State of the Wizard Address (Serious)

Discussion in 'Mages' started by SacDaddy420, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. Wuhh New Member

    As for Focus Casting now only applying the potency component of the buff because people have capped CB to 3k, reforge out of CB (it is possible to do that) or don't use items that buff CB.

    It is all about working out the best items for your class and the most effective reforge strategy to get the best from your abilities.

    As for wizards, we should be aiming for as much HP as possible, 6m+ would be ideal...
  2. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    I'm not going to derail your thread too much to get into it.

    But if you're an endgame player, hammer aside, FB is already better than FC. Hell, FB with FC's recast would be better than FC.
    If you're an endgame player, FC is 12 seconds (tops) of 750 potency. FB is WAY better than that. And has HALF the cooldown.

    If you're not even close to an endgame player, FC ends up being a 50% damage spike for 12 seconds (tops) and is crazy strong.

    Warlocks have already hit their ceiling. Wizards can still see clear sky above them, and they're **already** better than Warlocks at the endgame.

    Add in myth hammer, and things just get MORE out of whack.

    As it was, Wizards and Warlocks, if you were to remove both FC and FB were pretty balanced. In reality, Wizards were probably better.
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  3. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    Telling Warlocks to reforge 100CB into 100mod is not a viable fix to this issue.
    "Gearing accordingly" would mean I would sit at 1k less CB for the **vast majority of the fight** in an effort to make my temp worthwhile. That would be a disaster.

    Let's just call it what it is (and what I said it would be) Focused casting, at the end game, is an marginally effective temp with an extremely long cooldown that gives you roughly 10% more damage. It's absolute garbage at the elite level now, and there is no way around it.
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  4. Yards Well-Known Member

    This is the wrong way of thinking. I don't want to gear and reforge to get the most out of fc. For any class including warlock you are gearing and reforging to get the most possible dps you can and having a static 3k cb vs lowering your cb to 2k is going to yield leaps and bounds more dps even though you are making an awesome ability ( fc ) mediocre. The whole reason for me posting in this thread is because wizards are wanting a boost which is fine but they turn around and say how much better warlocks are than wizards and that is just flat out wrong.
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  5. Wuhh New Member

    Fiery Blast is far from a reliable ability anymore. if you choose a target that dies before FB fires, you lose it and it doesn't reset. If the mob becomes immune when it fires, you lose the end damage and it doesn't reset.

    With the way a lot of fights are now, timing FB + remembering everything else can be difficult.

    At least with focus casting all you have to worry about is casting on something you can damage, not what state it will be at in 10 seconds time.

    As for my my comment with regard to reforging to make certain abilities more useful, I know its not ideal, but, its about adapting to the way the game plays now.

    The other thing that concerns me now is that a wizard thread is being hijacked about how bad it is for warlocks.
    I would suggest making another thread and I will happily comment on that, this thread is all about the current state of wizards.
  6. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    I guess my feedback regarding the current state of the Wizard would be this:

    Since I play at the endgame, I have an idea of where class ceilings are. As it stands, the ceiling for Wizard is fine, at least compared to other mage dps classes. There are definitely some concerns about how the class performs from the heroic tier up to casual raiding. That **range** of playstyle does fit the vast majority of players, and it definitely struggles.
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  7. Wuhh New Member

    As do I and I beg to differ with regard to how well wizards scale in high end raiding. From what I have seen on AOE fights they are roughly competitive (depending on buffs, group set up, temps etc etc), however on single target\limited target content they struggle to match other t1 dps.
  8. Rubick Well-Known Member

    No, it's the gap between heroics and having 90% or more BiS items, including the hammer, where wizards need help. Even once they have that gear, single target dps will be pretty awful. If wizards are doing as well as you say, I'd love to see some ACT breakdowns of parses. I'm being told Faklboom plays a wizard really well and does decent in comparison to you and the other T1s. Then, upon asking what decent is, I'm told he only gets beat by about 30-40% fairly regularly. Yeah, wizards are in such a **** spot that when one is considered to be a well geared, highly skilled player they only get beat by a decent chunk instead of getting blown out of the water. However, all of you guys have your eq2wire profiles blocked so I don't know who has the reset hammer and who doesn't.

    To the wizard saying they lose dps if the mob dies before fiery blast goes off; if you're allowing that to happen instead of setting it off early that's your own fault. The immunities can be a problem but how many raid mobs have that horrible mechanic this xpac? Only one comes to mind, and it's the joke mob where 6 people use wands and you dps when he's vulnerable, so your two complaints are practically non-issues.
  9. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Mogrim was right in beta and I am right now ... Mogrim is parsing better then rest of crowed for 1 simple reason - ideal condition, fully infused gear and items that 99% warlocks do not have (hammer PLUS essence of duality) - so you point is mute
  10. Rubick Well-Known Member

    First off, it's a "moot" point, not mute. Secondly, no you're not. You're an idiot and the only justification any warlock worth a damn has made is that warlocks are not OP at the absolute end game when everybody is 100% geared. I'm sure even they will tell you that you are a horrible player if you ask them. Hell, if I were a warlock I'd be begging everybody to ignore what you said much like the way I treated Rubyfire. You are two ignorant peas in an especially stupid pod. You're not doing your class any favors. If anything you're making it worse by saying they're a horrible class at a stage of the game where the warlocks that actually know how to play the game were smoking everybody. That's going to make DBG ignore any of your complaints that get re-stated by good players because you're the one that said it and you've clearly shown you're too ****** at your class to have a relevant opinion on how well they're balanced. I'd love to meet you. If you're this stupid when you have time to think about what you're going to type I'd hate to see how much you struggle to function on a daily basis. You're like a walking mental train wreck. Everything you say makes my brain hurt, but it's so entertaining because it's a kind of stupid I've never encountered so I can't stop reading it.
  11. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    Yeah. He is that close WITHOUT a Hammer while I have it.
    I'm not trashing Falk, but essentially this is the real talk: a "really good" Wizard would be about even with an "arguably best in the game" Warlock, if he had the Myth Hammer. Even with the rest of my gear being a lot better than his, we'd be about equal.

    And my eq2 profile isn't hidden, nor is his. <---- Mogrim <----- Falkboom

    Daray and Faceroller are fairly comprable as well, and from what I've been told (with no slights at anyone intended) Daray solidly has the upper hand between the two. Again, I may have been told wrong there, so don't shoot the messenger.
  12. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Lol Rubick have you tried for a change to get a life? may be even sex (at least once in a quarter - will be a good start for your health)
  13. Yards Well-Known Member

    Daray and I were fairly even, I may have gained the edge with the new raid armor but we are still comparable. Necro wins every parse nowadays.
  14. Enigma Active Member

    Necro wins some parses! not all ;(
  15. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Yeah, like I said, with the reset hammer working on FB but not FC I could see how wizards could eventually compete and maybe even be better, but up until the very end game they seem to struggle for sure. The fact they get **** on all xpac until they get a reset hammer and fully geared sounds terrible to endure. Not to mention my guild has been killing that mob forever and we've seen 3 of them, and we're more fortunate than most guilds from what I hear. I'm with whoever said balancing classes around the reset hammer is dumb though.

    Doomdrake try to deflect your complete lack of logic by going after my alleged lack of a life, but it's pointless and won't work. At the end of the day I'll still not be the basement dwelling loser you want me to be and you will still suck at this game while being completely incompetent.
  16. Pringlez Member

    I don't see an issue with either class at the current moment, me and the warlock are constantly 1 or 2 parse depending on fight, then the scouts/summoner, my profile is also unlocked

    im pretty sure im 1 of the better geared end game mages as well as other's in this thread, sorc's are on top right now except for probably the rare BL that knows what their doing. rip othion :(
  17. Pringlez Member


    This is from last Thursday, no warlock, I was top on parse, but you get the idea
  18. Rubick Well-Known Member

    ¿Que? I also ran a group with you the other day Pringlez and you beat an assassin with absolutely awful gear, no Fai Thass, Phelony, or any raid loot, by like 200k. Granted it was Vynie, but that's no excuse for the huge gear gap. I also know heroics are entirely different from raids, but it was nonstop AoE pulls and you barely won with those extremely favorable conditions. I also heard nothing good about your skill or personality during your time in Revelations and I know how much you like to toot your own horn. So here we have Mogrim saying warlocks are bad as usual and Pringlez saying he's beating everybody because he always thinks he's the best at everything. I'm assuming there's some selective memory going on here. I feel like Faceroller and Annunaki are the only ones in this thread I can actually believe.

    If everything said in this thread is true then maybe I talked to the wrong people when I came back to the game saying how wizards are not even worth playing right now. I read the expansion notes and looked at some of the gear and stuff and assumed they were going to be as trashy as everybody said, so I just switched to a troub.

    But then again all the examples of people saying wizards aren't total trash are people whose schedules aren't so unreliable that they have to raid in the type of guild I'm in. Maybe I made a mistake main changing, but I don't think so because nobody's had much positive input on wizards aside from when you're extremely well geared, and I doubt I'd ever get to that point with the way this guild does loot.

    I'm also inclined to avoid believing it because Sacdaddy has always been a pretty reliable source, knows how to play the class, and isn't a whiner.
  19. Anunnaki Active Member

    Class balance has become impossible with the introduction of the hammer. Since 1, maybe 2, people will have it in a guild, that person is always going to be on top, and "in my guild X tops the parse" has become more irrelevant because of how stupid this item is. We might as well shut all of these threads down until everyone gets hammer or they nerf it into oblivion.

    EDIT: I'm saying this as a person who has the hammer, topped the parse before and absolutely eviscerate everyone now that I have it. Balance is gone.
  20. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    Rubick!!! Faceroller and I are pretty much saying the same thing. :(
    Warlocks do well until the guild/race force starts getting BIS geared. Once you're hitting that BIS or nearly BIS geared, Warlocks hit a pretty rough ceiling because OUR temp doesn't scale, OUR temp doesn't get reset by myth hammer, and our "class cloak" is borderline unusable as the lag caused by it is massive.

    I would also agree with Anunnaki that without everyone in the same build having a hammer, maths get difficult. 100% agreed.