State of the Wizard Address (Serious)

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  1. suka Well-Known Member

    your friend is that little button that looks like a giant bonfire- firestorm - use it. you will burn everything around you. put a lot of aas into it. it will save you when nothing else will. but be careful - it will also bring everything near you into aggro. the only time i use manaburn is when i am in a raid and i have plenty of other dps at my back and plenty of manastones in my pocket. having one of those mystics who can give me a good dose of mana right afterwards helps too
  2. suka Well-Known Member

    since i am mostly into fire and follow ro, i use mostly left with some of the right to balance my cold spells. i wish i could have more in the prestige but since we are limited to 25 - not sure why - i grab as much fire as i can from other areas. however, coming form eq1 where we had tons of aas and used all of them, i am a bit disappointed that our aa trees are so limited.
  3. suka Well-Known Member

    my warlock is woefully slower on casting than my wizard is - they are both the same level- 100
  4. Mrmacky Active Member

    Best way to get wizards buffed, you should make the classes weaker than wizards to being stronger so it sounds better :)
  5. Rubyfire Member

    i tried both and seem to get more out of the right side of prestige. i even tried going down both to play crit bonus off potency.
    Unless you go down the left mana burn does not seem to be worth it. im happy with my aoe parse its just single target i am not impressed with. trying to line up a good fb more than once in a fight is a pain unless the fight is long or you have some adds to help get up increments.
  6. suka Well-Known Member

    why? doesn't everyone realize it is not a contest? it is not wiz vs warlock, etc? each class should be strong and capable in order to be a viable part of a group. no one needs to be stronger than anyone else- they just need to be viable. if they are weak, then others have to carry them.
  7. Mrmacky Active Member

    So what was the point you were trying to make? Wizards are neither weak or needing to be carried. And playing a dps is all about competition.
    Only bad players need carried and that is true for any class
  8. Rubick Well-Known Member

    It's good to see the "everybody gets a trophy" crowd has sent their ambassador to this thread.
  9. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    I assume both at 200 casting speed? In general warlock have many slow casting spells but there are few notable kickers
    a) Apoc/Rift - instant cast at 180 increments worth even vs. single target because of that
    b) Acid/Pyre - 2 primary fillers that run 100% of time - not horribly slow but not instant either
    c) TClap/Bewhildment - both can be cast on the run (neat)
    d) Chains of E. - another big hitter - fairly fast cast
    e) Cata/CBlast - great for increment built again aren't to slow
    f) PB/TA/Unda - all not terribly slow
    What is realy slow is Absolution, Dark Nebula and Distortion - but last one should not even be on the bar (much like dissolve) and first 2 casts only if you have like 4+ targets to hit
  10. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately is ... :) specially on the raid specially among mages
  11. suka Well-Known Member

    this thread seemed to be about wizards needing a bit more strength in certain areas because they are weak in places. suddenly it is about competition between classes as to which would be stronger? that's crazy really. and it is not a competition between classes. i play all of them - have at least two wizards. i notice where classes are weaker than they should be - and where they are stronger. but i never set them up for competition to see who they can each beat. what's the point? if someone wants to play a class, they should be able to enjoy that class to the fullest and not be weak. i play primarily pve. i want to beat the mobs, not other players.

    i don't see it as a competition. saying i am an ambassador for "everyone gets a trophy" is absurd. what trophy are you after? if you are pvp, that is one thing, but we were talking about pve. in any group with pve, all players should be able to be viable. there are usually stronger spells to make up for weaker ones. then there are these few outrageous spells that take away all of your mana for one big hit- only it barely ranks.

    when comparing classes, you are comparing apples to oranges. every class should get attention and every class, on a level playing field, should be equally strong at what they were meant to do. however, each class has its own job- a mage will never be able to plow through mobs with a sword like a warrior class wearing plate can. they shouldn't have to. their nukes will take out mobs before they can reach them - or should. cloth is not much protection against a blade.
  12. Rubick Well-Known Member

    When comparing T1 classes, you're comparing apples to apples. How the **** can you say a class is weak without comparing it to the other dps classes? That's just stupid. You're clearly very casual and not ambitious about clearing content, therefore not competitive. That's fine, but because of that your opinion here is going to be irrelevant. This isn't a thread about the lore of the classes and who can slash them the best vs. who hits them with fire. Nobody gives a **** about that. This is a thread about whose number can read higher on a parse because competition within your raid is the aspect a lot of people enjoy most about this game. For as much as casuals ***** about "raiders" not understanding the way they enjoy this game they sure don't seem to understand that some people just enjoy competing to be the best at everything they do. You're here talking about some Dungeons & Dragons larping viewpoint **** when that's simply not how this game works.
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  13. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Also, the fact you say you won't cast Manaburn without manastones in your back pocket shows how much you know about wizards. If only we had a spell that allowed us to regain power for such an occasion...... You strike me as the kind of person that would play a "utility wizard" and run around in heroics spamming their undoubtedly group chat macro'd Mana Intromission on the healer.
  14. suka Well-Known Member

    hmm- so you don't know about manastones? about as good as a spell
  15. Rubick Well-Known Member

    I rest my case. You're ill equipped to be in this thread discussing a class you clearly can't play well. This thread is about balancing a class around people that actually know how to play it.
  16. suka Well-Known Member

    i rest my case. i can't say how little i value your opinion. i can say that you are just like an annoying termite so i won't allow you to bother me
  17. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Way to parrot what I said. You really showed me. Go back to the arts and crafts section.
  18. Rubyfire Member

    don't knock power feeding the healer. its awsone if the fury has none and the goup is about to go splat. however when i play my fury i make sure to have stones and ways to get power. As much as i hate to agree with rubick it is true that you can not judge if a class is out of balance with out comparing it to other classes. you can tell manaburn is crap without needing to compare it to life burn or soul burn though simply by the damage divided by the time to cast and comparing it to other mage spells. even after you breakdown all the damage divided by the time to cast and compare it to other classes you realise we don't bring the single target awsome like we used to. decent fb is no longer easy to plan for with the incremental style. its not plan the right spells for fb and align it with tw anymore. now tw does not help as much 100% double cast obtained from gear. so now we are trying to align it with increments wich do not go up fast enough without adds. named raid fights don't often have enough adds or they die too fast. so now your waying up if you can get enough increments for your second fb or if your better off keeping ur increments for the fast cast until fb is up again. either way your not going to catch the beastlord conj or assassin that knows their crap and isn't unable to get there crap to line up correctly more than once or twice a fight. (disclaimer no reset hammer or adorn) someone asked what he reset addorn is there is 4 types. ive found them on eq2u looking for items with etheral in proc name and then searching fabled adorns They are more rare then unicorns and fairys in rl in my opinion
  19. Rubick Well-Known Member

    When it comes to power feeding, if you're relying on a wizard to cast Mana Intromission you took a wrong turn somewhere. Manastones were mentioned, those are fine. But Mana Intromission is a horrible ability and if that's your out on a power intensive fight then your group is boned.
  20. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    ... with all due respect ...
    a) it's counterproductive in group and raids - faster kill = less heal, less heal = less power need.
    b) in case of power drains wizards aren't most efficient class to pump mana - coercers are they can do it even cross-groups, if nothing else any bard or illusionist will do a trick, heck even warlock will re-fuel healers with power while building increments with dark siphoning
    c) in rare case then power needed NOW there always - cerebral essence to fuel you up and/or temp adorn with power reg rival to coercer (cost 1 loyalty token for 2) for sustain power regeneration at high level