Sprocket Spectaculaire - by Stellacious {Video Tour}

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  1. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Title: Sprocket Spectaculaire - by Stellacious
    Decorator: Stellacious
    Owner: Stellacious
    Server: Skyfire
    Address: Sprocket's Interlocking Plane, Qeynos
    Category: Hall of Fame

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  2. Stellacious Member

    Hi Oaky,

    Thanks for doing this personal home of mine, Sprocket Spectaculaire.

    The home I did for a veteran friend is currently listed under Hall of Fame on Skyfire. Filter the word "crown" there to easily find it.
    Working with the games Dhalgar Precipice of the Deep home, and adding to the rock formation heads - I have built a crown on the heads large enough to support a home inside up top. Other regular areas of the home have also been decorated.

    Thanks again,
    Stellacious :)
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