State of the Wizard Address (Serious)

Discussion in 'Mages' started by SacDaddy420, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. Rubyfire Member

    Farm farm farm and still no reset adorn. Sigh
  2. Livejazz Well-Known Member

    Disclaimer 1: my Wizzie is only 95/340 & I'm not a raider, so my comments quite clearly are worthless. You don't need to tell me this.
    Disclaimer 2: I've never played a Warlock past 47th level or so, & don't care to. I play a Wizzie because FIRE & COLD, & because my Wizzie was a Wizzie way back in EQ1 when they didn't even have Warlocks & I'm not gonna FOTM it just for the sake a of a freekin' raid parse when I don't even raid in the first place.
    Disclaimer 3: Why am I posting, then? Because Wizzies are in a bad place, & I want my raider brothers & sisters to feel good about their parse. Because, you know, that's really all we bring to the table, other than our awesome RP personalities.

    With that in mind ....

    A. I am left-side spec'd for Prestige, & always have been. I detest worrying about "stacking" & "increments," & the left side seemed to let me avoid that worry. This is just one way you can tell I'm incompetent, I'm sure there are many more.

    B. I have used Manaburn exactly once. In its current form, with the amount of damage it does, I think it's worthless. Unless I'm totally wrong about how the two spells work -- which is possible, since I'm incompetent -- I would rather have Lifeburn.

    C. This thread is for talking about Wizards. Not Warlocks. Not Chanters. Not Summoners. If you wish to complain about how those classes are desperately in need of revamps, please start a different thread, so that those of us who play Wizzies & want to play them better won't have to dig through acres of irrelevant wank to find a few nuggets worth chewing.

    Please fix Wizzies. MTIA.
  3. Anunnaki Active Member

    When you ask for fixes to the Wizard, don't complain that Conjys are OP and then summoners won't come in here explaining why that isnt true. (Not saying you did, just a general statement.) It *is* possible to ask for fixes to a class without whining about how other classes are too strong.
  4. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Rubick you keep misleading ppl about warlocks - any sane guild need maximum 1 warlock per raid (and not always btw) just for powerdrain purpose really - you will be off a lot better with conjurors, and scouts (should those have their eths or/and hammer). heck even mimic classes will be better {providing they have some reliable targets for mimic)
  5. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Just because you're hopeless at a warlock doesn't mean the class is bad. I keep repeating myself since you feel the need to have a last word contest by repeating the same blatantly incorrect statement over and over as if it's going to change the fact you're wrong. Notice any player in a guild killing anything at all on these threads you're posting on always holds up a mirror hoping you'll look into it instead of peering your head around the side looking for your DPS red herring.
  6. Anunnaki Active Member

    He is basically posting verbatim what Mogrim was posting in the ToT Beta threads. Which is as funny now as it was then, because Mogrim is the prime example of why Warlocks are doing perfectly fine.
  7. Enigma Active Member

    Necros need some buffing tbh.
  8. Yards Well-Known Member

    Enigma trolling again.
  9. Mrmacky Active Member

  10. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    In a perfectly ideal situations, including myth hammers, ethereals, top end infused gear and appropriate utility...

    Beastlords, Assassins, Rangers, Necros, and Wizards should all outperform Warlocks.

    The first 3 should be obvious. Necros are because of Undead Horde, and Wizards... Because at this level, FC becomes nothing more than 750 potency, which means it is inferior to FB, doesn't reset with the Myth Hammer (FB does) and has a longer recast than FB.

    So yeah. The ceiling for Warlocks is already starting to be reached. Give it a few more weeks and you'll see more people finding this ceiling as well.
  11. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    And yes, by that math, Conj seems to be the worst T1 dps, when all things are considered. Primarily because the Myth Hamemr seems to do less for them than any other T1 dps class.
  12. Anunnaki Active Member

    If necros are anything like Conjys (I'm sure they are) then Undead Horde doesnt get the Fervor either. So I mean, I would love to debate how much the hammer does for classes, but summoners can't really make a proper argument right now because of the fervor not sharing with anything useful.

    EDIT: I want to emphasize that I am not asking for a buff to summoners. This mechanic is *broken* and needs to be *fixed*. Its not a buff, nor a nerf to anyone else.
  13. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Mogrim you can say in theory all those classes are higher DPS than warlock, but it's merely theoretic. In actuality you can see that warlocks are still at the top. I know you play a warlock to maximum efficiency but you can't honestly think that there aren't some wizards out there doing the same. Granted some of my info is through the grapevine and some of it it seeing potentially selective parses from various players in top end guilds, but I've not seen a warlock getting beat by anybody with any sort of regularity.

    It's hard to take your warlock pessimism at face value because you never say the class is in a good spot. I'm assuming it's because you want them to stay as good as they are now. With the way you've been blasting people on parses it would be insulting to all your other T1s to say you're beating them by that large of a margin on some fights and your class is in a worse spot than theirs. Writing off FC as "just 750 potency" like that's not still a large chunk, considering how much it's up with the reset hammer, is absurd. Sure, I would say Fiery Blast is better with the reset hammer but the rest of the capabilities of the class certainly don't make up for that one spell vs. spell comparison.
  14. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    Some T1 scouts are already doubling me on fights that Warlocks excel at. Sure, they're not in my guild, but that doesn't change the fact.
  15. Yards Well-Known Member

    Fc does not get reset by myth hammer. I have a static 3k cb in combat in raid from fc so I get only 750 potency from it. That is still a lot less than you get from spellbind which is on a 1 min timer. I'm not stating that warlocks are doing really bad but simply that they don't scale very well when you start to get end game loot. With a low end guild I can see warlocks being one of the better dps, but when you start to get some of the better loot in the game they will start to drop lower and lower vs other t1 dps. I have a wizard in my guild who parses very well, I know he is one of the better wizards out there but just seeing him parse well tells me that the problem with the class is on the people playing it not the class itself.
  16. Anunnaki Active Member

    Um. Warlocks get Spellbind too.
  17. Yards Well-Known Member

    I know warlocks get spellbind too . I'm comparing fc to spellbind because people are still blinded into thinking that fc is this awesome overpowered temp which is not the case at all.
  18. Rubick Well-Known Member

    I wasn't aware the myth hammer doesn't reset FC. That's kind of dumb. In that case I could definitely see some things evening out once everybody is geared to the teeth, but until then warlocks and assassin still seem to reign supreme. Even if your wizard will be able to complete with you once you both have all the loot you need, do you think it would be fun to play an entire expansion getting dunked on just so you could finally somewhat compete by the end of it? You can't tell me if the shoe was on the other foot that warlocks wouldn't be in an uproar triple the size on these boards. Hell, there's more crying from scrub tier warlocks than anybody still thanks to that "I suck so bad I'm deleting my warlock because I can't even top parses in my average guild where warlocks should be doing really well" thread. Mogrim is also notorious for saying warlocks suck 100% of the time, so the reputation kind of precedes the class on these forums.
  19. wazul Active Member

    2 years without dev feedback about wizard. it's sade, but we talk for nothing.
    i play since the beginning (2005) my wiz, tov for us was one good period. in tov 8/10 parse i was first. in this period, my guild was in top ten ww. after... 3dr or 4dr in aom. 3dr in one encounter in kralet, 5dr, 6dr, 7dr for all another encounters.... ranger, bl, assassin, warlock, and YES mimic class can do better parse !
    stop talk about HAMMER, a rare drop. I only see 2 hammer since launch ! and why my guild will prefer a wiz for loot that ? before a good BL or ranger ? why ? why my guild will recrut wiz again ? And why dev team cannot reply one minute in this topic ?? only a simple world. we planned something ? we not planned something ?

    sorry, but the answers of the no-wiz on this topic, it does not interest me. I need to hear the feedback from designers. why the wiz are in true or false. I'd like to hear designers, and no other players who have a personal interest if nothing changes.

    the real issue with eq2 is the lack of communication. we all stay in eq2, because mmo market is very depressive, but if a good and serious game, with raid, and a good lore appair, with good commication beetween players (YES : players, not customers) and creators, why stay and wait for nothing ?

    a dev read that ? i dream; they have nothing to do, we pay so good.

    and for another players : it's ok if all wiz stop ? we have to much players in this game ?
  20. Wuhh New Member

    Class balancing shouldn't be determined based upon whether you are have or don't have a very rare item. IMHO the hammer shouldn't even be in the game, as it is so insanely overpowered, it's ridiculous.

    As for ability reset, the hammer used to reset FC, but it was fixed recently, but if you think that FC should be allowed to be reset, then why not Fiery Blast?
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