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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Jeslan, Feb 7, 2022.

  1. Jeslan New Member

    I've consolidated most of my furniture in one of the new house item depots THANK YOU!!!

    However, I have a lot of heirloom furniture that won't store in the depot. I noticed i have multiple stacks of the same stackable items (such as ebony drawers) - two stacks of two each, and such. Why are these stackable items not stacking?
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  2. Denmum Developer

  3. Jeslan New Member

    sorry, didn't mean to confuse things. I understand heirloom won't go into the depot, but i have a lot of heirloom items left over in my bank.

    I noticed that some of these heirloom items are stackable, but are not stacking as it should - such as two stacks of ebony drawers, instead of being able to make 1 stack of 4. Is there something I can do so they do stack properly? I looked at the link above but it's discussing what can or cannot stack or go into the depot. These are stackable, but not stacking.
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  4. Caith Developer

    If you have two identical items that will not stack, it could be due to them having different serialized data. Serialized data is data recorded on the item by the game world. Some examples would be creator tags (old example), or coin value overrides, etc. If an item does not have identical serialized data, it cannot stack, as a stack of items is actually just a single item in the DB, with a count, so it would lose data from one of the items if it did stack.
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  5. Beee Well-Known Member

    If a box has a temporary heirloom flag, we unpack the box, the rewards have no optical temporary heirloom flag but they still have the mentioned different serialized data for the time of the original temporary flag.

    So they are stackable after the times runns out and the serialized data is removed.

    This behavior causes a lot of stackable problems, but they vanish after a week or so ;)
  6. Jeslan New Member

    I've had these items for years, they don't stack properly. groups of the same item name