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  1. ARCHIVED-Toxaur Guest

    I play a level 30 berzerker, and I am so sick of everyone whining and bitc.hing about the Berzerker nerf in the recent patch.

    I joined a level 29-31 group in Runnyeye last night. I was bartely into level 30 when i began, and 55% when i left. most people dinged to 31 while in the group. There was an assassin, bruiser, and a defiler that sometimes played as a damage dealer. The assassin had one of those parser programs that can report to the group after every fight. It reported how much damage was dealt by the player, to the player, DPS, and something else.

    I consistently outdamaged everyone in group. even when the assassin turned 31. even whgen the assassin would hit for 500+, i would still outdamage him 90% of the time. Vs both single and multiple targets. vs yellows, oranges and reds. Also, i was doing this while tanking, and maintaining aggro the entire time every fight.

    And also, the entire group agreed that i tanked very well, and i got several compliments.

    Bloodlust was broken by the patch, but they fixed that.

    so what the hell are you guys whining about?

    get over it, and realize that Berzerkers still kick serious as.s, and still tank very well.

    Suck it up, play your class well, and you'll realize that the nerf really didn't hurt us any.

    want a few hints? get some decent drink, that isn't grey to you. Equip yourself well. Instead of whining about nerfs, think of ways to play better, strategize to make up for it.

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  2. ARCHIVED-asteldian Guest

    Well, mostly its the fact i do better damage as tank than as secondary tank, all im really asking for is the ability to berserk when not tanking
  3. ARCHIVED-Draxredd Guest

    You better stop whining about me whining, or I'll whine about you whining about me whining. Clear ?
  4. ARCHIVED-taraslar Guest

    Ah another suck it up thread, thanks but no thanks

    And if you were outdoing an assassin in dps that a assasin is an idiot.
  5. ARCHIVED-bathory610 Guest

    must be alot of idiot assassins cuz we were within 5dps for 4 hrs of grouping
  6. ARCHIVED-Toxaur Guest

    lol he was certainly not an idiot assassin. and he seemed to have decent equip.

    heh, maybe it isn't the assassins that are idiots :smileyvery-happy:

    bring on the flames!

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  7. ARCHIVED-WaterBoy72 Guest

    I have never been outdamaged by a berserker. The only class that comes CLOSE to outdamaging me would be a wizard. I'm currently a 29 assassin. I even fought red clay gaurdians, and I did 2k-3k damage. Sorry but berserkers aren't big [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] DPS. They are, and should be, lower DPS than scouts, monks, and bruisers. And some casters. But by no means, should they come CLOSE to outdamaing Wizards or Assassins. If they are, get a new DPS.

    And stop complaining about your nerf. Assassin's are going to be next I suppose. Just live with it.
  8. ARCHIVED-Sinkatze Guest

    I like this threads were people who have overcomed the stupid nerf and see everything good about it and then the other guys keep on whining and they still go on and on with the dumb thing, your right "get over it" and just try to get your Berzerker good for what it is now, whuning like you are in all these posts wont help or has it? Just loosing your time.
    Even putting on your signatures the fix my berzerker thing is really kind of dumb..

    Good Luck!
  9. ARCHIVED-Styker Guest

    Sinkatze maybe you posting on this thread is kinda dumb?

    Oh and um why should berserkers stop whining? Guardians didnt when they felt that they weren't the supreme tank.... Now that they are , they want us to stop complaining now as well...

    Screw that... SoE changed entirely what a class Berserkers were described on being..... So ill whine until its GD fixed....
  10. ARCHIVED-WaterBoy72 Guest

    I'm sorry but I don't remember seeing anywhere that Berserkers were supposed to be gods later on. Cause 3k AC and OD'ing Wizards and Assassins and main DPS classes doesn't make sense. ESPECIALLY seeing as how all of their attacks don't have to be from back or when mob has certain def or something. Berserkers were gods, they shouldn't be. Nerfbat was well deserved
  11. ARCHIVED-asteldian Guest

    Now that does frustrate me-why is it all you non zerkers pop your head in and claim we expect to be gods in the game, not one zerker said we should never have been nerfed, the arguement is being nerfed too hard.

    Also, we sacrificed all utility to be able to tank and do a bit of DPS, you scout classes have your utility and DPS, i think perhaps you damage way to similar to warlocks who gave everything up for DPS, guess that means you guys should be hit hard by the nerf bat too?
  12. ARCHIVED-Sinkatze Guest

    And why is it "kinda dumb" for me to be posting here? I dont get the problem..
    If you dont want to stop whinig then dont, but dont bother people who like the job and looking at stuff positive.
    And I dont really care if Guardians didnt stop whining, thats why I post here and not there.
    Good Luck!
  13. ARCHIVED-Toxaur Guest

    hey guys, why dont you READ the dam post before posting? the 1st words are...


    that means, i'm a berzerker, telling you whiny berzerkers to suck it up and realize we really barely got nerfed.

    and Jinzo, I was a 30 berzerker outdamaging a 31 assassin and 31 bruiser, doing between 55 and 68 DPS, and doing 2800-3600 damage per fight. And that was fighting orange cons.

    so what was it you were saying about "no ifs ands or buts"?

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  14. ARCHIVED-kakarox Guest

    u shouldnt be doing more than scouts, u need more nerfing!
  15. ARCHIVED-Sinkatze Guest

    Lol, I guess it depends on how everybody plays, I guess that answer could vary depending on many things, but could be both. But more nerfing I dont know..
    Good Luck!
  16. ARCHIVED--Steppenwolf- Guest

    Read moorgard's post, he said that berserker were supposed to have low DPS and that's why they nerfed them. If you can still deal huge DPS, which I seriously doubt, then expect some more nerfing.
  17. ARCHIVED-SCORP10 Guest

    Toxaur, are you sure it's not just that you're thick?

    The numbers that come up on the screen are the ones that show your dps, not the numbers that come up in your head.

    Oh and Mr. Assasin, none of us ever wanted to out DPS you, or even any scout or mage, but we do expect to out DPS guardians which we are supposed to, to make up for our lack of defence compared to them. So either read what people have actually said before you post, or don't bother reading but keep posting and looking like an idiot who is probably spoon fed and dribbles.
  18. ARCHIVED-deathsangel44 Guest

    Y ou should not drink while you are playing EQ2
  19. ARCHIVED-Toxaur Guest

    If you dont believe me, ask DaJackal on Najena server. I didn't make up those #s. I know how to play my class well.

    And berzerkers are not supposed to be LOW DPS, just not obscene DPS like we are now. Not supposed to outdamage socuts like we can now.

  20. ARCHIVED-Sinkatze Guest

    I dont know how it is now, but I also think they shouldnt have low DPS, because thats there type of fighter, one that can hit hard, and also the way you outdamaged an Assassin could be, but in other threads I cant stop reading people saying that Guardians even outdamage a Berzerker so I guess depends alot on the way you are playing..
    Good Luck!
    PS: Dont know alot yet, because I still dont start the game, so I cant give my full opinion about it :p.. cheers.

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