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    With GU60, Frizznik is taking over tradeskills so this thread is being closed. Hope it's been helpful - what a lot of stuff has been added over the last 4 years!

    Stuff that's been done!
    Game Update 60: The Children of War
    • The Coldain Prayer Shawl will now give a message to the crafter when it triggers.
    • Tradeskill recipe books sold by the Hua Mein, Kerra Isle, and Quel'ule tradeskill faction merchants are now heirloom.
    • Level 70-79 tradeskill writs are now available every 2 levels, similar to the level 80+ writs.
    • Mira in Fina's Retreat is seeking more assistance from crafters who have helped her before.
    • A new first time event has been created for the first time you harvest a harvest node. You will be sent an in game mail from Lian Augren who will ask you to come visit her son on the Isle of Mara who is interested in harvesting. The intent is to make sure that harvesters are aware of the Gathering Obsession questline from the beginning of their harvesting career rather than finding him later and having to do backtrack harvesting.
    • Harvest nodes in Nektulos now respawn faster.
    • Harvest times have been reduced overall.
    • The fishing speed reduction on the Collapsible Fishing Tool is now 1.5 seconds down from 2.5 seconds. Since harvesting speed is 3 seconds and 1.5 seconds is the new cap it will function like it did previously where it reduced from 5 seconds to 2.5 seconds.
    • Woodworker created harvesting tools are now a single tool at each tier, instead of 5 individual tools. If you have one of those 5 tools it has been automatically converted into a "Harvest Kit" that affects every harvesting type. The new Harvest Kit tools will be less that you have to carry around, and will stack with Tinker made harvesting tools. These tools also now have a chance to double harvest.
    • Koros Splinterlimb on the Isle of Mara has gotten in some new stock! He now sells recipes that were only previously found in The Emerald Halls. He has also gotten in some new Return to Mara trinkets that allow players with tradeskill level 20 and higher to use it. A similar change to recipe merchants is that the Sentinel's Fate Hua Mein, Quel'ule, and Kerra merchant "Secrets of" recipes are now flagged heirloom.
    • Void Warped Wood is being renamed to Battle Warped Wood, and it will start to drop in Velious zones as well as Odus.
    • Added Velious harvestables to Eastern Wastes.
    • And more!

    EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious expansion
    The NDA has been lifted, so here's a quick peek at some of the tradeskill highlights you'll be finding in Velious as of next week (spoilers follow)!
    • Speak to Matthew, the Far Seas Trading Company rep getting established in the othmir village of Fina's Retreat in Velious to get you started with tradeskilling in Velious!
    • approximately 70 new tradeskill quests await, assisting othmir, gnome pirates, coldain, and more.
    • there's a new flying mount to earn (a choice of 2 unique appearances);
    • Norrath's first tradeskill heritage quest is available! It's going to be challenging, but will the reward be worth it?
    • another tradeskill signature quest also awaits, for crafters of level 90 who may be suffering from a small gathering obsession...
    • recipes to earn from the Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction;
    • great looking new outfits to wear, appearance weapons to wield, and furniture to decorate your home;
    • a new "red shiny" tradeskill collection;
    • also, be aware of the pristine bonus changes coming up (see this thread for more details);
    • and of course, an exciting week of launch event is coming up starting on the 22nd and ending, as so many things do, in gnomish chaos!
    See you in Velious!

    Game Update 58: Arcanum Revealed
    Tradeskill-wise, this is more about lots of small and medium sized improvements than a few of big things like GU57's questlines. Many of these are requests brought up at Fan Faire this year and from your feedback on forums and in game.
    Some of the things that may affect tradeskillers include:
    • [Fan Faire Feedback] Carpenter tradeskill writs now only ask for items that are made on the woodworking table.
    • [Fan Faire Feedback] Adorning merchants in Butcherblock Mountains and Kelethin now sell Transmuting Dilutions recipes which allow the conversion of higher quality transmuting components into lower quality products.
    • The adorning daily quest now works off your actual skill not your modified skill.
    • Woodworkers and their customers rejoice! Woodworkers can now make totems that stack up to 100 in your inventory. (Old totems that already existed remain unchanged.) NOTE: the change to totems so they act more like potions also means that they will henceforth be able to be sold in potion cabinets rather than the jewelry box sales containers.
    • The tinkered items Call of the Tinkerer, Repository of Construction, and Heart Stopper devices are now usable by anyone of the required level, tradeskill OR adventurer (formerly they were adventure level only).
    • Tradeskill fuels are now named more consistently to make them easier to remember and to find on merchants.
    • All crafted ammo (arrows, throwing knives, etc.) now stacks to 200 for more storage convenience.
    • Neriak now has more clipboards available in the crafting area for picking up tradeskill writs.
    • Failing to counter an event while tinkering now only produces an actual explosive fireball for the more major failures, instead of any failure.
    • Tinkered fireworks now have a lower fuel cost to make.
    • Jewelers now have recipes for necklaces in the level 10 and 20 ranges.
    • Dusts used by alchemists to make potions and poisons now indicate which level range they are for.
    • Danak Wishbone and Riliss Chicken Foot are now flagged ‘lore equip’ so that crafters may use one and sell others.
    • [Fan Faire Feedback] The crafting supply depot guildhall amenity can now hold up to 200 unique items.
    • Far Seas Supply Chain and Tools of the Trade buffs now properly increase the amount of progress and durability gained by the percentage specified and should be more helpful than they were before.
      • These only increase the gain, and have no effect if you lose durability or progress in a tradeskill round.
      • These effects increase the gain from tradeskill abilities such as Varnish and bonus progress you get from a success or critical success!
    • Standard level 80+ mastercrafted jewelry is now equipable at level 82.
    • Magma armor molds from Lavastorm now stack to 200 and are heirloom.
    • The Earring of the Solstice can now be used while moving.
    • Tinkered feign death items now share their own unique reuse timer and should no longer interfere with the adorning tradeskill arts. (Yes, this does mean the bug where not all of them shared reuse timers is also fixed.)
    • Level 10 den harvesting nodes are now more common in New Halas.
    • Harvesting in Greater Faydark and Butcherblock should now be improved.
    • Tradeskillers can look forward to not one, but three new tradeskill questlines in lower levels! Tradeskillers of level 10, 20, and 30 will find questgivers in New Halas, Butcherblock, and Steamfont respectively. Rewards include a new horse for lower level crafters!
    GU56: Halas Reborn
    There's tons of stuff that will affect tradeskillers in a peripheral way, so I highly recommend following the link above to the full patch notes as well as checking out the excellent summaries on EQ2Traders and Zam. Here are some selected highlights relating to crafting:
    • The new starting city of New Halas has been founded with some divine intervention from Mithaniel Marr! It includes the new tradeskill faction Ravens of the North, led by Nickolas MacCraifft, "the White Raven".
    • However, the normal shipping routes to the Queen’s Colony and Outpost of the Overlord have been diverted, for reasons the Far Seas Trading Company is not yet willing to discuss. As a result, new players can now only start in Kelethin, New Halas, Neriak, or Gorowyn. What are those Far Seas traders up to?
    • The new Storylines tab in the quest journal includes a number of tradeskill questlines, to help you find things to do. All tradeskill storylines begin with the word "Crafting" to make them easier for you to spot.
    • Guildhall hunter hirelings now bring back the level 70+ looted meats as well as pelts.
    • The Harvesting Supply Depot and Tinkered Personal Harvest Depot now store live event tradeskill components.
    • You can now do both the adventuring and crafting sokokar quests in Kylong Plains, if you so desire.
    • Londiar is seeking assistance from adorners in the tradeskill societies of all major cities.
    • Two new tradeskill shiny collection quests are out there waiting to be found!
    • A new introductory crafting quest is available for new players in all 6 home cities or nearby regions (Hate's Envy in Darklight Wood, the Nursery in Greater Faydark, The Ruins in Freeport, Oakmyst Forest in Qeynos, Gorowyn Island, and on Pilgrims' Isle outside New Halas.)
    • Tinkering recipes of all levels now have events to counter.
    • Difficulty levels of greater and superior adorning recipes have been raised slightly, to give a slightly greater chance of a skill up.
    • Mastercrafted items have received an upgrade to put them more correctly inline between treasured and legendary items.
    • Spotted Whips now require Spotted Leather Pelts to make, as you would expect.
    • Iced Pomegranate Ambrosia and Halasian Ice Brew now have stats useful to all archetypes.
    • Spirit-blessed arrows now have a slightly different icon.
    • Void-warped Wood now stacks in piles of up to 200.
    • And, feeling chilly while crafting in Halas? Try stopping by Erronson's Furs and Leathers shop, near the Cairn of the Huntress. You'll find merchants there selling warm furry armor to anyone level 20 or higher (as of the next hotfix, this will include crafting level 20).
    EverQuest II: Sentinel's Fate

    • Your new 80-89 essentials books are sold by the same folks who sold your old ones - find them in your home city or guildhall, wherever you preferred to purchase them before.
    • Your advanced 80-89 books will drop from mobs as usual, and can also be earned at amiable faction from certain factions in the new continent.
    • New tinkering and adorning books can be purchased from the regular tinkering and adorning (formerly transmuting) merchants in Kelethin, Butcherblock, and Steamfont. Advanced tinkering and adorning books will be drops, as usual.
    • The Far Seas faction merchant also has a couple of new books for armorers and tailors to make special battlegrounds armor; and the TSO shard armor recipe books that used to drop from tradeskill group instances are now for sale on him also. The group instances now drop the equivalent Sentinel's Fate recipes.
    Transmuting and tinkering and adorning
    • Transmuting has been split into transmuting + adorning. All new characters should now start with the transmuting skill in their abilities (it's now counted as a harvesting skill). The adorning skill requires you to speak to the adorning trainer in Butcherblock or Kelethin.
    • If you were already a transmuter, you will find that you are now both a transmuter and an adorner of the equivalent skill level. You should also find that if you already had all your transmuting recipes scribed, you will have all the new recipes scribed (obviously not the level 80+ ones of course). You will need to visit the adorning merchant to purchase your new adorning skills, also.
    • The rate of skill gain in both tinkering and adorning should be improved from the way it is currently on live servers.
    • The adorning merchant now also sells recipes for converting transmuting components to a higher quality one of the same level (e.g. convert fragments to powders, etc.)
    • Transmuting is levelled up by breaking items down.
    • Adorning is levelled up by making adornments.
    • You may now be a tinkerer, transmuter, AND adorner if you wish.
    Quest lines
    • The Sentinel's Fate contains the longest tradeskill quest line in any expansion yet. It's HUGE!
    • Start by speaking to Felice of the Far Seas Trading Company, down the slope from the arrival spires in the Sundered Frontier. She needs some help learning about the newly rediscovered continent, and her quests will lead you into all the others.
      • Felice has 6 quests
      • the Craftkeepers have 13 quests
      • Kerra Isle, Quel'ule, and Hua Mein factions each have 8 quests
      • there are also 7 daily missions for each of the 4 factions. The Craftkeepers' is now available once you complete the last Craftkeepers quest, "Report to Quel'ule": see Oolioomon in Paineel Commons. The Kerra missions (outfitter oriented) are also now available once you complete the last Kerra Isle quest, "A Strange Spirit": see Harriet who stands right beside Chinook. The Hua Mein missions are available from Yun Zi once you finish the last Hua Mein quest, "Supplementary Camouflage". The Quel'ule missions are available from Azira once you finish the last Quel'ule quest, "Stabilizing the Fields".
    • In addition, Alchemist Janicia in Rivervale is offering a new quest to alchemists for further dust distillation recipes.
    • You no longer need to complete "Ship Out" in the Moors of Ykesha before assisting the Far Seas Trading Company on the Isle of Mara at level 50.
    • There is a new tradeskill Signature Quest that will also become available to you once you have completed enough of the Odus faction questlines!
    Crafting factions
    • Sentinel's Fate allows crafters to earn favour with 4 main factions: the Craftkeepers of Paineel, Kerra Isle Outfitters, Researchers of Quel'ule, and Hua Mein Craftsmen. The last three are each oriented towards outfitters, scholars, and craftsmen, respectively, as their names indicate.
    • If you do wish to earn the trust of these factions, the faction merchants will sell you additional rewards including additional recipes as well as house items and other non-combat type items.
    • Doing the main quest line for each of the 3 archtype factions (Kerra, Hua Mein, and Quel'ule) should leave you at +4000 faction. There are subsequent daily missions if you wish to increase this further - it will only require 3 more before you can purchase your advanced recipe books. If you are not the archetype that aligns with that quest faction you will only be able to complete 5/7 daily missions they offer - those of the correct archetype for that faction will have an advantage with their aligned faction.
    There are no new loams
    • That's right, no loams in this new level range (older level ranges are not changed at this point).
    • Ore nodes now give you nothing but ore.
    • Gem nodes give the gems and soft metals as usual.
    • Ulteran diamond (rare gem) --> used to make priest and scout expert upgrades
    • Kaborite cluster (rare soft metal) --> used to make mage and fighter expert upgrades
    • Most rare jewelry has therefore been converted to use the ore (Brellium) instead of the rares used for spells.
    Tradeskill writs
    • Tradeskill writs up to level 90 are offered by the usual suspects - ie, the normal writ-givers in your home town or guild hall.
    • The main change to the writs is that they are offered at different levels than they have been previously. Instead of continuing the same pattern after 70, 74, and 79, they will be offered at 81, 83, 85, 87, and 89. This should leave less of a level gap between quests as you work your way up.
    • There are a number of new tradeskill achievements specific to the expansion, and plans to continue adding more tradeskill achievements in the future.
    Stat changes

    • The stats most important to the adventuring classes have changed somewhat. Some classes will be more affected than others. Tradeskilled items should have been adjusted already so that the stats remain desirable for the classes wearing them, however if you notice any items that appear to have been overlooked, please submit a /bug in game with the details. The overview of the stat changes is as follows:
    • Fighters
      • Strength (primary) - determines your max power, increases your damage (including spells if you have them), and determines how much you can carry.
      • Agility - improves your chance to avoid melee attacks, adds a crit mit bonus.
      • Wisdom - improves your resists against spell damage.
    • Mages
      • Intelligence (primary) - determines your max power, and increases your damage, adds a crit mit bonus.
      • Wisdom - improves your resists against spell damage.
      • Agility - improves your chance to avoid melee attacks.
      • Strength - determines how much you can carry.
    • Priests
      • Wisdom (primary) - determines your max power, increases your damage (both spell and melee), and improves your resists against spell damage.
      • Intelligence - adds a crit mit bonus.
      • Agility - improves your chance to avoid melee attacks.
      • Strength - determines how much you can carry.
    • Scouts
      • Agility (primary) - determines your max power, increases your damage (including spells/poison if you have them), and improves your chance to avoid melee attacks (adds a crit mit bonus).
      • Wisdom - improves your resists against spell damage.
      • Strength - determines how much you can carry.
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    GU54: Will of a Tyrant
    • Crafters may begin working towards a new achievement for the creation of seventy-five thousand pristine items.
    • The Behavioral Modificatinator Stereopticon now has a small chance to reduce hate position.
    • The Mechanized Platinum Repository of Reconstruction no longer displays charges, as it does not have charges.
    • Pristine quality tradeskilled backpacks are now the same size as their respective level/quality strong box equivalent. Strong boxes now weigh less than they previously did.
    • Volwon in Bathezid’s Watch, Zhary in Riliss, and Sziths in the Danak Shipyards are seeking assistance from crafters who have been properly introduced to their faction by Greeblentus.
    • Tradeskillers may now continue to do tradeskill quests all the way up to ally faction for Bathezid’s Watch, Riliss, and Legion of Danak.
    • Harvested items in the group tradeskill missions now stack to 200.
    • Carpenters are now able to create rare mahogany strong boxes.
    • Tradeskill group missions now reward guild status points in addition to the other rewards.
    • Level 40 and 44 carpenter writ quests are now offered in ascending order instead of being reversed in the dialog.
    • The tradeskill quest “Far Seas Supply Division - Rescuing the Relics” is now a persistent instance, but requires fewer statues, and has an additional reward.
    • Harvesting nodes in Nektulos Forest have been relocated. Harvesting objects should no longer appear on top of trees or inside rocks.
    GU53: Shards of Destiny
    • New Achievements to be earned (including some crafting achievements - and more to come in the future)
    • The Quellithulians are hard at work reactivating the Ulteran Teleportation Spires and they need crafters to assist
    • Racial choices have changed. As a result, your character development choices have been reset. Note that this also includes a wider range of tradeskill racial options now available.
    • You can now right click individual house items and place them into a moving crate one at a time. Excellent for storing your holiday decorations!
    • Rare Dungeon Drop Tradeskilled items have been flagged as Lore-Equip Attuneable Heirloom.
    • Player houses have been given an extra room!
    • Players can now save and restore their house item layouts. Use the commands save_layout and load_layout . Loading a house layout works on the type of item, so some items that are unique but share the same type, like player-written books and guild hall teleporters, might be restored in different locations.
    • House layout files can only be loaded in houses of the same type. This also works in guild halls!
    • There's a new red tradeskill collection quest in town (but which town?)
    • Carpenters have a few new furnishings for taking care of mounts in your home
    • Provisioners may find some new recipes on the Isle of Mara to assist those who have explored the Shard of Love
    • ...and more!

    GU52: Monument and Might

    • Magmatic Bronze armor from Najena’s Forge now requires fewer components to create.
    • Tailors across Norrath have been experimenting, and have discovered a way to improve the utility of crafted hex dolls. Already existing pristine quality hex dolls will automatically improve.
    • Meledi Augren in the Village of Shin is looking for assistance from an experienced Sage (player-written books)
    • Scholar recipes have been modified to reflect the spell naming changes.
    • Woodworkers and tailors have improved their recipes, and can now make improved versions of tradeskilled ranged weapons (bows, satchels, bandoliers, pouches, and sheaths). Old ranged weapons that already exist will not be affected, only new ones created henceforth.
    • Carpenters may find it worthwhile to investigate -- or send their friends to investigate -- the Estate of Unrest a little more closely.
    • Provisioners may find it worthwhile to investigate -- or send their friends to investigate -- the arena in Charasis West Wing.
    • Harvests are now more plentiful in the tradeskill instance of the Palace of the Ancient One.
    • Sages are now able to craft the level 34 illusionist spell “Manatap”, formerly known as “Devitalizing Gaze”.
    • Alchemists among the Far Seas Supply Division have found new uses for Reflective Smoldering Shards, which will also be found more frequently in both KoS and TSO dungeons.
    • Wasps around Tupta are now building their nests in somewhat easier to reach locations.

    GU 51
    • Purrla from the Far Seas Trading Company is visiting the tradeskill headquarters in each of the starting cities, hoping to find some help with their investigations in Lavastorm from tradeskillers level 40 and higher!
    • A fourth tradeskill instance, themed around the void, is now available from Madria Varas as part of her normal mission rotation. And finding harvests for this one may require a bit of resourcefulness...
    • Crafted shields and secondary item stats have been upgraded! Existing items will remain unchanged, new versions will be made going forward.
    • Two more tradeskill collection quests can now be found by those wearing the Earring of the Solstice.
    • The Wantia Artisan's Satchel and Meager Harvesting Bag now ONLY hold normal harvested items, and not raw/dropped items such as wolf fangs.
    • The “Tunare’s Gifts” volumes 1 through 5 and “Bartending for Sadists” recipe books are no longer limited in number of uses.
    • The "Gathering Obsession" quest can now be started at low levels, and can be completed incrementally as your harvesting skill increases, allowing that gathering obsession to last for much longer!
    • Also, for your convenience, be sure to check out the new banker-bot available at Gnomeland Security, and the new teleporters in Gorowyn. [IMG]
    EverQuest II: The Shadow Odyssey (expansion 5)
    • This comes with a whole bundle of new tradeskill content, including tradeskill loot, quests, instances, and group content that you won't find in any other MMO. Check out EQ2Traders' excellent tradeskill writeup for more details.
    • GU50 patch notes can also be found here.
    • Game Update 49: Raising the Banner is now live! Tradeskill-related highlights for GU49 include:
      • Rare cure potions have been removed and standard cure potions have been upgraded to cure the appropriate levels of effects. This in turn should help reduce some of the demand for dusts.
      • Furniture in your home can be scaled by holding down shift while using your mouse wheel! As a default, scaling will be possible from 0.5-3 times the original size, but some exceptions may be found. (Snowglobes cannot scale for example.)
      • With the advent of scalable furniture, carpenters no longer require recipes that make items of different sizes. The following redundant recipes were removed: vale briarwood guest bed, vale briarwood corner bar, small redwood room divider, small purple lilies, small white lilies, embellished rug, eccentric alder chair. Existing items will not be affected.
      • Carpenters studying the architecture of Unrest have designed a number of new recipes for furnishings in a similar style, to replace the redundant recipes that have been retired.
      • Artisans have designed some new recipes for threadbare and sackcloth vests, and will continue to work on more vest-type cloth armor appearances for the future.
      • Merchants in the courts of Maj'dul are now stocking some additional "Ancient Teachings" recipe scrolls.
      • Better search filters for the Recipe window (works similar to the broker search, - can be used to exclude words)
    • Game Update 48: Breaking Ground is now live! And a preview of the crafting highlights from EQ2Traders is here, including some screenshots of the armor appearance changes (note: some of these are from test server, and a couple of appearances have changed since)
      • The artisan's tunic reward for the tradeskill tutorial quest no longer has the adventuring stats.
      • In-home crafting stations are no longer flagged as Lore.
      • Tradeskill writs now award 300 faction (for timed work orders) or 200 faction (for regular work orders) on completion.
      • Handcrafted and mastercrafted armor (levels 1-69) has received an upgrade. Existing pristine items will automatically receive the improvement.
      • Outfitters are happy to announce there are no more incomplete armor sets craftable at any level -- not all sets are available at all levels, but if a set is available, every piece can now be made.
      • All available crafted armor sets from level 10 up can now be imbued.
      • The appearances of cloth and leather crafted armors are now more consistent, more varied in shape and tint, and should provide a much-awaited wider range of appearance options for the fashion conscious.
      • A wider variety of crafting stations are now available in Qeynos Harbor.
    • Check out EQ2Traders and Allakhazam and other fan sites for previews of the tradeskill content covered at the Fan Faire.
    • Mondes Persistents has a fan faire interview covering crafting as well as a few other things. (In French)
    • GU 47 full notes here
      • a new tradeskill quest for the Grandmasters ... and a pretty new tinted formal outfit too
      • Tradeskillers who are skilled enough to see the tradeskill collection quests may find more rewards available in their travels
      • Faction merchants in Maj'dul courts are now selling a number of tier 5 Adept III recipe scrolls they were previously missing.
      • Non-ubiquitous adornments used to add damage to symbols (arcane ornament, viral ornament, noxious ornament etc) now affect combat arts as well as spells.
      • Those with ally faction with their tradeskill societies (or any other city writ faction) can now by a black formal outfit
      • some stat improvements to crafted jewelry*
    • MMODomination has a small interview up which touches on tradeskills a bit
    • There's a tradeskill interview with me on Podcast #36 (about 40 minutes in)
    • There's a tradeskill interview up; if you happen to speak French, you can laugh at my accent.
    • GU46 full update notes available here (and also previewed on EQ2Traders)
      • Minor tweaks and fixes: The imbued stone hide leather bandolier recipe is once again available. The sandalwood cudgel recipe is now making the correct item. A duplicate recipe for fistwraps has been removed from advanced weaponsmith volume 38 and is now only present in volume 39. Crafted javelin, tribal and great spear appearances are now more appropriate to the weapons' names.
      • Short spears are now somewhat shorter in appearance. All woodworker-crafted wands now look wand-like.
      • The costs of city tradeskill faction titles are now more equivalent between different cities.
      • The variety of item selection for level 40 carpenter crafting writs should now be a bit more (or less) bearable...Di'Zok weaponsmiths have shared their knowledge of riding crops to crafters they deem sufficiently worthy.
      • Armorers and tailors can now imbue all armor sets in the level 40-49 range, as well as making all armor sets for all normal equipment slots in this level range.
      • Woodworkers are able once again to make magic-imbued wands.
      • Crafted sledgehammer recipes have been replaced by a crafted sledge which has more unique stats. Any existing crafted sledgehammers will remain as they are.
      • Tradeskill "red" collection quests added to the world.
      • Carpenters acquire a couple of new recipes for tapestries, fae tavern counter and stools, and room dividers.
    • GU 45 update notes available here
      • The "mysterious portal' in Gorowyn now allows level 65+ tradeskillers to pass through, as well as level 65+ adventurers.
      • Weaponsmiths and woodworkers have learned to create recipes for new, more desirable crafted weapons with a choice of new effect. Weapons that already existed prior to the update will not be affected and cannot be imbued with the new effects. (Crafted weapon progression chart on EQ2Traders has a good summary of the weapons and stats available.
      • Geomancy arts should now appear in the crafting window in an order consistent with the other tradeskill reaction arts.
      • Ferrite throwing daggers are now correctly described as handcrafted.
      • Advanced Artisan Volume One is now available from tradeskill recipe book vendors around Norrath.
      • Crafted shurikens can now be made at lower level ranges.
      • Both woodworkers and weaponsmiths can now make throwing ammo.
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    (copied from
    previous post which has run out of space)

    Past changes
    • Full Game Update notes available here and EQ2Traders' overview available here.
    • Ranged ammo has been adjusted to have a minimum level that represents the start of the tier.
    • Strength Imbued rings will now proc from ranged attacks.
    • Di'Zok Ceremonial cloth armor is now more comparable to tranquil swiftcloth.
    • The poisons Rilissian Vital Strike, Di'Zok Mental Strike, and Regimental Elixir of Combat are now more effective.
    • The Collapsible Fishing Pole can now be used from inventory slots.
    • The Di`Zok Bow of Flame is now a 7 second delay and should do slightly more damage.
    • Harvesting tool buffs are now activated by using the tool, and can be cancelled. The effects will now persist through death.
    • The Tradesman Service quest from each crafting society's Grandmaster now also awards a simple cloak (those who have already completed the quest can purchase it from the Grandmaster).
    • Grandmasters in the five starting cities now offer some new quests for tradeskillers who have assisted them previously.
    • All handcrafted and mastercrafted chest and leg armor from 50-59 can now be imbued.
    • A lost recipe for a tynnonium stool has been recovered by carpenters.
    • Tradeskill Introduction handbooks for each city faction now include information about where to respec crafting professions.
    • Effects from the provisioner-made drinks The Jester's Cap and The Queen's Masquerade now persist through zoning
    • The recipe book can now be filtered by classes that can use the final product of each recipe.
    • Not to be outdone by those Qeynosians, the Coalition of Tradesfolke has refurbished their West Freeport headquarters.
    • Tradeskill interview with Legends Guild (March issue)
    • GU43 preview on EQ2Traders
    • Kunark faction recipes added for all tradeskill classes.
    • The Ironforge Exchange has relocated to the former furniture shop location in North Qeynos.
    • Bells, bankers, and menders have been added all around Qeynos and Freeport for your shopping and crafting convenience.
    • Crafting stations have been added to the Golden Sceptre in Maj'dul.
    • A new female froglok mannequin is now available (in the same book as the medium size mannequin).
    • Armorers and tailors can now imbue all types of chest and leg armor in the level 60-69 range, not just the standard set.
    • The tradeskill epic questline is now here! Discussion in this thread (many spoilers, of course - consider yourself warned)
    • Grandmasters belonging to the tradeskill societies of the five starting cities now offer another quest for crafters level 30 and above who have completed their previous quest, Journeyman Service. Seek out Grandmaster Kawayzer (West Freeport), Grandmaster Kimbialis (Ironforge Exchange, off North Qeynos), Grandmaster Zyrythius (Neriak), Grandmaster Feldmanus (Kelethin), or Grandmaster Jayak (Gorowyn) to begin.
    • Tradeskill societies in the five starting cities of Norrath now offer a new recipe book to those they regard warmly: armor display mannequins!
    • The recipe for luscious cranberry pie with cream now requires 6 fuel, but the pie will last longer.
    • "Hair of the Dog" is now a level 25 provisioner recipe, instead of level 35.
    • Carpenters will find two new recipes, one in each of carpenter essentials volume 60 and 62, which should be pleasing for home decorators. A lantern, and a tree.
    • The number of charges on the Gnomish Safety Recaller has been increased to 20. "Fizzlebottom's Wondrous Hover-gasser" recipe book is now known as "Fizzlebottom's Remarkable Rechargeration Recipes" and also contains a recharger recipe for the Gnomish Safety Recaller. It is still for sale in Steamfont Mountains at Gnomeland Security.
    • The Gigglegibber's Secret of Death now has only a 1 second casting time.
    • Scintillating restorative stitching now has a minimum required level to use of 60, in line with other adornments of the same level.
    • Condemning Smite Adept III now correctly returns 2 flickering dust as a byproduct.
    • "Common Writing" and "Spectral Influx" sage reaction arts should now correctly prevent a failure when used to counter an event.
    • There should now be fewer unreachable mining nodes in the Sinking Sands. Should you encounter any after this update, please submit a /bug with the location.
    • Rare leather pelts found in treasure chests should stack with harvested rare leather pelts from now on. They still may not stack with older pelts, however. (Local tradeskill society advisors suggest pack rats may therefore wish to use the older ones up first.)
    • Crafted Frostfell themed food house items now remain edible all year round.
    • Artisan quests from the Isle of Mara now grant tradeskill xp, not adventure xp.
    • Full Game Update 42 notes can be found here.
    • A new tradeskill interview in the Tairise Tribune is out this week
    • Armorers and Tailors have discovered ways to improve the quality of mastercrafted armor across all level ranges. (T8 preview)
    • Harvest nodes in Kylong Plains now require 340+ skill to harvest, like all other level 70+ zones.
    • You can harvest once again while under attack from an NPC;
    • The carpenter-made redwood streetlamps have been pruned to a more reasonable size. (see here)
    • Small versions of the carpenter-made lillies have been added.
    • Duggin
      Brandywine at the Thundering Steppes docks may be looking for a helping
      hand from travellers with a talent for harvesting. (EQ2Traders writeup)
    • Tradeskill skill-ups will once again increase based on your tradeskill level and not your adventure level.
    • Bathezid, Danak and Riliss recipe books issued can now be destroyed if you no longer wish to proceed with the writs.
    • Carpenters have acquired a couple of festive new recipes, just in time for Frostfell!
    • Adventurers have recently discovered strange, reflective shards in various of the more dangerous dungeons around Norrath. After intensive research and experimentation, Norrath's tradeskill societies have discovered a way to work this magical metal into a mirror with unique, soul-capturing abilities. (discussion from In Testing forum)
        • High level crafters in good standing with their respective tradeskill societies will be able to acquire this recipe from their city's local
          tradeskill faction merchant.
        • You can now store an Achievement Profile in your home, using a device crafted from a primary component
          obtained in high level dungeons. You can store one profile per device, and they are usable from within your own home.
        • The finished device cannot be traded and will need to be crafted using the commission crafting system if you are not yourself a high level crafter. (See the tradeskills forum for reminders on how commission crafting works.) (LINK)
    Rise of Kunark expansion
    • This brings with it a number of changes. See RoK Crafting Changes and You, and the RoK Information Clearinghouse on EQ2Traders, for some handy overviews.
    • The level cap for all tradeskill and secondary crafts will be raised to 80 (for those who bought the expansion, of course).
    • A new tradeskill tutorial has been created. Those in the middle of the old ones will find they autocomplete when they log in. The new one can be done by crafters of any level, though it's aimed at new crafters of course. Allakhazam has a handy guide on the new tradeskill tutorial.
    • Recipes no longer yield non-pristine products. Instead, if you fail to create a pristine quality product, your fuel will be returned for handcrafted recipes, or your rare for mastercrafted. See this thread, or the EQ2Traders link above for more details.
    • Changes
      to the crafting UI automatically bring up the reaction arts you need, and will override your 1-6 keys while the window is up. If you want to continue using your old hotbars, simply click elsewhere so the crafting window loses focus.
    • Tradeskill reaction arts have been entirely revamped; you now have only 6 at any one time and they now auto-upgrade as you level up, meaning no more hunting in knowledge books to find your latest ones.
    • A number of new crafting quests are available in Kunark, including How to Get a Sokokar (handy overview at Allakhazam) and the option to do quests for some of the Kunark factions. See also RoK Faction from a Crafting Perspective and RoK Travel for the Lost Crafter from EQ2Traders.
    • New equipment and weapon stats should be a little less cookie-cutter than previously and may offer some new effects they haven't before.
    • Tinkerers and transmuters now have 6 reaction arts like other classes. These still need to be purchased from the appropriate vendors, however.
    • XP granted by tradeskill writs will be scaled more smoothly, resulting in about 5% XP at higher levels and a bit more at lower levels.
    • Stack sizes of harvested items (also dusts and transmuting products) have been increased across all level ranges.
    • Harvesting tools no longer need to be equipped to be used. They do however still need to be attuned.
    • Dusts are now no value.
    • In addition to their new 70-79 recipes, carpenters have acquired the plans for a wider range of evil looking furniture.
    • And yes, RoK will bring pink dresses, just for Winter.
    • Descriptive text on harvestables listing the level range (thanks to Silverfrost)
    • A couple of new house items for carpenters for Nights of the Dead
    • Fuel merchants should cease to price gouge on buy backs of repair materials fuel.
    • "Canary" cloaks are yellow colored, and "carmine" cloaks are carmine colored now, darnit!
    • Some appearance changes to pristine quality crafted chain and plate armors (link)
    • Some furniture items for Neriak and Kelethin tradeskill faction merchants (see Gnobrin's interview!)

    • Another crafting quest is now available in all 4 starting cities, this
      one is for crafters of all types level 20+. Provisioners in particular
      can expect some surprises! (More info on EQ2Traders) (Allakhazam's write up)
    • Gnomish Gent's Mechanized Facade no longer needs to be equipped for the illusion to persist (also has a shorter casting time)
    • Spiffy new icons for harvestables, thanks to the art folks!
    • Crafting recipe book vendors in the cities will begin stocking ALL the essentials books up to 70.
    • Slight upward tweak of the rate of imbue drops (GU38 ).
    • Got annoyed, and made all the shrubs in tier 1 zones look like shrubs, not roots.
    • Crafters who respec their tradeskill class from now on will be able to complete their new class's tradeskill quest in the Isle of Mara. Crafters who respec'd previously are still able to exchange their crafting tools by speaking to Rai Faela Nurwin near the brokers.
    • Scroll of the Fire Seeds is no longer Lore.
    • Harvesting changes, with some more detailed explanations of how the numbers all work (link)
    • Tradeskill writs now grant tradeskill XP on completion (timed and non-timed grant the same amount)
    • Alchemists can now quest for a recipe to combine dusts (link)
    • Tradeskill class respec now available (details)
    • Various furniture added (GU36, GU37)
    • Qeynos tradeskill instance doors auto-open
    • Chocolate and cheesecake are back
    • "Would not take effect" buff stacking issue fixed
    • EH recipe components no longer Lore
    • Jeweller made rings now adornable
    • Neriak has gained a tradeskill faction! (Dark Bargainers)
    • Tinkered goggles now tradeable (and jump boots and utility belt too)
    • Loams are now colored
    & more ...
  5. ARCHIVED-Brazarik Guest

    If half of the other developers kept the community informed half as much as Domino, eq would be a much better place.
  6. ARCHIVED-Jenarie Guest

    How exciting! Can't wait to see the new furniture!
    Thanks for the update! :)
  7. ARCHIVED-Hellswrath Guest

    I know many have already said it, but I treasure that you keep the community informed. Hope more follow suit. Thank you!
  8. ARCHIVED-Elorah Guest

    Thank you for keeping us updated.... 8 NEW Carpenter Recipe's???? OH MY!!!! I have to see them.......

    *edit* I just listened to the Pod Cast... Furniture that is NOT made by Carpenters.... I am intrigued and hope to Domino that one of my other crafters can make them!
  9. ARCHIVED-Tyric Guest

    Zimki@Lucan DLere wrote:
  10. ARCHIVED-DMIstar Guest

    "Pondering the demand for rare loams and whether/how to address it."

    The More Classes that can use a rare, the more "In demand" The rare will be... Fighters/Scouts both use Loams, if you where to push Preists/Mages onto the same rare you would get the same results...

    Those who made this system prev, thought that haveing the other items being focused on armor trades consumption as well would have balanced this against the loams only being used for spells ... Its skewered logic though. Not everyone needs Crafted armor and at that the pieces are limited. vs the amount of spells to upgrade.

    Realy only two popular solutions...

    A. Move scouts or fighters over to thier own Rare for adept III upgrades... This will make Loams only in demand for one archetype like the rest of them..

    B. UP drop rate... Which Pretty much what has been forced to do. to compensate for Scouts and Fighters useing the same rare...

    The unpopular solution

    Nerf Preists/mages into one rare to have the same bottleneck the fighters/scouts have, this way in perception they are now balanced ;P.
  11. ARCHIVED-DMIstar Guest

    Zimki@Lucan DLere wrote:
  12. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Elorah wrote:
    Since Domino is now a godess, does that mean we'll be able to get in-game alters and can get miracles/blessings unique to her?
  13. ARCHIVED-Stinge Guest

    Istar@Mistmoore wrote:
    I have a simple solution to instantly balance the price and availability of all rares: provide a mechanic to convert between them.
  14. ARCHIVED-Elorah Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    Hahaha... You got that little joke.....

    If this would happen, All my characters would be followers.....
  15. ARCHIVED-SilkenKidden Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    Great. Thank you for the new furniture.
    I'm so glad you are looking at the cloth and leather armor. Maybe we will look more like we shop at the Gap instead of at Lands' End. I guess Anne Klein II is too much to hope for
  16. ARCHIVED-Noaani Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    I have said this before (not sure where, may well have been in game), but you will never get the right balance of harvesting drops, and you will never be able to make anyone happy by changing the adept 3 rare usage.
    The adept 3 issue is simple, every change upsets someone. As for harvests, the demand of them, although similar on evry server, is based on players, not game mechanics. If 20 people suddenly dcided they want to become tinkerers and want to by the raws off the broker, that throws the whole servers harvest useage out.
    What you CAN do, however, is put the drop rate of harvests in the players hands, since it is us who will simply screw it up should you make any changes anyways.
    There are several (hundred) ways you could do this, from simply removing all harvests, replacing with generic_zek_harvestnode_01 and applying a drop down mennu so players can chose what they want (not such a great idea btw...), or something like the following.
    Give transmuters a second transmute ability call Transmute Stuff(TM) that allows them to transmute a whole pile (200) of teir appropriate raws into a pile of goo(TM) (smoldering pile of goo(TM), scintilating pile of goo(TM), lambent pile of goo(TM) etc). Make it so that this ability is able to be used on a teirs raws at the mid point of that level range (ie, 225 skill and you can mute T5 harvests, 275 for T6), also, make it so that at the end of the teir, you can use this on a single rare, which will produce a single expensive puddle of goo(TM) (expensive smoldering puddle of goo(TM), expensive scintilating puddle of goo(TM), expensive lambent puddle of goo(TM) etc).. This ability should have a recast of an hour minimum.
    next, at the end of each teir, give tinkerers a recpie for a goo reconstructer(TM) (smoldering goo reconstructer(TM), scintilating goo reconstructer(TM), lambent goo reconstructer(TM) etc). This contraption would allow the tinkerer to take either a pile of goo or a puddle of goo of that teir, and transform it into a full stack of raws or a rare, based on what went in to it (will turn goo from raws into any other raw, or goo from rares into any other rare).
    This makes it so it is not trivial to change mass quantities of raws or rares from one type to another, so harvesting the node you need, or purchasing the raw you need is still going to be commonplace, this would just smooth over any 'server uniqueness' or random short term increases in raw useage that may occure.
    And it would be a bit of fun.
  17. ARCHIVED-Gorkk00 Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    I got an idea about that the other day (already mentioned somewhere in a thread I don't remember which :p), which could probably address at the same time:
    • the overneed of rare loam at T8
    • the overneed of rare ore at all other tiers
    • the overneed of regular ore and the lack of need of regular loams
    This would require a large chunk of changes though, but hopefully it can be relatively automated depending on how recipes are stored in the DB.

    Here it is (this is a whole of course):
    1. change the spell rare for fighters to rare ore (and the regular primary component for fighter spells to ore)
    2. change the rare used in chain armours for rare loam (and the regular primary component to loam of course)
    3. reduce the amount of ore needed in armourer recipes like you did for weaponsmiths (although it'll be less needed for ore only, because they'll use ore in less recipes, they need to use less resources as a whole like others)
    4. tweak the resources needed for jewelers (and alchemists, although the primary component would become ore, they need to use more loam for those) spell recipes to increase the need for loam (and reduce the need for other components as a counterpart of course).

    This would need testing, of course, but I predict the overall effects would be:
    1. less need for rare loam at T8 (scouts and fighters adepts being separated in two rares, like for healers and mages), with increased need for rare ore at T8 (currently barely wanted)
    2. less need for rare ore in lower tiers overall (because people tend to less upgrade their spells to adept III in lower tier, hence why loam is usually so cheap there), with increased need of rare loam in lower tiers (those are generally not that much wanted, except a bit at T7, where it's still relatively far behind stone rares and rare ore)
    3. less need for regular ore (provided it only becomes the primary component for fighter spells, but with no additional ore consumed, or not much) and increased need for regular loams (fighter spells could have ore as primary, but have the loam as their most used resource)
    What'd you think of it? (Domino and other players, adventurers as well as fellow tradeskillers)
  18. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Just a note, this is an update thread for me to communicate general stuff to you, and I have included a few things that yes, I know need looking at and I want to look at but don't have time to look at right now, mainly so we don't keep getting a new thread started every week about them. Extensive discussion of any topics on this list has almost certainly already happened, but if there's more that needs saying, it would probably be better in a thread of its own rather than mixed up in here where it may get lost amongst other discussion. Certainly everything that's been suggested here so far has already been mentioned elsewhere many times over and will be taken into consideration if and when time permits a closer look, but that time is not going to be for quite a while yet as there are quite a lot of other more urgent things on the schedule.
  19. ARCHIVED-MW2K2 Guest

    "dropped rare tinkering recipes will become slightly more obtainable"

    Yay! \o/ Maybe I can FINALLY get that regular Hovering Device recipe I'm missing.
  20. ARCHIVED-Silous Guest

    Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you!!! There have been several recipe changes and additions that I've really enjoyed... Please keep adding more to the recipe books!
    I would really like to see some improvements on the leveling of transmuting still... The leveling system still seems to be too random compared to the other tradeskills... I want to level, not have a chance to level.
    I've read and keep reading your ideas and to do's and see alot of interesting happenings.. About the increase chance of rares.... Yeah, it be nice to "SLIGHTLY" increase the chance but what would make things alot better is to increase the amount of nodes within a zone. I have a level 80 alchemist, 60 Weaponsmith, 80 Armorer, and a 50 Jewler... (80 Sage.. 80 Tailor, and 60 Provi. that have no probs at all with mats) I absolutely hate the levels 30 thru 50 for these alts because of the very few nodes of Ore that can be found. The armorer and weaponsmith are the worst... You are lucky enough to gather a few ore but you get more loam then the ore... You can definately see this on the broker.... where the ore is going for 40-50 silver per.... I'd be happier with more nodes within a zone then a greater chance at a rare.. but if you think about it.. more nodes... more chance at a rare anyway.
    Just one more little request... Again with the armorer and weaponsmith... Something needs to be done with the stats on levels 72-80 MC armor and weapons... At these levels... with the legendary from questing and drops from instances.. there is absolutely no reason at all to level a weaponsmith or armorer.. Nobody wants the gear at all.... Please increase some stats and make the MC a bit better and more desired then they currently are..
    Thanks again for all the work that is currently going on.. ITs been really nice the last few months..

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