Stormhold (PvE) and Deathtoll (PvP) Servers Open Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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  1. Seefar Well-Known Member

    Well said. Catering to those who rush is what has put us where we are now: struggling to survive.
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  2. Kaelaien New Member

    What time do the servers open at?
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  3. Pikaboo Member

    How does low levels know what expansions need to be locked, etc, when they are not at that content. I'm not being rude, It doesn't take much to hit max level or 20 lvls within the max level Which is (30). If your complaining that you don't have vote because stick in t2 or t3 pvp, they have no way to control the trolls, that want to sabotage the server if "anyone" can control the vote.

    This is a control measure set by Daybreak to control the trolls of skewering the vote. Once again its not just lvl 50's it also includes the 30s etc. I believe you only need one high level character to be able to vote. This allows people who are near or at the content the ability to vote because they are in the midst of the content. You can take your time and level that's not a problem, but I don't think a T2 or T3 player should dictate expansions since they aren't in the content.

    This is coming from a PVP standpoint. (Deathtoll)
  4. Riku New Member

    *Sigh* Putting words in people's mouth isn't fun. No one said we wanted ONLY lvl 50's to vote /facepalm. If you're not experiencing any of the end game content, I don't think you should have the right to vote on the content. Literally, that's all I said. Just flaunting and throwing your money around shouldn't give you a right to vote. If I could just vote based on paying, whats stopping me from making five accounts and just voting five times? Is that fair? No, its not but with the restrictions set in place as is, I have to put in a bit of effort to get what I want, regardless if I'm paying or not.
  5. Jaden Well-Known Member


    So I understand the company having concerns about who can vote and thats a concern for them to figure out. The level of character to vote though should not be decided upon because certain players HAVE NOT ****YET**** played at the end game. Comeon! Because you have already gotten there doesn't have more worth than those who will arrive at a different time. IF the decision to move forward is to be voted on by the majority of players on the actual TLE servers, I'm fairly certain DBG has more than several ways to denote it if they choose to, other than simply setting a level.

    There are many players here who are EQ II vets --- who have been there, who HAVE done that in a dedicated fashion with effort and with a high level of play hours in Norrath via grouping and raiding and pvping in the past. Are you saying these VETERAN EQ II customers or brand new subscribers who may choose now on these TLE servers to stop and smell the roses don't DESERVE to vote for content they WILL SEE AT SOME POINT??? ***:rolleyes:***

    A decision needs to be made by the company sure. But don't assume you somehow know or what you think the reasons are for which they come to that decision are. Its either Unknown OR the company will tell us. NOBODY's dollah is worth more than any other customer, period.

    And whether its palatable to ongoing subscribers or not, its a fact that DBG is MORE interested in the retreads/NEW SUBS than they are any special subset playstyle. New subs are EXACTLY what all mmo's in recent years have focused on, even if they show a trend to 'come and go'...the companies give a nod to loyal subs of course, but the influx of potential NEW subs in any way, shape or form means ADDITIONAL profits. And DBG is easily able to tell which of those subs are new, and which are those just checking the new server out on their already computed subscription dollars.
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  6. Riku New Member

    No one is said, anyone's money is more than anyone elses. $15 is $15 no matter who you are. You guys are obviously not getting the point I'm making. This is from a pvp standpoint. If a player chooses to lock himself within the range of 10-20 or whatever for his own sake of pvp he enjoys, thats fine. He can do whatever he wants, but when it comes to voting for the cap to move up when he isn't even contributing or experiencing any of it, isn't fair to the players at cap.

    What if we aren't ready to move on, but all these low level votes are forcing our expansions to move faster. You can't just look at this from one side. No matter how it looks its messed up. If a level 50 thinks low lvls should have no say because hes 50 or if a low level thinks he should have a say but doesn't even play at level 50. First thing anyone says is, "I paid for this, I paid for that." Who cares what you paid for literally. With that attitude you might as well complain that you don't have a lvl 50 given to you from the start. "It's not fair because I pay my sub, so why don't I have a level 50." 30 days you could level so slow, 1 level a day and still be able to vote.

    The level is not unreasonable, if you want to purposely slow your own leveling that's your own choice. By slowing down your own leveling, shouldn't impact others because you choose to level slow should it? No just the same as fast leveling shouldn't impact slow leveling. Hitting level 30 isn't a feat, it's literally level 30.

    Edit: I'm not here to have a online forum brawl over this. I'm merely stating getting to level 30 isn't as big of a deal as people are making it out to be. Also, I see both sides, but one side heavily out weighs the other.
  7. Nicodemius New Member

    This is fantastic, I'm so excited about this ... my only regret is that if I play EQ2 I won't be playing EQ1, haha. On that note, EQ 1 has been serious fun the last few months on Ragefire with my great guild: Ragnarrok <3.
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  8. Стихиец New Member

    Please bring back the old start island,without it the game does not interest..(((((( old animation skills(npc beat the old animation),and most importantly bring back the old Qeynos and Freeport.Because of the new starting locations so many areas are losing the meaning and the population...(Caves,misty oak forest,the forest ruins,the cemetery can continue to infinity)),just need to return the old spell effects all classes(pet, the dark knight is agro on the area,lowering the energy of the illusionist and coercer),return weight (!!!!),PS you need to remove,damage as before must be, strength-damage near+weight, Dodge-agility,wisdom - resistance ,intellect, spell damage, stamina, resistance to physical attacks.Return NPC torguish tickets (!!!!) in Qeynos Harbor before he was(each time it is impossible to run on foot from antonica in thundering steppes to the pier..),just remove the food masterkraft.
    I sincerely hope that you will listen to the views of players on the beta server, all is tested and paid their money.
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  9. GBlack Active Member

    They already replied that will not restore old stats, burbs and stuff. So we have to deal with it. and yeah - old animation was superb :(
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  10. Steelviper Active Member

    If you're doing progression servers, you should do things the right way and make EQ2 in them like in this trailer of you from 2004.

    With the whole Isle of Refuge, which I wasn't fortunate enough to have played back then and experienced. With the original Freeport, with all the suburb areas of Qeynos and Freeport.
    Then I might consider playing on these servers. Then you can certainly expect a big influx of people returning to the game, or becoming interested in it. This TSL you're doing, this is nothing, just a weak shadow of the EQ2 as it was back then. And everybody knows that at least the Queen's / Lucan's colony Isle of Refuge zones are in the game. As are the original Freeport / Qeynos zones. You're just too stubborn, or lazy, to go the way and do the work to enable them back.
    And where's all the amazing voicing which was made back then and taken out later?
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  11. Dixa Active Member

    progression != classic
  12. Greataxe New Member

    Ok for one most of you haven't been keeping up with EQ 2 since 2004 their where several patches that killed the original code due to dx 10 updates which got over written .Original Freeport was over written and so was a lot of the suburb area's as well as the quest NPC's for those area's can't be revived, they where moved to new locations .
    So in short what you're asking for can't be undone, sorry but what we get is what was newly written so enjoy and look forward to the new Progression sever :)
  13. GBlack Active Member

    What is the launch time? 00:00 or what?
  14. Hyiero Active Member

    Play both :) I know I will be doing so.
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  15. Ozryc Active Member

    Any time given yet on when servers will open tomorrow?
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  16. Foretold Well-Known Member

    They said noon pacific time. Do I believe they will really open at noon pacific time? Nope. I have years of experience with SOE/Daybreak launch days to back that opinion up :D
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  17. Frinch Well-Known Member

    What we need is a red name to come into this thread and say something like:

    "Hi. A few things about TLE we couldn't post 'til now 'cause we've been busy:

    1. We can't make all healing classes viable before release, but we will after release.

    2. We don't want to see Fae, Arasai and a few Kerra as the only races either. We're working on that too.

    3. We don't know why melee blue stats survived but others didn't. We'll look at this too, so not everyone plays a pred

    4. We don't know what's wrong with mit in this game, but we don't want squishy tanks or tanking clothies either

    5. It's a pain to put appearance slots back in. We'll probably incentive it later as an unlockable option to make $ if there's sufficient demand.

    6. We don't have any idea why all the CTDs are happening while zoning. We've told an intern to assign the 10 minutes before her lunch hour to finding out (don't hold your breath).

    7. We could redo the Island, the 'burbs and the major cities, but it would be resource intensive and only 5 people would care. We're not doing it.

    8. The reason we didn't fix any of the disadvantages to Freeps on the PvP server is 'cause you weren't really beta testing-- we were just interested in how much your love of the IP outweighs your dislike of the product we're actually giving you.

    9. 10 minute charm was just one of us trolling, but the real punchline is that people saw the lvl 20 master version was 2 min and stopped complaining--forgetting, of course that **** scales and by lvl 60 it'll be 10 min again.

    10. Re level 50 experts: pray for that master."

  18. Justanother vet New Member

  19. Стихиец New Member

    Do the starting zones in the end! the money you have collected considerable with beta servers,make it like old before the start of the island and the suburbs(at least the music there old design),don't Let it be for release,but will be!!!!
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  20. Justanother vet New Member

    I think some of the requirements should be set as :
    If you have completed all quests and zones ,the next expac will be accessible by your character and as you progress through to high level expacs the quest lines should require return to older zones to assist others in order to complete certain quests of higher level! ......Just a thought :confused:

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