ST: Forgotten Catacombs [Advanced Solo] - Frost bugged?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gneaux, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Gneaux Active Member

    I was trying to finish up that blasted signature questline and am on ST Forgotten Catacombs. I read the thread where Frost seemed to be bugged in the heroic instance, but I can't seem to kill Frost in the solo version either. When he casts Pile Driver, I threw a globe at him,, beat on the pillar like the scipt says to do (I am a fury and my merc is the assassin).

    What happens is first I can't send my merc in to attack the pillar,, it keeps attacking Frost,, once the globe is thrown and pillar deactivated,, I throw every big nuke I have at the pillar, and nothing seems to happen. Either I am doing something terribly wrong, or this mob/instance is bugged.
  2. GrouchyMouse Active Member

    I had similar with my merc. I just let the Quis tank while my Coercer and the Possessed Essence pet beat on the pillar. It was slow, but it does work...or did for me. It seems to be really hit and miss with folks.
  3. Estred Well-Known Member

    I have actually killed the pillar only to have the regen-buff not be removed thankfully an illy guildmate and myself were enough to burn through the script. I love how you can buddy up with a friend for these zones.
  4. Kahonen Active Member

  5. Gneaux Active Member

    Ok, I've read the updates notes for the patch going in on Monday. Any ETA on getting the pillars fixed because I can not progress with this quest line until that zone gets fixed.
  6. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    It should go in with the next fix, even though it's not noted. (It's happened before)
  7. Kube New Member

  8. Sucuri Active Member

    Did this fight 2 nights ago, intrupted his spell, broke the pillars, did it twice and he was dead. Might just be buged for a few people? Seemed to be working fine for my beastlord (wasn't even watching to see what my pet or merc were doing).
  9. Gideon Member

    i just did it this morning and it worked, only had to kill 1 pillar and he went down easy.
    the only bug that i seen was still there was the mercs still dont attack mobs unless its set to assist, or protect and a mob is hitting you and the merc wont attack a pillar, ever.
  10. SteelPiston Active Member

  11. Steventhearmy New Member

    Frost and those pillars just do not like Furies I guess lol. Just tried it again, the pillars take minor damage but just regen back to 100%.
  12. Sucuri Active Member

    Might be an issue with caster classes maybe? My guildies who are mages / priests are complaining about this fight, while the fighters / scout classes seem to have 0 issues bringing the pillar down....
  13. Sheene Member

    It's not bugged, my main, a raid geared troub, managed it fine but when it came to my alts... Well, my poor warden with average heroic gear who can heal just fine but doesn't make the parse... He was toast. His useless paladin Merc died far too easy and the effort to heal him wasn't worth it when he won't attack the pillar. As for attacking the pillar itself: I have to interrupt his spell, find the pillar and the most I got it down to was 85% before I was bounced around the room to repeat the process with a 100% pillar.

    I'm sure I would have got it eventually if instead of the lootable globes we get (8) we got 1 with infinite attempts. Otherwise, I'll be living in Sleeper's Tomb renewing the zone to collect the globes... That's not going to happen. So, all those healer alts we have don't have a snowball's chance of being playable characters. And, if I can't advance a character... he's a tradeskiller or not playable. I certainly won't be dragging my warden out of his box to help some guildies in a heroic instance if he can't loot the obals. Not happy.
  14. Granitemonkey59 New Member

    Someone may have already noticed and posted this if so Im sorry for reposting it 8). I notice on the way to frost as I killed each contruct a Antonomous spirit core came out and went to the next contruct. It is attackable and seems to power them up. I killed the core on the way to frost. The last contruct just at frost the same thing core came out and went into frost before I could kill it powering him to. Maybe thats why he;s so unkillable to other players. Just a thought. Its at least something to try . I just killed him with only 1 pillar down and it went down easy. 93 monk templar merc. ok geared. I think the core thing might have something to do with it.
  15. GrouchyMouse Active Member

    Yah, a guildee noticed that and began to kill the spirits as they headed down. I noticed the pillars died a bit faster and he would drop a bit easier.

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