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    Regolas wrote:
    I have two suggestions. First, try a healer Merc (Inquisitor). They cost you 25gold and you make 10plat on the chest. Second, skip the names if you need to. You can get the key mob and plat chest without killing any names in the zone. Killing the names is mostly for the chance at a master spell.
    Before the healer mercs came out, when I soloed this zone on my Ranger, I skipped all but the last name. The guy in the middle stuns at the beginning and leashes as well. The name by the forge was also tough for me then with the hammers. But the final name definitely can be snared but not rooted.
    Regarding Shard of Hate. I would suggest a healer merc and then just kill two of the names to start with. You can also skip a lot of trash as well. The first named is the to the right as you enter the zone. Other than his big knockback he's not too bad with a healer merc there. The second is the one to the left past Master P. He is standing by himself at the top of some stairs. He has a power drain but otherwise isn't too bad.
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    I caved in and bought AoD after the double SC day. Managed to complete the deep forge (all the names) with a SK merc. Stranngely, none of the chests gave me any plat. I suspended the merc and opened the chests but didn't see a 10pp loot. I am currently on f2p as I will not be playing much for a month or two but I was well below the plat restriction... Although maybe not under 9pp - maybe if the chest loot takes you over the allowance you don't get any of it?
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    Or is it the Najenas Treasure to get shards that has the 10plat?
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    Hmm not sure. The chest that gives the payout is at the end, the one that you need a key for and drops void shards as well.
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    Ok, I missed that chest as I thought it was just for shards, which of course are useless. Next time!
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    The other problems you pointed out stay with the class.
    I wouldn't call our bird a hate transfer even though it transfers hate from the group to the bird, but more of hate reducer since it doesn't transfer the hate to tanks to be useful. I do think the birds hate reduction should apply raid wide though. True hate transfers are inherently 'raid wide' because its hate being focused on one of the tanks who are tanking for the ENTIRE raid, no just their group.
    Unfortunately I think a lot of why we are not up to par in utility is because the devs mistakeningly put too much 'weight' or 'value' on the concept of ranged CA's and ranged auto attack. Some of our top CA's are still MELEE CA's. If you want to do top end DPS you MUST use the melee ones, meaning the entire idea of being 'ranged' is destroyed since we are up there with every other melee. Only true advantages I see from ranged is maybe a couple of hits while jousting, and if everyone is staying at range on a fight we are the highest parsing scout while getting trounced by the mages.
    So basically, we get penalized for being ranged, except that we really aren't 'ranged.' They need to INCREASE our utility and straight up make some melee CA's ranged CA's (bloody reminder, lightning strike, sneak attack, ranger's blade, emberstrike).
    Maybe they think the group portion of Focus Aim is hot stuff but I've yet to hear even a rumor of a single person saying they like that buff. Regardless of how good our current utlity scores on their balance sheets if players aren't actively seeking it, it may as well not even exist. I have never been maneuvered into a certain group for my hate siphon or accuracy buff, meanwhile there is utility all other top DPS classes give that have been maneuvered to take advantage of.
    TL;DR Overall: our DPS is fine, unfortunately even though we can match other DPS, we still can't match utility of the other top DPS classes. We have the lowest utility and because we still rely heavily on melee CA's, being 'ranged' isn't a valid excuse for utility shortcomings.
    as posted by Neiloch.
    This is possibly the most accurate and well though-out statement presently to be made about the ranger class. I hope somewhere a dev is reading this and not rolling his eyes thinking he knows better.
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    What's your opinion of rangers post gu63? My dps has gone through the roof with an extra 250MA and 100CC and other increases. I certainly feel more valuable as a dps class. Still the same versatility issues as before though