dint get why it is even a issue, the isle was just a 30 minute diversion to get low level shinnies. I just don't think its going to be missed.
  4. Lovidicus Member

    Yeah who cares about the island. If you HAVE to go there, then go do any of the 2+ quests that let you zone in there even today.

    In more important news, what TIME are the servers supposed to be going live?
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  5. Seefar Well-Known Member

    It's not just the Isle of Refuge. It's the whole city experience after the Isle that I miss and would love to see again (though I know it's not possibubble). Whoever decided to remove that fabulous content should be shot, taken to Deathtoll and left to rot.
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  6. Celestial New Member

  7. Drizzly New Member

    I thought it was launching at 0:00 PDT Tuesday... someone above said noon...
    confirm please.
    (planning a 1 AM Mountain Time Gaming session takes... some preparation... which i have already undertaken... but if this schedule is off... well... i am gonna be a wee bit disappointed. ;)
  8. Siren Well-Known Member

    Yeah, can we have an official link to where it says Noon PST Tuesday at least?
  9. Rozyn Active Member

    I'm not sure how gamers are still betting on exact times despite hundreds of examples not to do just that. How can anyone still be expecting perfect launches without any complications?! You're basically setting yourself up for disappointment.
  10. Araleth New Member

  11. Siren Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Araleth!

    Sorry, not being a social media person, I always forget they post everything important there. :p

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  12. Drizzly New Member

    Sincere Thanks for providing an official link.
    Will be making the appriate schedule changes... interesting... Century Link is scheduled to troubleshoot my unstable internet connection tomorrow... at wait for it... 1 PM MDT... which is yes... 12PM PDT... sigh... why do i suddenly feel dread...
  13. Cykonecro New Member

    Boy, I wish I had stock in Pampers diapers for all the crying that's going to happen tomorrow!!!
  14. Drizzly New Member

    so go buy some. take daddy's credit card. :p
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  15. Hoiyay New Member

    We still have to know what time they initially we can add in the extra 4 hours for the fk up buffer. If it starts at 00:00...then we can expect about 04-05:00. If it starts at 12:00...we can expect 17:00 or so
  16. Ucala Well-Known Member

    after they took the servers down monday to "prepare" for the TL servers, I would only think they will firstly given an accurate time. but soe never can tell

    I mean you can already make a toon on the TL servers, all the way up to it asking you which server you want to plat (which is blank), so character appearance, name etc, is already in
  17. Mowse Active Member

    i dont understand this. so i tried to make a character and there is no option for the new servers. Please explain. what am i missing
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  18. Ucala Well-Known Member

    I may have worded it weird, I will explain, through Video!
    but you can make one on a "TL server" selection, but the servers don't exist[IMG] so you can't actually go into playing on it -yet-.

    what I was saying is if you can get that far already, surely not much should go wrong when they just add in the servers. (ideally)
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  19. Jaden Well-Known Member

    *Not on U.S. English servers list heh.
  20. Rozyn Active Member

    Oh I agree with that, I'm just saying he acted like he was planning his day around it - never a good idea. I saw on another forum post that Holly said the server opening time was 12 noon Pacific time via a tweet.

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