State of the Wizard Address (Serious)

Discussion in 'Mages' started by SacDaddy420, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. Rubyfire Member

    Sorcerers as a whole need fixing. I aim to keep this forum active and at the top of the list until something is done. The only way we can keepup atm is with fervor or a reset proc and even then its like you need the stars to allign. Wizards should be the gods of single target dps. I ask all my fellow disgruntled sorcerers to please keep posting.
  2. Rubick Well-Known Member

    No, stop that. You are hurting more than helping. You have no idea what you're talking about and the chances of a fix become much more unlikely if you keep trying to make this a sorcerer issue. Warlocks are the best dps in the game right now. If you're a wizard and not getting crushed by Warlocks it means you're a better player than they are.
  3. Rubyfire Member

    Name one warlock topping the parse single raid mob fights without the reset hammer and i will limit my issues to wzards alone. I do not think a class should need to depend on a single proc in order to compete with other classes in the same lvl of gear. All the warlocks i know that are doing good have the reset ability. I can complete aoe but not single target and i do not think that is right. I am also entitled to my opinion regardless of if i am wrong or right same as you are. Just because i dissagree with you does not mean i don't know what i am taking about. so either prove me wrong and i will beleive the issue is wizzard only. Otherwise stop being a pompus know it all.
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  4. Rondo9 Active Member

    Add 100 fervor to FB!
  5. Anunnaki Active Member

    Oh please, at least when you get that insanely OP hammer, you at least get the full benefit. Try rolling a summoner and not have the fervor apply to pretty much anything of worth.
  6. Mrmacky Active Member

    Yeah! summoners are on the bottom of the totem pole!
  7. wazul Active Member

    we talk here about wizard. a wizard with hammer dps more. but in same roster if we have lock, Bl, assassin and all another "T1" with the same hammer.... wizard still the last.

    sorry but when i open my aa windows, i not find button for active or not hammer.... hammer is an item. we talk about native skills and aa in a class, inside class topic.

    the question was, in 2016, wizard (T1?) class need or not some rewamp or patch ?
    for me is simple.
    velious : we are ok.
    beetween velious and before aom. few period ok, few period overpowered
    ending tov : ok but difficult
    aom : begin fall.
    now : behing so many another class dps...... it's depressiv.
  8. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    You are misleading
    You are talking about 2-3 warlock in game wide 2-3 top guild who running with Hammer and Essence of Duality and we both know these are game changers - same goes with Sins (difference between who have Eth and who not is very visible). And even with hammer and essence warlock can keep up only for reason that not everyone got to the point of capping CB - simple like that
    Also sorcs (both wizards and locks) to much group composition depended - compare less then optimum group setup (like add to group illi, troub and fury - that's one story w/o them you'd lose at least 40-50% DPS of your parse
  9. Faker New Member

    Well, Manaburn has to be at least as good as Lifeburn. I mean, the fact you could cast pretty much anything else and do better than casting Lifeburn means you'll never cast't ever cast manaburn and you have at worst tied Lifeburn.
  10. Anunnaki Active Member

    We are doing just fine, but like always, when something super OP gets put in game, we dont get the full benefit like other classes. Just sick of all the sorc crying, when it can be far worse.
  11. Rubyfire Member

    Exactly!! A class should not need to obtain a specific item to compete with othe classes of the same role. If this mechanic is the only way devs can balance that then it needs to be obtainable via a quest. Now i do not mean one of those end game raid content ones. I mean a quest any boob with a sorcerer can do even if it takes them 20 hours. Now this is not to say i would not spend an insane amount of plat to get the hammer. I would and then i would wear it and keep complaining that i have to use it. I know life is not fair but i do expect the game i play to escape rl to have viable options the balance the playing field. I don't consider 5 hours a day farming contested for an adornment i would probably get a month before the next expac. Knowing my luck the expac would have an npc selling them.
  12. Rondo9 Active Member

    Even with the reset ethereal/rune you would still find it hard to compete against a sin/BL that has ravaging and phelony, 100 Fervor is so OP when timed with chains. Yes there is a hammer but considering the current ethereal/runes weren't obtained via raids it kinda unfair
  13. Rubyfire Member

    Damn thats worse then i thought. Why do they get something giving 100 fervor anyway and where the heck is my 100% fervor? Geez the more i read and the more infomation i get the more irritated I become.
  14. Rubick Well-Known Member

    I think it's evident that your knowledge of wizards is minimal, and I get sick of having to attempt to ask devs to fix issues when I have to argue against all the casuals on these forums that know nothing and are counter-productive to balancing. All the top end guilds have reset hammers and ethereals on most of their t1 dps, and I don't spend a lot of time asking scrub guilds how their dps parse because it's highly unlikely they know how to maximize the class anyway. The warlock in my scrub guild was beating everybody pretty easily before the reset hammer also, and we're a whopping one mob behind killing everything in this game that's been killed. If your warlock has gear equal to the rest of your T1s and he's not topping parses, it means he sucks. Wizards will never top parses again if DBG listens to people like you that voice their ignorant opinions any time somebody posts a viable analysis about current balance issues. Your opinion lost any merit when one of your requests was increasing our ability to power feed. Also, this is a thread addressing the state of wizards. If you want to voice your incorrect and idiotic opinions at least do it in an appropriate thread. But, as stated above, Entropy was topping our parses without a reset hammer, and my guild is far from hardcore, so please shut up about Warlocks not being able to compete.
  15. Rubyfire Member

    Power drain: I was being facetious but not entirely. It would be nice if the power feed to the healer in a pinch was enough to last through one tick of the powerdrain. You feed the fury the power drain ticks abd then the poor fury looks like they have hardly a drop left. Reset proc: don't care what class it is no class should need to depend on a proc to compete. One of the best player's i have ever known change main from warlock to scout. They have a good or great lvl 100 of almost every class and would know 10 times more about game balance and mechanics then you. If they see something wrong its there. Rubik: I can't be bothered with your rudeness. so imagine a small red haired fae pulling a really ugly face at you.
  16. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Again, this is as much as I can spell it out for you. Warlocks not having their reset item beat scouts without Phelony/Fai Thass (which is the scout equivalent DPS-wise since you didn't even seem to know they existed until yesterday, but thanks for your balancing opinions). If you're comparing the classes using a different gear standard then clearly DBG should come to you directly to ask about any potential balancing updates as your advice is going to be top-notch. You can think your friend is the god of mechanics, but I've been playing this game since day 1 as a wizard and raiding on and off, hardcore and slightly less hardcore, for over a decade. I have raid-mained 9 different classes of all different archetypes over those years. I know this game, so thinking anybody knows 10x more about mechanics than me is just blatant stupidity, but it seems to fit in well with the rest of your posts. I don't know the most of anybody on these forums, but I'm definitely significantly above average in terms of game knowledge. Nothing you say seems to have any logic attached to it, so I don't know why I'm even bothering to type this. You're clearly at a level of stupid that refuses to accept any kind of reasoning.
  17. Vasco Active Member

    Guys please let's get back on track. We need warlock fixed yesterday!
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  19. Taurak New Member

    All hail Rubick. Extremely vocal, extremely arrogant with an inability to not post without undermining someone else.
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  20. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Yeah, sorry I don't coddle people with kid gloves when they hold back balancing by providing stupid suggestions/commentary and stating it as if it's a fact as opposed to their skewed, completely off-kilter musings. Doomdrake and Rubyfire talking about balancing warlock dps makes as much sense as Donald Trump talking about political correctness and the teachings of Allah.
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