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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Domino, May 28, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Tiegar Guest

    Forgive me, if this has been asked and answered before. I haven't read through the posts to see if there are reasons/answers to my questions.
    My question is a simple one: Why does it take so very much longer for trade skill stamina to return? Why can't it renew as fast as adventuring stamina?
    It is very frustrating trying to keep up with my character's adventuring level and trade skill level when the stamina for trade skilling takes so much longer to return. This seems to be a penalty to the trade skillers which sort of says, you can't level so fast. This discourages people from trade skilling.
    Could some attention be given to the regen rate of trade skill stamina so that it is renewed at a higher rate?
  2. ARCHIVED-Elorah Guest

    Tiegar wrote:
    Are you referring to Vitality? As far as I knew, it was the same for both adventure and crafting...

    Something that you may try is doing the writs as well, the wurn in for the quest does not affect your vitality.
  3. ARCHIVED-Tiegar Guest

    Elorah wrote:
    Are you referring to Vitality? As far as I knew, it was the same for both adventure and crafting...
    Something that you may try is doing the writs as well, the wurn in for the quest does not affect your vitality.
    Yes, I meant Vitality. No, it doesn't renew at the same rate as my adventure vitality. My adventure vitality on my Bruiser goes up much faster than my tradeskill vitality. At least that has been my observation. I was thinking maybe something was wacked because it didn't seem to be like that.
    I had to level up 2 levels for my alchemy tradeskill so I could make my level 63 combat arts. By the time I finished, my tradeskill vitality was zero. (It was already very low because when I last tradeskilled for my level 61 combat arts, I drained the vitality that time, and it still hadn't gotten back to 100% after several days of just adventuring.) The next day when I logged on, my tradeskill vitality was only like 16% which was about 24 hours later.
    Thanks for your reply.
  4. ARCHIVED-cajun11s Guest

    OHH! Could we PLEASE get a keyboard combo to be able to select a group of house items to move all at once????
    I can't tell you HOW many times that staircase is just ONE piece off -- or a perfect group of things that end up just needing to move one or two clicks to the left or right, but I end up having to dismantle my ENTIRE project and rebuild it.
    It would be SO great to be able to pick multiple items to move as a group.
    Please, Please -- This would be SUCH a great relief!
  5. ARCHIVED-Magnamundian Guest

    Stinge wrote:

    There have been many suggestions regarding this before. But I think the one I loved the most was the idea of an NPC for each type and tier of rare, this NPC would be willing to swap any two rares (of the appropriate tier) for the rare that he/she is able to supply.

    Examples could include a woodcutter in the middle of Antonica willing to swap any two T2 rares for T2 rare wood (the Story/RP reason being that he has a 'small' surplus of the wood that he's willing to use to purchase other rares he needs).

    It wouldn't be hard to come up with a list of similar NPC's scattered across Norrath in the appropriate level zones (ok, with at least one complete set in the old world for those without expansions).

    The beauty of the system is that it creates a 'cap' on the price of rares that is still determined by the market, the most expensive rare in a tier should never cost more than two of the cheapest as it would be unlikely to sell.

    For example, if the cheapest 'loam' is 5g and the cheapest 'hard metal' is 15g, people will simply buy two loam and find the appropriate tier Miner NPC to get them converted.

    At the same time, having these NPC's scattered throughout the zones helps (in some ways) to preserve the rares individuality. If there was simply an NPC in Qeynos/Freeport who converted all rares it would not be long before people simply asked for rares to be merged and simply become 'Rare Material'... This would (IMHO) massively affect immersion and isn't a way we would want to go.

    I'll see if I can dig out the thread where this was originally mooted and link it here.

    EDIT: Hmmm. I guess this never got it's own thread before:

    Time to start one:

    Evaine Talestra
  6. ARCHIVED-Oakleafe Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    There's no mention of shields and bow improvements in the Future section that I could see. Does that mean that they are way, way off the radar? Surely this leaves the various classes imbalanced, as the classes that have to use a shield and/or a bow will have lower stats than everyone else.

    Link to quoted bit

    EDIT ...
    DominoDev wrote:
    Many thanks.

  7. ARCHIVED-Wrapye Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    "The topic you are trying to see does not exist."
  8. ARCHIVED-MW2K2 Guest

    *GASP* Domino forgot to update her SotT! :O
  9. ARCHIVED-NicolasKL Guest

    Do we have an ETA for the jewelry revisit? I haven't been putting in as much effort as I could into selling jewelry thinking I don't want those dirty adventurers to get the new stats at the old price (although maybe thinking increased effectiveness will equal increased price is wishful thinking), but the further away the revamp is the less that makes sense.
  10. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    Not mentioning dancing on the piano at the birthday party?
    Or was that a different halfling called Domino who just happens to look like you?
    I took pictures
    Any chance of getting jewelry updated soon?
  11. ARCHIVED-ashen1973 Guest

    please, please, please, Domino, hurry up back from your vacation and sort out the current crafting fiasco!!!
    I want my tokens QQ
  12. ARCHIVED-Ghouti Guest

    Any update from our dear Domino ? or is she still on vacation :D
  13. ARCHIVED-Tiggercat Guest

    I'm most likely posting this in the wrong spot, but I have a tradeskilling question. I completed the ship out quest and did the instance in seamfront, the one where you can do the quest either solo or with a group. The transformer/robot battle at the end was really kinda cool by the way.
    Well my luck, no books dropped, and I have not a clue of how to get the quest again so I can get my books. The quest giver in Mara won't give me anymore quests and if I try and zone into the instance, it gives my an error message, "one of your party memebers did not meet the enterance requirements
    Is the solo verison not repeatable, I certainly hope so. It tough enough to get an exp. group together let alone a tradeskill group. If the quest isn't repeatable, the only ones to get those tradeskill books will be those with multipule accounts so they can log all their toons into the instance?
    Please help and set me straight
  14. ARCHIVED-Celena Guest

    Tiggercat wrote:
    these missions rotate daily among four missions. You can only do one a day. See the same NPC each day for a new quest and anew chance at books.
  15. ARCHIVED-Lethe5683 Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    I have a suggestion for the throwing weapons. Many of them have stats like wis, int, etc even though the only classes that would really use throwing weapons (brawler/rogue) would only benefit significantly from str/agi. What I suggest is that each type of throwing weapon instead has a different delay vs damage. For example the "pouch" which holds shurikens would be fastest and least damaging and the "bandolier" which holds heavy hammers would be the slowest but most damaging.
  16. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    Lethe5683 wrote:
    Rogues would generally prefer STR/INT. INT improves posion damage.
  17. ARCHIVED-Lethe5683 Guest

    Terron@Splitpaw wrote:
    Not pre-80 they shouldn't. Even predators will gain little from slightly better poison damage when all you do is solo.
  18. ARCHIVED-Ranja Guest

    Can we get some level 80 ammo please so you can stop gimping our bows and let them do the damage listed rather that have some stupid hidden modifier on them.

    Level 80 ammo plz
  19. ARCHIVED-demondelia Guest

    I have a quest which requires the creation of a Broadcloth Blouse, which according to the wiki should be in Tailor Essential Volume 33. However, it isn't there and no blouse' seem to be in any of the receipes. Is this a bug with my chrector or is something else going on?
  20. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    demondelia wrote:
    The quest should read "broadcloth robe", I'll get that corrected! In the mean time, making the robe should update your quest fine (assuming you're talking about the level 39 tailor quest "Far Seas Finery" - if not, please clarify which quest).

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