Stamina Achievement line is better than people think...

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-HalflingBove, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-infernus006 Guest

    All I have to say is if people really are getting more DPS with a 1h weapon using this line than they would be able to with a 2h or DW set in the other lines then I think you can pretty much expect this line to get nerfed very hard very soon. So enjoy it while it lasts but I wouldn't get too attached to it.
  2. ARCHIVED-Mjollnyr Guest

    I'm not sure i'd say more dps. I'd say comparable dps.

    In groups with my warpike i would hit for upwards of 1.5k relatively consistently (current high is 2214)

    With a fabled 1h weapon, and eight points in double attack, i could probably about equal the dps of my fabled 2h. At the moment, i'm probably slightly below, simply because i'm only using a legendary 1h weapon. If you want to use 2h, you can probably put those 8 points to use else where, and end up stretching that dps range a bit more. Double attack makes this line very viable for dps though.

    The avoidance is broken, and is what primarly needs fixing.
  3. ARCHIVED-Silelwen Guest

    So we go from people saying this line sucks to now it will be nerfed? Maybe I should of never commented on this lines DPS capability. I still have my doubts as to whether this line or the WIS line offers more DPS. Auto-attack is only about 30% of our damage, a 24% dps increase 100% of our attack is mathmatically superior. What's going to be funny is the more I think about it, I might reconsider my plan on DPSing with AGI/STR then WIS or STA... Might go with STA/WIS and do STR or AGI... lol
  4. ARCHIVED-Mjollnyr Guest

    +dps mod buffs only affect auto-attack. Only strength (to the softcap: 510) will affect combat arts.

    Unless this was changed, or the AA line is a different type of dps mod. Thats how i was aware it worked.
  5. ARCHIVED-Silelwen Guest

    [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] didn't know that... guess WIS's DPS mod is for the sux0rs then, hehe. If you check my math up this thread, 26% dps to a t7 fabled 2hander is still not as good as a fabled t7 1hander with double attack... So this makes it very powerful for DPS as I originally thought.
  6. ARCHIVED-MadLordOfMilk Guest

    Wait, does Kalidon = Bashm? Cus unless I'm mistaken, Bashm was the second lv70 worldwide first fighter and the only one to beat him to 70 was in his guild.... :smileyhappy:
  7. ARCHIVED-Silelwen Guest

    Na EL had the first lvl70 worldwide Healer and Fighter.
  8. ARCHIVED-Hurdoc Guest

    Silelwen's AA choices are bang on what I had decided as well. In fact, I think he copied my spec. j/k
    I may choose the Wisdom line rather than Stamina though, because the over-avoidance people are seeing will be corrected eventually. I wouldn't even call it a nerf.... its overpowered at the moment.
  9. ARCHIVED-Pegesus11 Guest

    I too was thinking of the same build. I have done the complete agi line and the complete stamina line atm and i dont like either of em. Tsunami is completely pointless other than a saving grace to allow a healer to catch up on a heal or 2 but you can only do it every 10 mins. Other than that i was hoping that it would allow you to auto attack but it doesnt. So pointless.

    The problem im having not only is the fact that a buckler looks pretty lame on my back is i can't find one in game worth anything. I mean there are hardly and drops and when one does that you hope is a buckler its a round shield and you can't use it.

    And Stilwen have you tested this build and does it make for a more dps output? or is this just theory. I'm getting to close to keep respecing. After your 5th time is costs a base of 13pp :(

    Also if anyone has a good link to a buckler mind tossing it up here.
  10. ARCHIVED-Silelwen Guest

    Sorry bro pure speculation on my part, been on vacation so just now getting back to the grind and hope to be able to test out my build in about a month. Just did the math on things.

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