State of the Wizard Address (Serious)

Discussion in 'Mages' started by SacDaddy420, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. SacDaddy420 Active Member

    I parsed the exact same last week meanwhile mogrim did like 400mill, and the decked out ranger did 243. Seem balanced? Theres no way we can touch locks esp when they get all the buffs.
  2. Pringlez Member

    Get a Myth Hammer, the 100 ferver is huuuuge, just look at an assassin with fai thass and an assassin without fai thass, its night and day.
  3. Igotwardzforu Member

    Hmm. Since the warlock did like 400 mil, then the beastlord must of done around 800 mil correct?
  4. SacDaddy420 Active Member

    well......about Othion..........but we got a new one coming up and Im sure he'll be just the same (read: OP as heck)
  5. Rondo9 Active Member

    I'm not how wizards are meant to compete with Beastlords..

  6. Vasco Active Member

    What are we even looking at? We need the whole screenshot to put things into perspective.
  7. Rondo9 Active Member

    Im just compraing the size of the hits, 5 abilities over 200mil per hit and all 30sec recast (more with recast ethereal/ire relic) Then you look at a wizards parse and they hit for nothing like that apart from fiery blast, which a myth crit on a beastlord primal while they have 100+ fevor can hit for more then that.

  8. Flamace Active Member

    So first you piece in a beastlord parse, giving just random numbers. I mean they're not even in order and now a wizard parse to compare? Also, is Rondo and Pringlez the same person, cause I see "(Pringlez) Idle" at the top of screeshot. I'm kinda lost as to what kind of conclusion we can draw from this info.
  9. Rondo9 Active Member

    I was trying to compare the hits of a beastlord vs a wizard but obviously did a poor job at it and sorry if I didnt link a whole parse but it wasn't my parse to link. You look at a beastlord hitting on avarge 200+ mil CA's that instand casting compared to wizard that has probably the longest casting times in the game and do you think they are balanced?
  10. wazul Active Member

    - we have long casting time.
    - long time we lost advantage about bigest hit (manaburn useless, FB : only one each 75s, another skills : outparsed)

    wizard : T1 on paper only. since long time. but , out of topic, i read in sring european serveur will fusion..... long time after serveur population issue.... perhpas in future (1 , 2, 3 years?) some balance again ? i not ask nerf for another class, but wizard need some patch ...
  11. Veta Well-Known Member

    That is rather hard to justify as a wizard when you are nowhere near as geared. Mogrim, iirc, never did 400m on psionists until after obtaining the myth hammer, which means if he staggers them appropriately he can get 2 resets during 1 chain, which also comes with 100 fervor. He also has a lot more infusing, an extra aura share versus your vulnerability ear, etc. Standing he has 300 more pot AND cb than you, not including the extra 4 fervor from belt and 3 from myth helm.

    Classes should not be balanced around all the buffs. If he is not getting stuff, could you compete on an even playing field?
  12. Enigma Active Member

    "He is also has a lot more infusing" All dat beta thalumbra bonus infusers that got abused!
  13. Kioske Well-Known Member

    In my opinion, the reset/fervor procs need to be removed from the game. They're obviously breaking the way DPS is working. 1 piece of gear can change a 120 mill DPS Sin/BL to a 250+ Mill DPS toon. It's a broken system and just needs to go.
  14. Rubyfire Member

    There is a lot of good points.
    I find that with fb unless the stars align and you get it perfect your dps from it wont be a high enough spike to offset the low dps we do in its cool down.
    Back in Shadow oddessy we were balanced because while a good wizard would make or break a parse from a good fb we could still achieve decent dps through rays, ice comet, mannaburn, ect.

    My ideas are as follows
    • fix manna burn make it comparable to lifeburn
    • increase dot damage by 20%
    • let umbra count in fb
    • increase base damage on fireball
    • halve the reuse of rays of disintegration. yes i know left side of prestige can cause this to reset by fire ball but taking the left side is like shooting yourself in the foot
    • lower cast time of fusion to 1.5 seconds verses the current 2.5
    I think if this were done we might be better single target balanced again.

    Also if illusionist are going to be able to do our role from a mimic at least give our power feeds a boost. If they are going to do my job let me do their job.
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  15. Rubick Well-Known Member

    I hope the last two sentences were anecdotal. The last thing I want is to start getting utility in place of dps.
  16. Rubyfire Member

    Yes it was. The fact they are starting to fill a dps role with mimic.
  17. Rondo9 Active Member

    Wizards need some sort of Fevor proc like ravaging!!!! problem solved.
  18. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Yep and warlock need to be able convert directly to fervor any excess of CB above 3000 during FC chain - amen on that :)
  19. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Warlocks definitely need more DPS boosts right now................
  20. Vasco Active Member

    Amen! Fix warlock!
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