Still can't get in the game.

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Valens, Nov 14, 2020.

  1. Valens New Member

    The pretty red warning text that you are aware of issue is gone. Ya might want to put that back up.

    I still can't get into the game. I get as far as seeing a chat window over a black screen and a few pieces of the UI are visible.
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  2. Syndara Member

    Still can't get in either. It gets to 30.0 kb on the loading entity resources and sticks.

    PS. I hope Hero's Fest will be extended a few days because of this, I haven't been able to get in since Wednesday when I logged out.
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  3. Ranger Moncreathe New Member

    I appreciate all the work Dreamweaver that you and all are doing to fix this problem. Today I did get a little farther. I was able to get to character select screen, but it than gets stuck at 99% in Loading zone resources. Hopefully another day and there will be more progress.
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  4. Sintara New Member

    After hours and hours of D/Ling I finally got into the game. HOWEVER, I can now barely move without freezing up; Movement is slow and jerky. I'm hoping they will have this fixed by Monday at least. After all the years I've been playing I never tried beta. This is what I get for pre-ordering an expensive expansion thinking I would be helping out with beta and have some fun. I also haven't been able to play since Wednesday. I'm sure the Devs will fix things .... eventually.
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  5. witchy77 Member

    thank you to all who worked on fixing launcher problems i am up and running again ;)
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  6. Battista New Member

    I'm back in:p thanks for all the tips everyone...the full download worked
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  7. Valens New Member

    Managed to get in after going to Advanced Tools>Select Game Version and checking (enabling) the Full download box and click Apply

    The DL is approx: 22gb
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  8. dreamweaver Developer

    Valens solution is the best current one for most of the hanging issues.
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  9. dreamweaver Developer

    Once I have a final timeline on how long it will be extended yes. But we have already extended it until the 19th. The information is in the announcement thread.
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  10. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    Everybody who can't get in keep trying! After trying the fixes I just miraculously popped in with one character ingame that I'm keeping her game open and gonna keep my computer turned on until I find out all the problems are solved. Sure don't wanna go back to that 99% hang load problem again.

    My hubby got a big update to do and I don't know if he's gotten ingame yet. He hasn't tried again since the update. Hopefully he can now too.
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