Stormhold (PvE) and Deathtoll (PvP) Servers Open Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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  1. Jaden Well-Known Member

    Thanks - guess I was looking at the body of the release message only on the front page. Appreciate the info Siren.
  2. Tannuki New Member

    um if your on your old acct you should have a character expansion slot for free just sayin xD and honestly i keep coming back but then again i been around for more then a few yrs now and both free and sub im honestly looking forward to the fact that its a clean server so once more youll actually need to group and socialize to complete some of the harder quests specially in ant ... pumpkin king raid etc etc
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  3. Jaden Well-Known Member

    Yeep...many of us are all about the actual human group possibilities, *grins.

    *heads off to see 'how many dbg dollars/points/whatever they are called is left on it and preps to buy a few more because...ts's:D!!
  4. Gourdon Well-Known Member

    I don't disagree that 30 days is too short, especially for the first 5 tiers of content. I think they may be under the mistaken assumption that a representative poll can be taken 30 days after the servers open. I suspect that if the 30 day option won the vote, it was due in part to trolls who want to torpedo the server by pushing it to advance too fast. They probably should not have done the poll on the regular servers and implemented it quietly on day one on the TLE servers.

    There is definitely hostility to these servers from people who have other gripes they think need addressing first. I would not be surprised if significant effort goes toward derailing the TLE servers just to spite Daybreak and those who decide to play on them. The devs need to be aware of these people's presence. I'm not sure that the EQ2 community is reacting the same way as the EQ1 community has with respect to timelocked servers.
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  5. SeaJae Member

    I think 30 days might be a bit too fast (not for the launch honestly, there isn't too much content), but 60 days is perfect.
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  6. Damoke New Member

    2nd that!
  7. Jaden Well-Known Member


    Bought my character slots for the Tuesday launch and then logged in to Beta to make a mage there and see how that would go but got crashed out ... ;o(

    Here's hoping it comes back up tonight!

    Either way, I'm readdddddy for Tuesday now :D...

    are we there yet? Huh? Huh? Huh?!
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  8. Zope New Member

    Are there information somewhere that i'd miss, that would explain how to get the client ready for tuesday's launch? The bêta download looked like a huge chunk so I skipped, if my client is ready for live will it be ready for those servers?
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  9. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    I don't think anyone knows for certain right now, but my inclination is that it will just appears as an other server choice on the Character Creation/Select screen, but likely it'll only show up if you are on an allaccess account.
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  10. Tituli New Member

    thats exactely whats to expect, its just another server where u are able to craete a toon on. if u are AAmember ( ;) )

    didnt see anything yet that would make it clear tho, but imo it would be stupid to create such a server and let everyone play (again) without getting any money from it :p
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  11. OldTimer69 New Member

    i do not like the level requirement to vote on the pvp server. some clarification is needed. why must there be a level requirement? if they are already forcing people to level, then that is a deal breaker for me.
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  12. Saoirse New Member

    I agree. For both servers. Just because I might want to lvl slower doesn't mean I am not part of the community, paying my fees, having a right to vote!
    And as a crafter, I shouldn't have to lvl my adventurer. Wasn't that the intent of crafters? Stop robbing us of our choices, please.
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  13. Teju Member

    Is there a time frame for when on Tuesday that the server are expected to be up and running? I don't need an exact time or anything but a time frame would be nice to know :)

    Do I wake up early? Do I sleep in so I can stay up late? Decisions, decisions...
  14. Freyja Member

    ^^^ This +10
  15. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I went on beta and you don't have to download the whole thing just switch over it goes in a sup file and its there in only a view minutes or so
    on the beta server you were given the option to make a toon on the progression server or the live server
    my guess would be it will work that way when it goes live.
    and I agree that 30 days might be to short because even with as little contended as there is leveling is a lot slower.
    So for slowpokes like me we will always lag behind
  16. OldTimer69 New Member

    "Players must be within 20 levels of current content cap to be eligible to vote."

    I need a dev response. if I have 3 toons, do all 3 need to be 20 levels from cap to vote? why was a level requirement introduced when in the beginning the devs said you only had to be a PAYING member? what is the motivation behind a level requirement to vote? do those who want to be level locked not have a say? why? are you forcing us to level?
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  17. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    well you don't have to level you just don't get to vote :mad:.
  18. Siren Well-Known Member

    The odd thing about excluding those people is that those who level more slowly would likely change the outcome altogether; they would probably vote against unlocking more content as they won't have finished everything from launch yet.

    The only negative to allowing low levels to vote on the PvP server would be that in general, more expansions means more problems for open PvP, which progressively got worse with each new expansion. Level locked griefer types in particular will want more AAs, the research assistant, grandmasters, etc. so that they can more easily get back into the God Mode (versus new players and levelers) that they have had for years now on Nagafen.

    Maybe they could not have a level requirement for "expansion-unlock voting" on the TL-PvE server(s), but keep a level requirement for "expansion-unlock voting" on the TL-PvP server(s).
  19. Droll Active Member

    Ok, I stopped playing eq2 about 7 months ago, because frankly, the server was dead...

    Then came Ragefire.

    That server was so full, they had to add a log in queue, followed by a second server... I'm having a blast grouping in lower guk with real live people, in EQ! No mercs... real people.

    Now having said all of that... I will admit I am going to make a toon here as well, and give it a shot. Which brings us to the real issue. I stopped playing EQ and EQ2 both because there simply was no population to play with... and now, we are going to suck even more population off of those (including my now beloved Ragefire) for this server. I dont see the benefit in the long run. This will be a short burst of new subs perhaps, but if it ends up like ragefire, 50% of the population will end up being botters and RMTers hoping to make a few IRLbucks off krono sales. And in the end, will leave a sour taste in peoples mouths.

    Ragefire/Lockjaw are going to be fine, because this is original EQ man. The game that started it all. But for eq2? I dont think this is going to pan out well... especially having it directly compete with the 2 new TLP servers on eq1. I fully expect within a couple months, intrest will wane and only the chinese botters will be left.
  20. madent Member

    just for your info most botters in eq 1 tlp are not chinese, also its not acurate to compare this bot/box problem with eq 2 because eq 1 is a contested game making it competitive so people who looses get upset , in eq 2 most relevant things are instanced making it people not care much bout the next people, also eq 1 players and eq 2 players are 2 different things so hardly one server will affect the other with exeption of the people who just jump on teh badgon that s bein hyped but they wouldnt stay longer in any of the games anyway.

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