State of Conjuror on Kaladim

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    My main contention in this thread is to at the very least make Communion a decent spell again. However, beforehand, I’ll be conparing Conjuror Spells to their necromancer counterparts.

    Communion = Live changes have made it terrible. Does about 150k and it’s a single target ability.
    Vampirism = Does nearly a million on AOE fights and restores health to the group.

    Elemental Blast = Live changes made it terrible. Hits for like 300k max in raid.
    Accelerated Decay = 2 extra ticks to every dot. There’s a reason soulrot is 1/2nd on a necros parse.

    Plane Shift = Decent. Stat steroids are outdated and the damage proc in the tooltip is much larger than how much it actually hits for.
    Undead Horde = The best encounter burst spell in the game. Deals ridiculous DPS.

    Could we at least get Communion looked at? This is a class defining ability that used to be over 10% of a Conj’s parse zonewide back in the day. Now, it’s debatably not even worth casting, since it’s a long cast time for a little over 2 Crystal Blast’s worth of damage. Live changes are constantly messing with this spell.
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    Necromancer spell .. fixed allready for live server
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