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    Your Welcome, its just the way everybody should think, positively.
    This is a messege I posted on another Thread that is kind of usefull so people dont keep Discussing all this:
    "I think it depends alot on how you play.. in varies a class alot, so some play better than others, yes. But thats not what your discussing, your discussing about how good the class is, and there always is going to be people that play better than others, so for the ones that play better a class is better, for the wans that dont play so well, the class isnt as good.. so if you keep on arguing about the class you wont get to anything and will never end these discussions about the nerf.

    So maybe we should all just try out the Berzerker as it is and enjoy it, or change to another class that suits you more. Hope everybody can enjoy the game as it is suposed to.."

    Good Luck!
  2. ARCHIVED-Toxaur Guest

    true, but like i said, I was only trying to give people hope and try to get people to stop whining, it's grating on my nerves when i know it's really not so bad :smileytongue: but oh well.


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