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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Domino, Aug 14, 2007.

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    Chandria@Kithicor wrote:
    this made me laugh hysterically, and im enjoying the new tradeskilling goodness. though i will say that the 20-29 dandelion rare for cloth M/C were 1g or less apiece when i went to bed on the 17th, and when i woke up on the 18th they were 10g or more. guess the farmers figured out that tradeskill's improvements would make M/C gear desireable. its still reasonably priced and i can harvest so im not complaining. it was just a bit of sticker shock when they went up 1000% in a few hours.
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    How about giving us recipes for skirts, or pants, all of them statless. Alot of us are sick of the fluffy dresses. I find it rather annoying that the only way I can get a skirt is by aligning with Freeport, and then grinding up the trade guild faction. Im rather positive if that trade guild clothes in Kelethin and Gorowyn didnt have that pointless male/female req Id have my skirt. And I could finally shut-up about it. >.>

    Oh and how about some fairy style furniture for Kelethin homes.. I feel somewhat cheated that there are acorn furniture all over the place and all I can get is a Fae distillery - and only after some heavy ? farming...
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    I just found that Duggin Brandywine NPC on the TS docks, and that was a really nice quest. Done it 10 times or so now, the rewards are great and a quest that rewards tradeskill XP is just awesome! I know it was put in to make bush harvesting more interesting, but is there any chance we can get more of this sort of thing? Maybe something for Sinking Sands and other higher level zones too?

    Oh and thanks for adding and updating crafting items all the time, too. Many the RoK items were really nice - especially the chokodai totems, I never leave the city without them anymore. For those of us who hate mounts with a purple passion, those speed totems is a godsend!

    I also just started a carpenter, and wanted to say thank you for adding new and shiny stuff so often. This tradeskill class is a lot more worthwhile now than I remembered from the first time I tried it. (I gave up then.)

    Thanks for doing a great job with tradeskills, Domino! And thank you for communicating with us like this. I'm sure 2008 will also be a good year for crafting in EQ2.
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    I too love the harvesting quests from TS, and I would really LOVE to see these expanded into t6, t7 and t8 zones. Thanks!
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    First things first...
    THIS is a great post, having the possibility to peek at what is in the making should be made minimum to all dev parts

    Then is there a possibility to **** the Jewelry part to corelate with the mastercrafted armor?
    It is on your maybe list, but...that maybe should be a definitly
    By the way, while you are at it, some blue words should be integrated
    Then there are a few things that should be made available to all characters:
    Port to Druidring - Finding a Fury sometimes is a pain, as it is, having to go afk, so that the "Please make me a portal" tells stop as a fury
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    Let me start out by saying I love crafting and there has been some great strides forward over the past few updates. Great work programmers. That being said I would like to see some changes to help out the player/toon that is mostly a crafter and not a fighter. Here is just some ideas I thought of
    • fuel price reduction and sell bonus IF tradeskill is =or> adventure level
    • Add class/race/zone related recipe books, they would have only a few items and require going to a zone and maybe doing a quest that a very low adventure level toon can handle. Something like go talk to a few NPC to learn about the history of bow use among the elves and then show a master craftsman(NPC) your skill with making normal bows (go make me one pristine #### bow) to get a scroll(no trade) to learn Elven death bow or something. Everyone could have their items like food, furniture, weapons, armors, ect. This should be long/hard enough so the player who crafts but is not a Crafter would have to really want the item to do it.
    Some new item ideas

    • Home message board - Home owner can post a message that anyone coming in can read. Msg's like
      "Welcome to my home, if you see any items here you would like I can make then for you" or
      "This is my kitchen. See the running sink with running water I was able to ,all with ###,###", or any message one may want to say.
    • Adornments for sales crates - Add an adornment to a sales crate for a broker discount. Like 1,2,3,4,5,and 10% sales discount
    • Holiday packing crate - This one maybe harder to code, but a cart that only excepts say FrostFell items and once "locked" can not be opened again until the next Frostfell but the crate can be placed in your home as furniture or maybe in strong box in your house vault
    • Harvesting rod - normal ones could point you to the nearest ore/root/bush/stone/trap. Advanced one could give a % bonus to the chance of finding rares.
    • Inhome only sales display crates - These can be for the true role players. Not linked to the broker so players would have to know to enter the house and click on the display to buy. Very nice for toons who have a "Show room" of their furniture, sell drinks at your privet basement tavern or offer discounted items for your friends and guild members. These can be made very large and not change the way the game/money is now because only true role players or guild members would even know to stop by. I would see there being displays like the sales crates are now, one for anything and others for each type of item.

    Just a few items I thought of to help out the crafters of our world
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    Penbrock wrote:
    I really like this idea and have similar thought about this too. My idea was slightly different, being that certain races would slightly alter the stats of the gear, ie. Ogre made armor might have +1 str over normal made gear, maybe Ratonga made stuff has disease/poison resist added, or a chance to proc poison dmg, and Barbarian crafted gear could do something with cold dmg/resists... you get the idea. I'm not trying to sugest anything REALLY game breaking with the changes, just to add a bit more flavor to crafted gear options.
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    I know this sounds utterly negative, but I'm posting this in hopes of getting other people's opinion, so don't slay me at the doorstep, too much...
    Where is the skill in Tradeskilling? I've never understood why lower level recipes (blues and greens) would still require so much interaction (ie button pushing, or what I like to call the "rock-scissor-paper" game). Does making the same item for the Nth time really require overcoming Minor Distractions, Minor Impurity Bubbles, etc to about 8-12 times per item? Wouldn't it make more sense to match up the Level of the recipe to the Level of the tradeskiller for smoother (and dare I say, quicker) creations with the greater number of levels between these two factors? Too many things pop up entirely at random. I'd also like to see Critical Successes and Failures removed from tradeskilling entirely, it's really unnecessary (as long as there are as many complications that arise). I'd rework the Insight buff to not being countered, and extend the time frame (9 minutes may seem a long time until you realize that you're only making a few items due to the extremely lengthy amount of time it takes to clear all 4 durability bars per item), plus the Insight buff is a bonus to skill, the very thing that tradeskilling seems to not take into account seemingly at all.
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    belize69 wrote:
    There is very little skill in tradeskilling. You can just drum you fingers on 234 and finish recipes in around 1 minute.
    It is also close to twice as fast as it was prior to RoK.
    Tradeskill skills do have an effect but only if they are well below what the recipe expects, which is rare except at low levels when you can level up on very few combines.
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    I can't understand why ts developers seem to feel that it is important that ts is accessible to all which has got to mean making it easier. Developers of the adventuring side or the raiding side don't seem to feel the need for all areas and quests to be accessible to all. The more difficult the better seems to guide raiding and I have no problems with that. Just because I don't want to spend days and nights working shifts in the Emerald Halls doesn't mean that it shouldn't exist in the game! So why is ts different?
    I have four problems now with ts:
    1) Avoiding the "stop" icon when going for an "enhance" icon on the right!
    2) Covering my "real" costs when you have people selliing for a] 1c over the fuel cost thereby severely undercutting the opposition! b] people selling for slightly less than the fuel cost making it uneconomic to go and buy up their stock c] people who create their own tedium by making hundreds of one item and following up with a] or b]!
    3) Selling stuff at all when the market is saturated.
    4) Competing with those who have the three-year veteran reward crate. Wipes me out loads of times! Well now I have one or two of these so will see it from the other side - please don't blame me - I am nice really!
    For all the above, I am fascinated by making stuff and think that the skill involved has moved away from the complexity of crafting to that of making a proft in spite of all the above hazards! Perhaps the diffiulty for the developers is in keeping the tedium out of crafting while keeping it more "skilled"; greater complexity doesn't necessarily mean less tedium. Sub-combines meant making say three items instead of one. What constitutes "skill" in the interface btween the user and the computer code?
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    Thank you for the reply I didn't mean personal RL skill, I meant in-game Tradeskill skill. Like why bother assigning me Sculpting of 185/185 if not a single point is factored into the actual tradeskill process. That's the question I meant to post. The Insight buff adds to the Tradeskill skill, which isn't being considered -- so it's a waste, plus "countering" it to obtain it seems like a terrible oversight on Tradeskill development. Yes, I know it's merely a text thing, but it still needs to MAKE SENSE.
    A heartfelt thank you to everyone on these wonderful, informative boards. It's refreshing to read new ideas and other people's opinions, no matter how great or terrible they may be.
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    belize69 wrote:
    It does count, trust me. Try letting your skills slip well below your cap and you'll see .
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    Any word on Blood Iron Ore Armor?
    simple litte stat tweak is all it needs to be useful again.
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    Im not sure if this has been suggested before.

    What I would love to see in tradeskills, Especially for provisioners.

    A system added where, in case of provisioners, we could choose to expend 10X the resources to create a stack (10 or 20) of food in 1 crafting shot without gaining XP.
    In the case of provisioner, which is creating a consumable product, this would make life alot easier and hopefully reduce slightly the pricing of stacks of food.
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    I have seen suggestions for race limitation additions and I have to say that I strongly disagree with this. From the very start it was stated that race would not be an issue and that any race can be any class and that it should not be a hindrance to game play.
    If they sway from this I think it would be a huge mistake. There is a game already out by SOE that has this in game.. its called EQ (EQ1), and please keep in mind that EQ2 is not the same.
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    Elendhelie@Lucan DLere wrote:
    I agree whole heartedly with this suggestion. My warlock has two fashion choices.. to dress like Pinocchio or wear the latest in Jedi fashion. :p
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    Elendhelie@Lucan DLere wrote:
    Agreed on the clothing.

    Whenever I visit New Tunaria I'm ooing and aahing over the clothing of the NPCs.

    On my 2nd trip ever to Mistmoore Castle, this to kill Kassar for the shield HQ, I was so distracted by what the very tall drink of water female vampire was wearing when she leaped out to wrassle with the tanks. I so want the pants!

    What the citizens of the Isle of Mara are wearing are also something I'd love to see be crafted. I've heard so many Monks and Bruisers wanting them.

    There are really neat quest reward designs, like the shoulders I listed back in another thread. They're in game already...I'd guess that it shouldn't be too hard, hopefully, to make them a recipe.

    I know many of the items are part of the background, from what has been said before...but it would be great if say the winged couches up at Nest could be made...or items in Mistmoore...

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    Is it my imagination or is the list of things for the future (i.e. fixes and long begged for changes) getting shorter? *impish grin*
  20. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    If so, I have the same delusion :)

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