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    Then it seems I misunderstood the newly proposed fix. I assume the other stacking issues are also being looked at? A lower level Ice Comet being blocked by a higherlevels knockdown. Same with Hailstorm, though it also overwrites if the higher is cast second. I may be missing some others.
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    Any update from QA on this?
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    A lot of flaming about Fiery Burst being what it is. The concept is a nice idea, the execution is horrible. Pour damage on, bring it to a boil, release into the enemy. Its original the class, something worth having, or would have been were it not... oddly off.
    A few changes I would make to a concept such as this: Multiple Wizard's in a group contribute to the current Fiery Blast, credit given to the person's who's is ticking. Once it goes off, another wizard throws it on, and the pouring continues. This would increase the damage output of the wizards involved, individual parses aside.
    Next: Procs and double attacks being ignored and the ability itself not capable of double attacking. With Sentinel's Fate, the traditional set bonuses were replaced with a huge amount of proc gear at the request of players. Set bonuses were huge, and there are now proc gear that is huge. I myself and building a sizable set of gear with the idea of procs going off like fireworks. This means a large portion of our parse is coming from these procs, which will no doubt mean a large portion of what our parse used to be from the original spells will no longer be there. Fiery Blast as it stands will benefit much more from T8 gear of higher ability modifier and potency than from an increase in T9 proc gear. This is sad being that T9 is proc damage, and the T9 end line AA ability ignores it.
    Lastly: Spell Double attack is huge for spellcasters. Melee classes can reach almost 100% double attack capacity. This isn't even a pipe dream for spellcasters, we already know there is no possible way for us to approach 100% spell double attack. An endline ability to ignore something so important for us to even have is shameful. I know that other classes have double attack capacity for their Sentinel's Fate professional endline AA ability. Singling out Fiery Blast when even if it did double attack wouldn't match what others have is more salt in an already festering wound.