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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-zerole, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-zerole Guest

    I'm a 90 zerk 235+ AAs that is just now starting to dive into pvp a bit. I'm noticably squishy and I assume this is due to my lack of Toughness. I converted my myth and and my jewelry is all leg+ T9. Most of my armor is T8 fabled (T3 TSO mostly). Question is, am I better off picking up a suit of T9 MC armor for the toughness till I can get some PvP gear?
  2. ARCHIVED-fbitt Guest

    Probably not. I'm guessing but it probably will only reduce your incoming damage by about 10%.
    Try defensive stance, and check your resists
    It'll be .... a bit humiliating until you get more gear.
    Or, you can do what I did and have an alt get the tokens for you
  3. ARCHIVED-Astornoth Guest

    Thougness it`s sooo crucial in PvP fights today. so if U must chose betwen PvE fabled , even from X4 zone and MC with thougness go for MC ! ..basicly every 100 points U reduce damage by half...with full chalenger set and few PvP jewelry ( I recomend both "ward" rings ,power recharge earing and fatal lifetap cloak) U can easly go above 400 thougness and then...hmmm tank whole group of scouts ;)

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