Stormhold – Experience the City Festivals!

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  1. Dexella Associate Producer

    Attention, Stormhold Residents!

    If you’ve been wandering through the city of Qeynos since the launch of Echoes of Faydwer on Thursday, April 7th, you might have notices some festivities going on. That’s because the City Festivals are now available on the TLE server!


    Since EoF launched on the last day of the festival on the live server, this month the Qeynos festival will be hanging around on Stormhold through Thursday, April 14th. If you’re yearning to experience the fun that these festivals provide, head to Qeynos now!

    In May, the City Festivals will be back on track with the Live servers, occurring from the 1st through the 7th of each month. Remember, the festivals move from city to city, so keep an eye out to see where the Far Seas Trading Company will be heading to next.

    Important Note: At this time, the Aether Races that are part of the City Festivals on Live Servers are not available on Stormhold.

    The coming of the City Festivals also means that beginning on April 20th, Stormhold will also have Moonlight Enchantments available! This special event comes around just once per month, on the 20th and 21st, so don’t miss out!
  2. Phyr Member

    So the only City we dont have right now is Gorewyn. the Sarnak City. and that isnt untill July. We just skip that month then? Also will we be getting tinker fest now that we have Steamfront?
  3. Kelvani Well-Known Member

    Ohhh.. city fest AND moonlight enchantments!

    /happy dances
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  4. Nuhvohk Active Member

    given the rate of 2.5 months per expac we'll have Kunark by the time July is here
  5. Phyr Member

    I dont think so. EoF has alot to offer. we might break the pattern this time
  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    tinker fest has quests in zones we cant access yet, so no can do
  7. Lucida Member

    If tinkerfest is going to be like any holiday on a TLE server, we will only get the trinkets from the holiday. Otherwise, they will probably just centered tinkerfest in Steamfont which we can currently access.
  8. James Daughety New Member

    Will Ever Quest 2 see 30 years old?
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