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  1. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    It actually does work similarly to acupuncture in that respect and I do know someone that also plays EQ2 that uses a lot of symbolic meditation to help with healing and she has a couple of tattoos that she focuses on when she meditates that she believes helps her to move the pain away certain areas and out of her body.
  2. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Good Morning ROAD TRIPPERS!!!!

    Yesterday was another outstanding day on the SPRING ROAD TRIP!!!! Breanna, Uwkete, Schmet, and I went to Pussycat Tattoos as I had a 10 am appointment with Dirk Vermin for 2 very special tattoos (yes, I had to step out of character for these). Are we ready for the big reveal? My oldest daughter drew both of these for me, the extremely large one runs from my mid-back at the Thoracic Spine all the way down to the Pelvis at the base of the Lumbar Spine and from hip to hip, the smaller one is on my left shoulder blade these two finish off my back as I already had one on my right shoulder blade and one that ran from the between the shoulder blades starting at the Cervical Spine to the Thoracic Spine. Here they are:

    *removes her cover up, is wearing a halter type armor top like Firiona Vie and turns to show the ROAD TRIPPERS*

    The small shoulder blade tattoo is a Leprechaun standing by a large pot of gold at the end of a rainbow with 4-leaf clover all around him. The large back piece is an exact portrait replica of Captain Jack Sparrow, it looks just like Johnny Depp!!! My younger daughter has the same exact tattoo in the same exact place, just not done by my favorite tattoo artist Dirk Vermin.

    Remember tonight is dinner in the Steak House at 7 pm!!! Tomorrow is the Captain's Pub at 6 pm followed by dinner at the Captain's Table at 7:30 pm where we will have a complete slide show and video show of our entire ROAD TRIP!!!!

    Lets all have a great day ROAD TRIPPERS. Get your outfits made so you have them for tomorrow night. Or get back to the Outfitters and have them altered if need be.
  3. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Heh! GMTA! :D

  4. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    He wants to dress as Captain Obvious ?
  5. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    What can I say, he likes blue. :)

  6. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I like Captain Obvious. He is funny.
  7. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Good Morning ROAD TRIPPERS!!!!

    Here we are, Saturday, our ROAD TRIP is coming to an end *sniffles*. But this ROAD TRIP will be really hard to beat. I do hope Schmet, Pijotre, and Uwkete have their thinking caps on for SPRING ROAD TRIP (by airship) 2020 on so they can get some really cool sites down for us. I know I have my lists for Ireland, England, and Scotland already underway. If anybody else has any ideas, start making your lists, the plan I believe is to hit the Caribbean Islands first, then zip all the way across to Australia and New Zealand, then zip all the way up and over and begin our European Adventure in Greece. I was thinking maybe a brief stop in Indonesia to see the komodo dragons, but the thought of all that slobber and the possibility of a bite that could rot a body part right off is less than appealing. Gero is in charge of commandeering us the state of the art in Airships with the largest capacity holds available in virtual airships, and of course the top of the line in everything geeky and nerdy!! I will make sure we have plenty of Cabana Boys and French Maids, Bakers, and Chefs, so that we are in the utmost of comfort on our road trip. I will also make sure that after our destinations are planned that we have ground travel so that we can port from our airship to actually travel and see the sites. I think it goes without saying, our time warps will be fully engaged the entirety of our ROAD TRIP (by airship) as we will not even be trackable by radar so we can zip around at will!!! If nobody else knows anything about Greece and Rome, I can do those as well as my native Ireland and the Spousal Unit's native lands. I think Breanna should be in charge of the Cabana Boys and Uwkete should be in charge of the chefs, Schmet should be in charge of the bakers, and Pijotre should be in charge of the French Maids!!! I already did the smart thing and invited 8 of my friends that are still Prison guards on the SPRING ROAD TRIP (by airship) 2020 and they will be watching our friends that do not behave well when they are "brought" onto the ROAD TRIP less than enthusiastically.

    Remember tonight at 6 pm cocktails at the Captain's Pub followed by dinner at 7:30 pm at the Captain's Table. This is where everybody should be wearing the outfits that they got with their vouchers from the Outfitters'. This is where we will get to see the slide shows and the video presentations of our entire SPRING ROAD TRIP 2019!!! I cannot wait. I have no clue what is on the slides or the videos. I just hired the company to covertly take them.

    Lets have another great day ROAD TRIPPERS, its our next to the last day.

    Remember SUMMER ROAD TRIP 2019 begins on Saturday, 20 July 2019, right outside your front door. You will receive an invitation in the mail by July 10, all you need to do is RSVP and a Cabana Boy will be at your door to port you and your belonging to the DBG Studios on 20 July 2019.
  8. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I think we should put the (oops I'll probably spell or say this wrong) 6 flags over Norrath on our schedule it looks really cool so far.
  9. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Sounds good to me to.
  10. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I am feeling's so much better's after the bat costume failed so bad on me's.
    I had's some physical therapy on's The Rack to's help me's stretch a little.
    hmm I's think's I am now 10 cm taller than I's was before. ( and don't tell me it does not work that way, I am a toon , and I am loony .)
    The outfitters had pity on me's and gave me another ticket , this time's I 's asked them's to make's me a princess outfit , boring ,I's knows but you will see's I's look cutes.
  11. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Good Morning ROAD TRIPPERS!!!

    Our SPRING ROAD TRIP has come to and end. I apologize for my suspicious absence yesterday but after repeatedly saying farewell to fellow ROAD TRIPPERS that we not staying our final night, I fled to my room so that I did not have to say any more farewells.

    But on a brighter note, the cocktail hour at the Captain's Pub on Saturday and the dinner following at the Captain's Table was outstanding. I think it was the best meal we had on the entire trip. Every food we had all on the same table at the same time along with specialties of the house!!!! The slides and the videos were memorable, I saw things that I did not see on the trip. Pictures of Pijotre and Ttobey and the French Maids while they were in the hot tubs and the French Maids were waiting on them like they were kings. Prox hanging on to the top of the bus for dear life when Ttobey was having the anvil drop he thought would kill us all, silly Ttobey thinking it would be that easy. Pixi hunting big game with her bows at the various Animal Safari Parks. I totally missed the Ostrich that was trying to take Gninja and he was attempting to stealth and couldn't because it was interrupting him. I also didn't see the giraffe wrap its neck around Caith and slurp all over his face, he had more giraffe slobber on him than Breanna did!!!

    You all did a fantastic job selecting your outfits. I loved your Batrat outfit Schmet, I am sorry the Outfitters' let Gnomish craftsmen design and construct it. But your princess outfit was beautiful. Breanna you make a gorgeous Fairy Godmother and I believe you made all of our dreams come true, we had the best ROAD TRIP ever. Uwkete, you and the Hubster were a perfect matched pair looking like tin soldiers you in Black and Red and the Hubster in Deep Blue with Red Epulets with Black Trim. Gero, at first I thought you were coming as Jimmy Buffet, then I realized, you were Jimi Hendrix when I saw the Dreads!!! I of course chose Captain Jack Sparrow, because of the tattoo and because even though my hair is flame red, its 53 inches long so I did not need a wig, they just used my own hair and styled it like his. I hope Ttobey likes his new back piece tattoo with all our names in that giant heart. He might be a bit mad at first since I had to slip him that micky in his food to get him Dirk Vermin Sunday morning, but I am sure he will love it!!

    I had the time of my life!!! I hope all of you did as well. Here is to hoping that SPRING ROAD TRIP 2020 (by Airship) comes close if not out does this one!!!

    Remember, SUMMER ROAD TRIP 2019 begins on Saturday, 20 July 2019, at your own front door. Invitations will begin arriving by mail on Monday, 08 July 2019, all you need to do is RSVP and a Cabana Boy will be at your door with a luggage hauler to gather you and your luggage and transport you to DBG Studios. Our first stop will be Kennedy Space Center in Florida. So if you have anything else you would like to see in Florida that we may have missed on our SPRING ROAD TRIP, send in your requests now. We may even do a couple more days at Epcot!!!

    See you soon everybody!!
  12. Breanna Well-Known Member

    It was great fun! I can't believe there was so much to do and see. I loved all the pictures they had, I really liked the one of the Kracken picking up Ttobey and shaking him. I think we all missed that since we were out touring in the wilderness.

    I also want to thank all the Cabana Boys and French Maids for all their help, and especially the chef's for all the fabulous food they made us.

    Can't wait for Summer road trip ;)
  13. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Thank you, @Cyrrena, for planning such a fun road trip! Looking forward to summer. :)
  14. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I had fun ( as he returns to his old geezer look. ).
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  15. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    It was a blast! And by virtue of our ultimate July 20th destination, I have no doubt that will be, too... ;->

    who will do his big scary kitty best to keep the chefs in line (while the way smaller female player giggles from the sidelines... ;->)
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  16. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    ok here is a list of places just for Florida alone to begin with
    Briscayne National Park, the biggest marine park in the US .Castillo de San Markos and Fort Matanzas the nations oldest settlement.
    if we go back to Epcot we should at least stay one night at the airport hotel , it's really cool.
    any of Florida's lighthouses, Sunshine Skyway bridge a marvel,
    Gatorland ,
    Florida or the Gold Coast Railroad Museum,
    any of the Seminole or Miccosukee resevations
    the Everglades and go on a air boat ride Shark Valley, and Everglad City.
    go down the Keys.
  17. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Thank you Schmet, some great ideas here.
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  18. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I heard Gearoblue made a prototype of the next years air ship just a smaller version
    we could go on a week or so trip to the Caribbean and find out if that air ship is working right or if we should look for a different design.
    We could come back over the golf of Mexico and visit the states on the bay
    Alabama , Mississipi and Lousiana , than go back on land in Texas.
    I will find some special places to see in those states.
  19. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Been to the Keys, been to a little place on the Gulf side of Florida called Sanibel Island (beautiful at the coast, about 85 F water temp, about 6' deep for a distance of several hundred meters [if memory serves], but a Federal Mosquito Preserve inland :-/), lived in central Florida for almost a year. It's a lovely state if you don't mind humidity! :D

    who also thinks those are awesome suggestions :)
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  20. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    the Caribbean's are to the east Australia to the west , do we should go to Hawaii than to New Zealand and Australia
    go over Asia and head north to Europe for next years trip.

    For the up coming trip I got some ideas for Alabama
    Montgomery - the Museum of Alabama
    historic Selma
    Street art and murals
    breweries lots of them , there is a trail that takes you to all breweries and some interesting shops and bars
    Huntsville Craft Beer Trail.
    the space camp
    The Conrad Swanson Observatory

    the Gulf State Park
    rent a bike or go hike or jog , there are lots of trails that take you all around a very interesting landscape
    but watch out for the alligators when near the water , they like to hunt fast food.

    the city of Birmingham
    Civil rights Institute
    "the Vulcan" the largest cast iron statue in the world
    and lots of kinds of southern food to try.
    Negro South League Museum

    must see the Unclaimed Baggage Center ( Scottsdale )
    I wonder if they got my luggage I lost at's the beginning of's the last trip.
    if any of you forgot anything you might find's it here.

    Orang Beach

    Little River Canyon and Falls
    if your in a hurry there is a 11 mile scenic drive.
    I think this place is to beauty full just to drive through.

    I am sure there is more to be seen , but remembering the last trip we got lot's of places to visit.

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