State of the Industry.

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    ..that was a good flick, ty.
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    It just doesn't float my starship. Sorry.
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    as noted by the research, a certain three letter acronym company was listed among those that have sacked their second most important commodity, their Developers. (the first and most important commodity is the customer)
    I am certainly concerned about our resident DEVs and have offered to help in ways that are available to me to lessen their workload.
    Would that I were able to buy out the company, and have the DEVs treated as the treasure they are.
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    A few years ago, last century, some company decided to get rid of the dead wood. Fired, not let go but fired, all of the programming department. One of them was an elderly gentleman who had written, and still maintained, the software that was that company's bottom line.

    He found work at a competitor. His original company tried to hire him back, claiming the junior execitive had made a mistake. From what we could see online, the offer was less than what the second company was paying him.

    The gentleman didn't accept. He liked the second company better, etc.

    I don't know if that part of the industry learned a lesson or not.

    And no, I wasn't involved either way in the above.
  6. Almee Well-Known Member

    I think it is sad that anyone should be treated like this. What happened to the command to treat others as we would want to be treated? And it would make far better sense to give workers a stake in the company to ensure their total devotion to making the company succeed without having to browbeat them into submission every time there is a deadline that needs to be met.

    The emphasis on short-term profits, over long-term investment, is generally a very bad idea. Unfortunately, it seems to be the rule for most game-development companies. It's a shame because you never get the best results from workers who are treated so poorly. I think the state EQII is currently in illustrates how DB's investors have taken a silk purse and turned it into a sow's ear by their insistence on short-term profits.
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    Just watched Hason's video on the gaming industries pathetic behavior. Corporations greed & Capitalism sucks.
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