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Discussion in 'Wizard' started by ARCHIVED-mirage06, Mar 18, 2010.

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    Hailstorm doesn't stack, casting another one on a mob that already has one overwrites it.
    Higher level Ice Comet stun component blocks lower level Ice Comet (would not take effect or whatever it says). Also, higher level Flames of Velious slow component blocks lower level Flames of Velious (same message about no effect or smth).
    Fiery Blast doesn't seem to terminate correctly if there's more than one cast on the mob. Or it terminates and then adds its damage to the Fiery Blast cast later. The wizard that cast the first Fiery Blast gets no credit for their blast while the wizard that cast the second one gets added bonus. While this may seem appealing to some, I doubt it's intended to work that way. If it was intended, it's annoying but then again, adding more than 2 wizards into the situation, one could generate one hell of a nuke.

    After writing this down, I'm taking bets on how soon this will get fixed if at all. For my own part, I've been bugging Hailstorm specifically for several weeks now and I'm thinking of making a notepad file for the bug report text and just copy/paste it every day or something.
    The bug sticky thread here doesn't seem to get updated very often lately (aug 22 2008 lol) so I don't have very high hopes of this reaching the people that could do something about these gay stacking issues. If someone knows a better way or a way that has a higher % chance of getting stuff actually fixed it'd be great.
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    I completely agree. These stacking issues are incredibly annoying.
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    Yes I have to agree with these problems as well. The way things stand right now it's so frustrating having more than 1 wizard on a raid that I'm seriously tempted to ask to sit. I mean, a wizard that has slower casting speeds will always end up with more ticks of hailstorm because he's stealing mine simply because he casts his later each time. Not cool. Plus the ice comet blocking is beyond annoying.
    Is this being looked at at all?
    I really hope these problems get addressed soon. Please.
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    We're currently looking into Hail Storm not stacking properly when used by two wizards.
    Due to the nature of Fiery Blast, we're making it so it cannot be cast by two wizards at exactly the same time. Your recast will not be used - the spell will simply tell you it cannot be cast until the other wizard's Fiery Blast has terminated.
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    Xelgad wrote:
    Can you please make it so we get the message before the spell finishes casting? It's going to end up being really annoying if we start casting Fiery Blast only to have it complete and then be told that it wouldn't take effect. Much better to see the icon grayed out, or just click it and get the message immediately so we don't waste any time on it.
    Also, what about the stacking issues with Iceshield?
    And -- I guess this doesn't count as stacking but hey -- any chance you can consolidate the Fireshape/Iceshape AAs into the spells they're meant to affect (Surge of Ro and Frigid Gift respectively), so that we don't need to macro them together any more?

  7. ARCHIVED-Scythien Guest

    HS: Woot! About time!
    FB: I hope at least this is a tempory fix until you can find a way to have them both casted at the same time.It would suck to find you have all your spells timed up to find a big 'nuh-uh' on Blast. Guess I'll stick to the same way I'm doing it now with a /tell macro attatched.
    X-Shape: Turning the AA into an additional effect on to the corresponding abilty would be a winning change. Any wizard with a brain should macro/cast Surge&Fire and FG&Ice together if specced for them. This as a change would make having to cast both less of a nuisance.
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    With only have 10s to do your bit with FB up + it giving no recovery time means when a wizzy hits it, we don't have time to to sit and think for a second if it hit. We gotta hit it and have a spell que'd up to insta cast the second our FB hits. This is a god awful fix for it and I would probably do more dps just having my FB hit stolen than screwing up my order cause I saved temp buffs for FB, then hit it, noticed it didnt hit...then I wasted good nukes and temp buffs for when FB is actually ready 7s later....

    Its awesome you guys are looking into this but that fix is really really bad for FB. I'm not so selfish that I'd rather both wizards have their dps/cast order screwed with than one wizard being credited to the ultimate FB. In the end were still contributing dps to the raid, whoever gets credited for it. This will actually prolly make 2 wizards add less dps to the raid if they are screwing around the crap focused around this spell after the fix.

    I was also un-aware that ice shield is having stacking issues..
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    Making Fiergy Blast uncastable while another wizards is active is a completely unacceptable solution for me. It's already only worth using when certain spells are up and ready to be cast. Every other class gets huge, free-damage, single-click abilities and ours gets penalized four ways:
    1. Have to squeeze in as much damage as possible for 10 seconds (through interrupts and knockbacks, etc.)
    2. A ton of the damage we do isn't even counted towards the nuke (procs, double hits, dot ticks, etc.)
    3. It can't crit or double (unlike the abilities of other classes)
    4. And now you're saying it can be blocked by another wizard using the same ability?
    I guess I just don't get it. We already have an endline that makes the mob immune - manaburn. Not we're going to be the only class in the game that has two? I hope this isn't your final answer as far as a solution goes for this ability.
  10. ARCHIVED-Haciv Guest

    LOL, I raid with 2 other wizards. Rotating MB is already a joygasm, can't wait to do it with FB!
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    Thank you for your feedback. For the moment, we're going to go forward with preventing the casting of a second wizard's Fiery Blast when the first one is active on the target. This will trigger before the cast - the only time this will trigger at the end of the cast is if two wizard's start casting at almost the same time.
    We do intend to look into further changes to this ability and see if we can't make it work with two Fiery Blasts running concurrently.
  12. ARCHIVED-Pelius Guest

    Tenneth@Splitpaw wrote:
    I think the best thing to do is petition it but S.O.E. are up to thier necks in petitions atm so it may take a while.
  13. ARCHIVED-Mythal_EQ2 Guest

    Xelgad wrote:
    Xelgad, since Fiery Blast as it currently works is only broken with regards to who gets credited the damage, and not about how much damage it inflicts, why can't you just leave it as is -- and not mess up everyone's damage output or ability -- until a proper fix is found?
    Not saying that a fix should not be found, but changing it this way will, in many cases, make our experience a lot less enjoyable instead of improving things, for who knows how long. Just leave it unchanged until such time as it can be fixed properly.

  14. ARCHIVED-thajoka Guest

    Xelgad wrote:
    As somebody else said - you can cut the middle-man process and just wait for the fix. We would RATHER have it in its current broken state than the more obnoxious state you are speaking of....cant you just save yourself the time and leave it until you find the real fix like you suggest you are going to do anyway? I don't see the point in anybody putting in man-power to change a broken spell to a broken spell. We like Broken version A, pass on broken version B please =/
  15. ARCHIVED-mirage06 Guest

    One option I could see myself is to have fiery blast put a buff on the wizard themselves and it'd work much the same way. The buff is cast, you nuke stuff till it runs out and then you either get the damage added as a proc to the next spell or maybe something like bards victorious concerto, a second ability the wizard can cast lateron.
  16. ARCHIVED-Prrasha Guest

    Pelius wrote:
    That's actually the worst thing to do.
    /bug is for bugs. /feedback is for requesting changes that aren't bugs. /petition is for things specific to your character (or your group or raid, but with the 2-5 day lag times in GM workload, there's not much use in /petitioning most mob or zone problems right now.)
    There is nothing the GMs can do for a spell-stacking issue; they aren't the coders. The only effect of filing a /petition for one is to make all the people with legitimate petitions wait even longer while the GMs wade through these bogus ones.
  17. ARCHIVED-ericman Guest

    Fiery Blast needs to be reworked into something that gives more consistent damage. Make it on-par with what you gave the conjuror. It boggles the mind anyway that someone's wizard pet has a bigger nuke than any of the real wizards.
  18. ARCHIVED-Xelgad Guest

    We sent a stacking fix over to QA to make this work when two wizards cast the spell at the same time. If it passes the QA check, it should be on live servers soon. Otherwise, we have a bit more work to do.
  19. ARCHIVED-Bright_Morn Guest

    Xelgad, please read the thread to understand why we do not want this fix put into place. Also, other changes with reasons have been suggested and put forth. Please pass these along to whomever needs to see them.
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    Taliesan@Unrest wrote:
    Wait... you mean you don't want them to be able to be cast at the same time and stack? :)
    (That's what my post meant, for clarification. We've sent a fix over to QA that will allow wizards to cast this spell at the same time and the damage will be attributed to the correct wizard.)