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    axl_2baz wrote:
    Honestly, to take any other rare and use it for scout/fighter upgrades will be a major mistake, I think. It will really hurt many other classes and tradeskill professions and the prices on those rares will go through the roof, whether it's pelt, root or whatever...

    Remember that loam has no other uses than adept 3's, but all the other rares do. If incarnadine being cheap right now is some kind of an issue, then maybe find some more uses for it. But don't make it into a spell rare, please. Rare metal in any tier except T8 is actually very expensive, and as soon as we hit T9 - the very same thing is likely to happen to incarnadine.

    I agree that rare loam is a tad expensive (I still need many myself for my brigand), but I'm totally against using rare metal or any other rare as an adept 3 rare for scouts and fighters. I think that would make them too expensive to be used for anything else.
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    Hey Domino, I just want to say to you that you're french interview was very nice. Don't tell Soffrina but I think your accent is better than hers (or perhaps it's because yours it's quite the same that one of my english teachers) ;) Very good french and understanding was easy for us.

    I'm happy to see that you like the same things in this game than me hehe.

    I don't know if it was translated, but if some want a translation in english, I can do it (with some mistakes of course, sorry).

    (et j'aime les biscuits donc je veux bien les recettes ;)

    EDIT : Ok, I never read french forums of course, so I missed the translation HERE ... Silly me

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