Stormhold (PvE) and Deathtoll (PvP) Servers Open Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. GrunEQ Well-Known Member

    Thanks Roshen for the info. Really appreciate it, and it has helped me to make my decision on these servers.
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  2. Oddo Member

    Please someone at Daybreak call an advertising firm and get some marketing out for this. You're already pretty late. You needed to coordinate the release date with the advertising campaign.

    There are plenty of geeks with MBA's out there that you can hire to help you out with this long standing problem.
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  3. Nuada Member

    After Isle of refuge we zone too DLW/FFS i see not the Problem ????? better as nothing..
  4. Drizzly New Member

    Also, the chance to make new server-wide discoveries... the first to do X...
    the new economies are challenging and fun...
    plus on the current servers... people race through the low level content... you exp right out of it so fast you have no reason to visit WC or BB...
    the exp and abilities are scaled to make it more of a challenge... but also more fun for some folks...
    I ALWAYS play on virgin servers when they come out... its a fun new community...
    the comments folks say about the playing field... and economy are not just academic.
    if i start a new toon on an existing server, i can loot some junk and sell it on a broker; yielding a few plat in an hour or two... this is a very different environment from one where everyone starts with nothing! and i mean nothing... rags/ 1 4-slot bag...

    so if you like working your way up... appreciating your character before AA-trees... and the chance for discovery... then this might breathe new life into a routine that has been getting old. also if you are a new or returning player, you may find that the slower development lets you learn how to play a new class better... while the whole world learns to walk again... vs... the current servers where everyone (almost everyone) lvls up fast leaving you to figure a whole lot out all at once...
    Finally... there is an appreciation for the extra skills and changes that have come along over time making our toons better...
    Try it... Try it... you might like it... ;)
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  5. starbuck Member

    30 days and unlock will be voted on
  6. Drew575 Active Member

    can we plz have exile in the game...plz
  7. GrunEQ Well-Known Member

    I bet it will not be slower paced and there will be groups racing to cap. Since only people level 30 and above (within 30 days) will be able to vote on exanding, if you take your time you won't be able to vote. And if there is a race to cap, they will be bored and vote to expand. Tell me if I'm wrong after the time has arrived...don't think I'll hold my breath. This is directed at PvE.
  8. Alenna Well-Known Member

    ok that means making I have some slots free to start a couple of toons on Stormhold got you thanks was thinking I might have to do that luckly I do have a couple of extra slots i've saved.
  9. Belenos Well-Known Member

    Hmmm...hoped it would not be this way, as my character slots are full presently, and I do not have any I would delete. So I guess that means it would cost me an extra 10 bucks per character to roll on the new server, as I would have to buy character slots. As I was already pretty much on the fence about this, as most of the classic stuff will not be present anyway, I may just have to pass. Paying a sub plus 10 bucks per toon just for the "fresh start" doesn't seem very appetizing to me, especially since a slow-go-take-your-time player like me will be way behind soon enough anyway. With the limits on voting, I doubt I would even be allowed to vote on the unlock.

    Ah well, guess I'll just have to pass. I see nothing new and different enough to compel me to buy character slots on top of paying for two subs already.
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  10. Belenos Well-Known Member

    I know you there on the inside probably have some specific reason for doing this, but from here on the outside, it looks like the voting is being rigged to allow those who will inevitably rush to cap to unlock.

    Taking the vote away from the lower-level characters seems like rigging the vote because the lower-level characters would certainly represent the largest number of people who would vote not to unlock. That would seem true by definition.

    Almost like saying "only Republicans (or Democrats) may vote in the coming election." I think we could guess how the election would go well before the vote took place!
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  11. RIPeq2 New Member

    Thought I'd check this out, based on these comments it's looking as expected.

    *Hint* Don't allow comments in the new and announcements section.
  12. Lateana Well-Known Member

    I tried Beta and was not favorably impressed, so I will not be adding a character there. I can do the same thing on Freeport, et al.
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  13. Syneofeternity Member

    Think you underestimate the number of people that will want to unlock without getting majority of the raid content completed. Specially seeing the fire and ice questline is one of the best.
  14. Toxanne New Member

    Please excuse me if this question has been asked but I did not see it anywhere.

    What time on the 21st do you plan on opening these servers? (I am assuming the standard 10AM Pacific Time at this point). Those that want to play need to know.

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  15. Tituli New Member

    or delete a toon.. :-/
  16. Tituli New Member

    errr. you wont have PVP on Nagafen as it is on time locked PVP server.

    i wouldnt join a PVE TLS tho, guess that's what u mean.
  17. Saoirse New Member

    Doesn't this mean we have to delete chars (highs) in order to play on the new server or shell out slot money on top of paying a sub?
  18. Mizgamer62 Well-Known Member

    Yes. It is the same as what you do now if you want to play on another server and don't have enough character slots. You either have to delete a character or buy a new slot.
  19. Bernouli Member

    Fine with me. It's only money.
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  20. Finora Well-Known Member

    Unless you play on Splitpaw, then you just switch regions. I think some people had hoped the TLE would be handled like a new region or otherwise separate like Freeport used to be.
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