State of the Wizard Address (Serious)

Discussion in 'Mages' started by SacDaddy420, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. SacDaddy420 Active Member

    Just please:
    • Bump the damage to manaburn. 2-3 billion currently would not imo be out of line, I see 1.5 billion Mimicries often.
    • Allow the full damage of MB to be counted into FB.
    • Raise the numbers on the Incineration left side proc to reflect the single proccing, slower casting nature of the sorc.
    Viola~ Left side is viable again and we are single target killers. Just as a GD Wizard should be.
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  2. Yards Well-Known Member

    Wizards are right in line with the other mages. The only thing I can see being changed is manaburn, but not to 2-3 billion because that would just be way overpowered. Our wizard is at the top or near the top on most parses including both ae and st.
  3. wazul Active Member

    i play since 2005..... with sc item + and all access ... 4000$.... if i add 1999-2005 (eq1) how much ?
    my server is death : no word about merge europeen server.
    my class (wizard) is death, in agony since aom.... i was first / second in parse in tov, i am now nothing.....
    raid itemisation : nothing. i raid since 1999.....
    my guild in this death land is beetween agony or death.
    my allaccess ending in 3 month. i hope for 2016 some world from dev before deadline.

    my last word in this forum.
  4. MrWashek Member

    Sounds deathly, server?
  5. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    I really feel for wizards and I read most of treats about wizard problems even before ToT release ...In my time it use to be this way - wizards ST, warlocks AoE (from the mage side of DPS). I can't say about wizards nukes but judging from the side of warlocks nukes I can say they danm pretty slow to cast, in a matter of fact so slow that none of them (I am not talking about AA - Chains and TClap) are worth to keeping on the casting bar ... May be if wizards get their nukes (specially ST) casting time reduced or skill that will do that it will help a bit, also may be re-cast time reduction on big hitters would be helpful. Yes I do understand that this might cause carpal syndrome but surely help with DPS :)
    Other thing - I always thought it is logical have wizards as undisputed kings of ST burst DPS and warlock of AoE burst DPS
    Necro/Conj - correspondently sustained ST and AOE kings
  6. SacDaddy420 Active Member

    Like I stated earlier, we all dont have 1 million plat to sink into infusing. I've been waiting for the king to comment and we talk in game often but alas he has not, yet. Also, I disagree with 2-3 billion being overpowered. Look at the numbers on some other classes spells that are up just as often. That kinda hit should only happen with 5K+ potency, of course.
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  7. Yards Well-Known Member

    Just going by our last fight of the raid last night. Single target fight wizard topped the parse and it was a 6:45 fight. Fiery blast hit 5 times for a total of 3.3 billion damage. If manaburn did 3 billion damage per hit that would have a total of 9 billion damage. So it would roughly have done 3 times as much dps as his top parsing spell which was fiery blast. Yes like I said before 2 to 3 billion damage would be extremely overpowered. I can understand wanting an easy button but come on now don't be so obvious about it.
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  8. Yards Well-Known Member

    Oh and I'm not counting fae fires as being top on the parse because that's obvious and shouldn't count.
  9. Lare Active Member

    Don't think the wizard is as bad as you guys are saying saw some AoE raid parses that made me change my mind.
  10. Anaemickhanh New Member

    Maybe I'm the only one using wizard's Left side AA since CoE ??
  11. SacDaddy420 Active Member

    I think it is. I play the class every night and have seen all those parses. Are we expected to be balanced around Fae Fires and millions of plat sunk into infusion? Neither of those things are unique to only wizards. The class needs some serious help. Now maybe my ideas are too op. They probably are. I might be biased. But something needs to be done. I dont even want to be a good/decent ae class. I'd like to see us returned to our roots as single target dominators.

    Yea Anaemickhehahlala you are the only wizard specced left side since 2010.
  12. Stach Well-Known Member

    At least your still getting a raid spot, Coercers have started to be dropped from raids completely as they bring little dps and their utility is low...... I hope you get some of your things you want, but as a coercer I wish I had the complaint of not being top or near the top of the parse anymore. There is no parse when your not wanted anymore
  13. Zeee New Member

    I'd like to see the increment system tweaked a bit, i.e. ranks of frozen slowly decay instead of dropping off and persist through death. I think manaburn should do more damage too, so another vote for that.
  14. Troubadix New Member

    Lower casting time on every spell and shortens the reuse with a percent let say 5-15% or something. And fix manaburn just for the fun. Big Nukes are significant for wizzys.
  15. Belton Member

    good luck wizards. us summoners have been trying for ever with these types of threads. #IStandBySacDaddy
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  16. Penta Member

    Scouts for everyone!!

    Been playing less and less, I find.
    Why bother?
  17. SacDaddy420 Active Member

    UPDATE: Class is still meh. If I wanted to be a half**ssed warlock I'd of rolled one and played with one hand.
  18. Pringlez Member

    To be fair im usually 1st or 2nd on parse me and the warlock fight over it a lot here is a Psionists parse I was 2nd on. Gear makes a huge difference, im not 100% infused but most stuff i wont replace anytime soon is. Everything is situational how many myth crits you get etc... This whole game is jacked up anyway, actually having them change wizards at this rate is like asking our government to get their **** together, neither of which is happening anytime soon.

  19. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    RIP Anonymity!
  20. Pringlez Member

    RIP the Myth Hammer he had ;(