State of the Wizard Address (Serious)

Discussion in 'Mages' started by SacDaddy420, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    I agree no class is very hard to play it is a game .Wiz for years was a beginner class what ppl would start out on. How is crying for class nerfs going to fix wizards it just sounds like sour grapes. The problem lies with a needed over hall but every class has stuff that is now useless wiz are right up there in the dps world the top class always has chopped and changed they could be better but they are not t2. One thing that is affecting dps is the lag from the new load of calculations on spells like undead hoard be good if they could knock that on the head.
  2. Rondo9 Active Member

    Why nerf a class that is already behind everyone else? Nerfing Fiery blast didnt need to be done.
  3. Entropy Well-Known Member

    Wizards may attract newbies because it is a generic RPG class they might be familiar with (pure damage Mage), but I disagree that they are "easy" to play, if that's what you're inferring. Because of class mechanics (stack management) mixed in with other ability management requirements, sorcerers, specifically wizards (with FB chain timing and management added on as well) are the highest skill-cap class. That is, they are the hardest class for mediocre players to face roll and still do relatively well.

    I'm fine with them removing the double dipping fervor from recording type abilities. Makes sense. However, it made an already mediocre ability (FB) into a pretty bad one. Combined with the massive boost that summoners got in the same time window, and sorcerers with equivalent gear are in a really rough place right now. FB needs to be tuned up - let it capture all outgoing damage types, but tone down the conversion rate a bit to compensate.
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    how is everyone?
  5. Rondo9 Active Member

    crap, they buffed summoners and nerfed fiery blast.
  6. Uyaem Member

    They fixed fiary blast. Making it underwhelming.
    Which still needs addressing regardless, of course...
  7. Entropy Well-Known Member

    Fiery Blast currently captures 45.5% of outgoing spell damage, but does not work on double casts, dots, procs, or autoattacks. Taking away the fervor double dip was the right move, but they took an already undertuned class defining ability and made it even more mediocre.

    They need to reduce the capture % by a bit and let it count all outgoing damage.
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  8. Rondo9 Active Member

    How's it the right move when dumbfires are so OP from fervor?
  9. Cutcha New Member

    I would really like that. Double cast is a huge part of mage dps and FB gets none of it
  10. SacDaddy420 Active Member

    Sounds like I made the right choice then months ago. Sad to hear how they've seemingly left one of the most iconic (DnD wise) classes by the wayside, however.

    So Protoflame #1 then yea?
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  12. Entropy Well-Known Member

    Pets in general, dumb fires included, are OP because they now count as true group members and thus benefit from every buff a player would. Coincidentally, this is why sever lag goes into the pooper when dumbfires are cast.

    Removing fervor double dip from FB was the right thing to do from a game mechanics standpoint. However, as I stated, the logical follow up would have been to assess the potential of the ability and adjust it to be meaningful again. There have been zero significant class balance changes after the recent pet changes. Doing a yearly balance pass (their policy) coincident with xpac release is one way to handle things, but it leaves a lot of people frustrated for a very long time.
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  13. SacDaddy420 Active Member

    How we doin?
  14. Eufelia Member

    They increased Frozen Detonation and Frozen Rain to be more in line with Elemental Blast (Conji).
    Left side has seen some increase, too but is still lagging behind. Thus still making it hard on strict single fights.
    Thankfully there aren't many of those. If we have enough targets to builds stacks quickly the situation feels fine.

    This might just be my subjective impression but I feel like they screwed with Fiery Blast again. We reported a bug during beta and now the output seems kinda reduced. But that's possibly due to spells generally hitting for smaller amounts due to the new combat mitigation.
  15. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Wizard seems to be doing really well now actually from what I've gathered from various guilds/players in-game
  16. Eufelia Member

    It's certainly an improvement over past expansion. That's for sure. Though I have a feeling it might prove to be a superficial patch for a more serious problem. But only time will tell.
  17. Xellium Active Member

    Frozen Rain/Det were given a 25ish% boost.
    Helfire/Incineration were given a boost as well, not sure how much.

    With the right side boost, I would say the 2 sorc classes are on an even playing field.
    We however are not on par with scouts.
    A well played scout is going to win in every scenario.
    There are 2 particular scout classes, that when played correctly, CRUSH everyone else.
    Its not close.

    I have ben jacking around with left side spec recently for the first time.
    I have spent a good 6-8 hours spread sheeting/theory crafting and beating on a dummy.
    Single target on a dummy, right side spec still beats left side by at least 30%.
    Left side is useless for multi target fights compared to right side.
    MAYBE when I can cap CB,weI will marginally be able to out parse right side in single target fights only.

    Not worth the effort. Left side is still to far behind.
    Predators don't have this issue, there left side spec is "competitive"....
    Not sure why the devs are comfortable leaving our left side gimped.

    Were still "good" AoE parsers when right side speced.
    We are still "****" single target parsers in both left and right side spec.

    Also, so far, almost every single raid fight is single target.
    Chomp is the only multi target fight.
    Wizards value is low this xpac so far.
  18. Rondo9 Active Member

    The problem is scouts get ravaging, if your a mage and were lucky enough to get an Aura of immolation weapon then it is near impossible to compete with ANY scout, brigands included. Which I might add brigands are massively OP this xpac. Even with the Aura of immolation scout are better off as they get an extra 2 seconds of fervor and if they also have the aura proc then they are getting double 100 fervor procs.

    The problem theses days is that every class has become a burst DPS class, this is due procs, Sorcerers were the only true burst class. Even with Aura it is extremely hard to time Fiery Blast, frozen increments and 6 second proc to maximize DPS unlike most other class ie. Assassin FFU Chain, Rangers Sniper Shot chain, Conjours Elemental blast etc etc.

    I see one massive problem and that is with the Epic 2.0, if mages dont get a fervor proc on it then were going to be behind util DPS. I suggested that they make Ethereal Expertise (which is a total broken mechanic) into a ravaging for mages which well put mages in line with scouts, this well not help Wizards all that much because most fights are single target and building 150 increments in 30 seconds is extremely difficult without multiply targets. Theres also the fact of going into a fight with no increments and watching nearly every other DPS class get that initial massive spike from rising tide charms its almost no point in trying to compete.

    For wizards to remain competitive the amount of damage that fiery blast uses MUST be increased from 45.5%!!!!!! Then there is the fact that Fiery Blast is broken, there was a thread created about this on beta and I have seen it a few times in heroics when getting 2x frozen detonations (one at 160 fervor) in a FB chain with rising tide and FB hitting for less then 1mil dmg. So that is my 2 cents worth anyway bring back your burst effectiveness.

  19. SacDaddy420 Active Member

    I saw on the patch notes for the exp that incineration was addressed. i always thought that left side proc should equal planar wrack or the necros proc. on act that is, since we cast maybe 2/3rds of the spells they do. and also cuz of the limitation on only heat based. sounds like it still doesn't. They should make everything cast after fireshape proc it.

    So you got everything going for a good blast, dos dets on what i may assume to be many targets, 20000 potency or whatever you kids are at these days, and you limped out a 1 mill fb? did someone cross the streams and open up a portal to 2010? what's up with that ? can you reproduce it?
  20. SacDaddy420 Active Member

    Justread that linked thread. props to feldon for archiving that. where is daray during all this? surely zelox would of mentioned it to him if he didn't already know? did he finally quit.?

    Side note 7.6 billion trolllolllo. i left less than a year ago and we were chasing 1 bill . this game is gonna run out of numbers soon. that one guy may be onto something bringing up the limitations of 32bit integers.