Stormhold (PvE) and Deathtoll (PvP) Servers Open Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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    Locked players in low lvls shouldn't have a right to dictate what content gets unlocked etc, since you wont be raiding or pvping in those tiers. If voting is such a big deal for you, level up to 50 on one character and lock another this will give you access to vote. Low lvl players thinking they have a "right" to vote is wrong you hinder, content by staying in a certain tier and not pushing past it.

    People who Raid and PVP and push are the ones who have earned the "right" to either say move on to the next expansion or hold out because they want to Down a difficult raid boss. Its a "Progression Server" deal with it.
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    First off, you're not getting robbed of your choices. You can craft all day and never level but don't be so close minded to think, if you're a lvl 50 crafter that you should have a voice on lvl 50 raiding and or pvp depending on what server you play on. You're talking about fairness but where is the fairness in that? If you can't lvl to 30 in 30 days, then I don't know what to do tell you. If you purposely level slow and then can't vote. You only have yourself to blame at that point. End of story. Picture it this way, if you were one of the level 50s and had a lvl 50 crafter voting on the next expansion and the expansion went through to DoF how would you feel? You literally had a crafter voting for change he doesn't even truely take part in. Just because you craft to lvl 50 doesn't mean you are actually experiencing anything at all worth voting on. That goes for lvl lockers as well. Within 20 levels of the cap is fine, to be honest its even a little too lenient so be grateful it is the way it is.
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    it's pathetic, really. the eq1 tlp servers have their own issues. i don't think these kiddies have even played them. your bags fill up with no trade, no drop, no vendor value quest trash from every mob you kill - quests that are not in the game. you have 16 mage bot armies monopolizing everything and the devs refuse to fix this by instancing raiding. the servers have been taken over by professional, paid botters/krono farmers who acquire krono for cheap on this server and sell it for real money on their illegal sites.

    but this server has seen more whining in a shorter period of time just because of a stupid lowbie zone. and people wonder why this game is dying? look to your community.
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    So only people who get level 50 and raid should have the right of voting to open the next content. If this happened on EQ1 with their progression servers Kunark would have been opened in a week.

    Just because they didn't power level themselves to 50 means they don't have the right to vote even though they pay the same amount of money as you. You're an ******* just thinking that only raiders actually matter, some people actually want to take their time and enjoy it. But to you they don't matter because you just want the next content opened.

    I agree with people should need to reach a certain level to vote. But it being max level is a bunch of ********. Everyone who pays and plays on the server and atleast gets to 30 should have the right to vote not just the raiders you self entitled *******.

    Progression server doesn't mean only top end people who rush through content get to decide. If it does Daybreak will lose a massive amount of the players who will play on here because not even 50% will be rush people.
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    I don't think level 1 players should be able to vote. I think if you're able to get to level 20 within the 30 days, you should be able to vote. 20 seems like a good level.
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    No, it's not, it's a locked EXPANSION server and has bugger all to do with player's progression., SO yeah deal with it.
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    (S)he's right: this community is bad, but it's a community nonetheless.

    The argument that only high level people are entitled to vote is a bad argument. What high level people do on a server affects the entire server-- including style of play, barriers to content and the economy. Also, many who rush to endgame are bad, and want uncontested access to content to compensate.

    In this one, single, RARE instance, I agree with Dey Break Games: pick a threshold to vote and enforce it. If the majority of those people want to move on, they will.

    P.S. If it were me, it'd be based on a percentage of achievements in your current tier rather than just being a certain level. At least then you have to demonstrate some game knowledge and competence.

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    No formal response...

    I have a full rack of characters on US-English, but only one character on UK-English (Splitpaw). So, as these are all 'regular EQ2 servers' and I do have available slots on those, do I need to delete a character or acquire a new slot to play on TLE? Or not?

    That's interesting, I didn't know you could buy additional slots with 'station cash' (probably because I don't spend a lot of time in the 'marketplace'). I'll go looksee... Thanks for the information!

    Not my experience. I tried to join the beta, download of the content was incredibubbly slow... left it running a whole night and it was 49% done after about ten hours, so I gave up on it. Tried again a week later and it was just as slow. If this is how it's going to be on launch then I from what I can see I won't be able to join the initial party :/

    I agree with this. IMO A level 30 minimum vote is too high. MUCH too high.

    As I see it, the main draw of 'TLE' is that it will condense Norrath and push people closer together. Every time Norrath gets bigger, folk rush to see the New Lands -- and the old world loses out. For TLE to make any sense at all, there ought to be no incentives to rush.

    The whole point of this exercise is to draw new folks to Norrath. The longer the TLE servers remain at low level, the greater the possibility of drawing in newcomers. We're currently looking at a very short window where this is possible, and the mechanics seem stacked towards making it as short as possible, rather than as long as possible.

    ... of course it would help a bit if Daybreak's marketing department had a halfway decent advertising budget...
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    My assumption, and my gut tell me that the TLE servers will be part of the US region, I mean no one other than Americans play EQ2. Right ? :rolleyes:
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    I bet you're right. Formal confirmation would help confirm the everpresent USAn EQ2 bias :/
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    you know you can just copy all of your eq2 files and folders into the "beta" folder, then open up launcher and run, no download required (well except the ~3mb update that takes like 10seconds to download) :)
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    the fact that someone is paying 15 dollars a month should be enough to give one the right to vote. it is a matter of principle. no one should have more of a right than others based on their play style. a very simple dev response to the question of whether all toons need to be within 20 levels or just one toon would do the trick in my opinion to squash this issue. if all toons need to be within 20 levels, then unfortunately for me that is a deal breaker. if only one toon need be within 20, I can live with that.

    if they force people to have all toons within 20 to vote, then they lied about keeping the option to level lock which is a big deal for a lot of people.
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    i imagine it will be, you can vote on characters that are 20+ not that you need every character you have to be above 20, it will be the same as normal polls imo
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    I very much agree with this. If people want to rush to unlock expansion after expansion, then just stay on the Live servers.

    There has been enough said about this from the community that a Dev response is really needed.
  16. Moldylocks Member

    Let's skip past your deplorable attitude and cut right to the chase of the matter:

    We're all paying a premium for this server. We all deserve to vote. End of story.
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    These comments only go to reinforce my impression of the community on the TLE server, based on a reasonable amount of time spent in Beta before and after the wipe.

    I'm sure there will be a lot of good people on the server, but I also fear the new servers will also draw the dregs of the communities from all other servers as well. Those who have gained a bad reputation on their own server may see it as a way of starting over, but it is unlikely their attitudes will change. Leopards rarely lose their spots.

    Based on my own experience in Beta, the chat reminded me more of ArcheAge than EQ2 Guk Live server. If I wanted to play with people who act like snarky little pr**ks, I would just play ArcheAge.

    I started with the idea that I would give this a try--no promises--just try it. But then, so little was actually different from the live servers I started to ask myself "why even do this?" Slow leveling doesn't make a rat's patootie to me, as I can level as slowly as I want on any server. Then having to buy character slots on top of having two subbed (and full) accounts pretty much started sliding the lid on the old coffin. But it was the general chat in Beta, along with comments like those quoted here, that drove in the final nails and closed that coffin permanently.

    I will not be playing on these servers. As that decision is now made, and anything concerning these servers will not really affect me, this will be my last comment involving these servers. I wish you all the best in your endeavors, and happily go back to Guk and civility.
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    I played in the beta when it first opened where do I find a list of the things they changed for the game from beta to live?
    • Did they cut back the xp for quest or mobs or discovery?
    • Did they increase the mobs challenge rating?
    There was a whole list of stuff people had issue with, and the game was essentially a live server with a level cap. Did they change or adjust any of that?
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    Community makes or breaks a game a well designed MMO game.

    Voting level restirctions: I agree. For EQ2 maybe level 20, but max level no.
    People who have less time to game are still PAYING the same subsription service as the max levels. Max levels may or may not be playing as many hours as those who do not max out first. We are all still paying the fee. By reaching at least 20 we prove we are dedicated, time and money wise. Might be easier for others, harder for the rest. Still, we are PAYING a subscription.

    Why would a level 30 care if a level 60 expansion is released? Because we want the chance to play that new content just like you do.
    Don't spank us because we can't or won't level as fast you FOR WHATEVER REASON.
    Honestly, who cares if you have no life and game 18 hours a day or just know the game better than I do. Maybe your objectives are more towards leveling than exploring?
    We are part of this community. We are paying customers. Stop catering to the high speed, max level only gamers? Which are what percentage? Really, give me the facts, Day Break. Because I generally spend $400 a year for various accounts which my family cycles through as CASUAL gamers. X how many other casual gamers????

    This from a family of SOE fans, not so found of DB so far, and well over a decade of money spent, time used, and community enjoyed. Granted, for PvE servers on all games.
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