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  1. ARCHIVED-Toxaur Guest

    It could be that berzerker damage sucks before 25... a guildmate told me at 25 he seemed to get a large damage boost. All i know is that at 30 my damage is great.
  2. ARCHIVED-reakshavoc Guest

    We are not DPS Tox. I've been in a lot of groups, and with more then one beserker. I notice when i have and assassin or a wizard in the group mobs just drop so fast. Put another Zerker or fighter type in there and DPS greatly drops. Try putting 3 wizards in your group and see how fast stuff drops. Its totally bull that a zerker can out dps a mage or a scout at this point.
  3. ARCHIVED-Toxaur Guest

    I did it and it was parsed. And there were witnesses. I cant outdamage my best friend's assassin, but i come close.

  4. ARCHIVED-Bobbubski Guest

    I am a 'zerker


    I am a golden god
  5. ARCHIVED-Sinkatze Guest

    Nobodys saying that Berzerkers have to outdamage an assassin but it can happen, just like Toxaur said, he has outdamaged assassins at lvl 30 but he still cant outdamage his best friends damage, but close. This has do do alot in the way you play, and its not a fact that they should outdamage them, its just the maner you play. Many things depend on it.. not only you class.

    Good Luck!
  6. ARCHIVED-reakshavoc Guest

    not gonna happen, not gonna happen...
  7. ARCHIVED-nastirh Guest

    Well, I just don't believe your numbers. You claim to outdamage a wiz and an assassin. Trust me I've been running parsers and I don't come close to the damage. Post your exact numbers with weapons and description of skills used with their typical max and avarage damages would you? And don't come here [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot]in about equipment or drink; Each and every piece of my equipment is orange. I got all my skills app3 or more, with all the important skills at adept1 or more. But you must be such a godly player that suddenly you can outdamage everyone in the game, but nobody else is capable of this? It really requires such high rl skills pushing those buttons/shortcuts in battle in order to get the DPS up. It sure is rocket science..

    Did you say you did up to 55-68 DPS, consistently? What parser prog was used? Max that a monk and a wiz did in my group was 50-54 DPS, both lvl 31. This on the lvl 32-33 ^^ wasps in EL. Was the parser prog properly used? Are you sure it logs all damage correctly?
  8. ARCHIVED-Toxaur Guest

    never said i outdamaged a wiz, buddy. I outdamaged a 31 assassin, bruiser, and mystic(when he tried to do DPS).
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  9. ARCHIVED-Armengar Guest

    82-88 dps is not that impressive if you think about it unless its on a raid mob that has a ton of hps.

    start fight, cast alpha attacks right off(highest damage) then if you can get them in right at the end of fight and it is over you have extra dps from those alphas and no extra time
  10. ARCHIVED-Kyriel Guest

    Yeah I am in runnyeye and i am a lvl 29 ranger, and for sure theres no way in hell that a lvl 30 zerk can outdamage a ranger, It just depends on the kind of skill wheel u take. Scouts were design for dps , though some more gifted than others *cough* assasins* cough* pricks, And btw Guardians do more damage on a bow than a ranger [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] is that about. I think u are full of it , group with me anytime and see if u can outdo my DPS.
    Landacet~ U wanna beat a wiz in dps? use trick shot and let em dance
  11. ARCHIVED-Toxaur Guest

    sorry i'm at work and couldn't finish my reply.

    I never said i outdamaged a wizard. yes the parser was used correctly, and 2 of us were parsing, each with a different parser. I normally do 55 DPS or so. that night i was doing 55-68 DPS, which was 2800-3600 damage per fight. the bruiser and assassin averaged 2000-3200 damage per fight. We were fighitng in runnyeye, fighting mobs orange to me, some douple up arrow, some groups of regular orange cons.

    I use an SBH(godly weapon i tell you), have adept 1s and 3s for all the skills they are available for. And my equipment is about the best $ can buy. I use level 30 average drink. I use vicious blow to start, then training: stunning barrage, then spam all my other attacks til i can barrage again. And i always have Fury up. With level 30 drink, I can generally spam all my attacks and still regen 80-100% by the next fight, while pulling about as fast as i could.

    Additionally, as long as i am tanking, I have noticed extremely little damage reduction.

    We did have a coercer in group, and the haste seemed to boost every melee's DPS by about 5.

    I am not saying i am a god, or that berzerkers are godly, or that we can outdamage anyone no matter what. Sin has it nailed on the head. When played well, almost any class can outdo another. I know berzerkers that can do about the same damage i can, and i know plenty that can't come close.

    I am just sick and tired of all these whiners bawling their eyes out about the nerf. Suck it up and find better strategies to make up for it.

  12. ARCHIVED-Toxaur Guest

    btw, a 33 ranger later than night definitely outdamaged me. However, he was 3 levels higher :)

    i've never grouped with an equal level ranger.

    EDIT: and i didn't say i could outdo anyone's damage. but i sure outdid that group.
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  13. ARCHIVED-taraslar Guest

    Kinda a funny Tox how you think you have the market cornered on being a good beserker.

    You are sounding like nothing more than a sony butt boy looking for a pat on the back for the sucking up your doing.

    And I'll repeat, if you were outdamaging an assassin, that assasin doesn't know what he's doing.
  14. ARCHIVED-Darkdog Guest

    I have any idea......sssshhhh.....keep your pie hole closed so that another nerf doesnt come around the corner.
  15. ARCHIVED-Reolas Guest

    OMG...get this out of your head NOW......Berzerkers do NOT expect to OUT damage a SCOUT!........are we f'ing clear you morons....NM the whining.......all the NON zerkers [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] know about 5% of nothing.....if ONE berserker feels he should be outdamaging a scout thats his problem.

    Every other class and even a few of our own seem to think were wanting to be the uberest about the uberest dps or par with OTHER fighters, don't give me because the bruisers wear lighter armor than heavy tanks crap...I play a bruiser and I tank fine and I do tons of damage......give the berserker on par dps with other fighters....I would LOVE to be able to dps with scouts and wizards...but its not fair to them......I want par damage with a bruiser/monk....if the bruisers monks have a problem with that...they are full of crap.....because my bruiser is in the 30's and I tank mobs sometimes better than guardians simply because I avoid damage better, not to say I can take a hit..but for avoidance brawler classes are king hands down.

    Berserkers want something they are either equally good at ....or something they themselves are sololy good at.
  16. ARCHIVED-Toxaur Guest

    you guys love to put words in my mouth don't you?

    i never said that i think i should do more damage than a scout class. I said i did, consistently, and i have vs more than 1 scout class. However, i can never outdamage my best friend, Pyroden.

    FYI, this post was intended to give the whiny berzerkers some HOPE, and come up with better fighting strategies instead of whining and sniveling constantly. Was supposed to be constructive.

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  17. ARCHIVED-Eukatae Guest

    Your experiences and opinion at a wopping lv 30 mean nothing to me, try again when your 50 and have about 30k kills under your belt. Then your opinion might matter.
  18. ARCHIVED-Reolas Guest

    Someone at lvl 30 right now is in better position to talk than a lvl 50 because they haven't nerfed the lvl 40+ skills YET.

    Once they do..well see what sort of crying happens then.
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  19. ARCHIVED-Sinkatze Guest

    I think Tox is doing fine with his job, and if nobody bleleves him then just dont, hes just writting the experience he had with a party and you blame him that he is lying with the numbers or that the assassin he outdamaged doesnt know a thing, I dont know, maybe you all are just gelous maybe..

    He never said that Berzerkers outdamage every class in the game, and never mentioned he outdamaged a Ranger so I dont know why that Ranger is saying those stuff.
    I hope you dont keep attacking the people that are doing well with there character with nonsense.

    Good Luck!
  20. ARCHIVED-Toxaur Guest

    LOL... Eukatae, you can express your opinion wihtout being an as.shole, that was just uncalled for.

    step 1 to a better life: remove stick from butt.

    Thank you Sinkatze, yet again.

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