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  1. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Well, I don't have the actual rockets, of course, just 3D puzzles, toys, etc.; the Stage 1 section is 33' in diameter, after all, in RL, and dozens of feet tall (did get the chance to see them fitting a couple of pieces of that together, either for Apollo 15 or 16 [not sure which; I was way younger then], at the VAP in Cape Kennedy/Canaveral)... ;->

    I'm with you, Cy; this virtual tour is the only time I've ever "been" to DW, vs. DL. I just hope they still have the 360 Degree Circle Vision theater in Florida, since they have a lot less land in California to hang onto older stuff with. :-/ And as much as I like Star Wars (first trilogy, Phantom Menace [Darth Maul! :D], and Rogue One; rest are meh, imho), I'd prefer to see it with its own park, rather than taking over everything there is in Anaheim. :-/

    And Uwk himself already has some Pirate gear; getting the rest as Appearance duds shouldn't be any great stretch! It'll be fun! :D

    Arrgh! ;)
  2. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Good Morning ROAD TRIPPERS!!!!

    I am with you Uwkete, I wish they would leave Disneyland alone, just keep refreshing and refurbishing but leave it classic, put the new stuff in Florida. Better yet, maybe build an entirely new park somewhere in between. Not everybody is rolling in dough and can take the family to one of the coasts for a vacation, maybe as Pixi said in another thread, Kansas, perhaps Disney and Universal should look at building parks in the "heartland"? I know for myself, I prefer the first 3 Star Wars movies which are 4, 5, and 6 in the 9 pack.

    Back to Epcot, I have my Pirate Ensemble on and a Parrot on my shoulder (got the Parrot from an LoN loot card *giggles*), who is with me, ARGH me matey's we be takin' over Epcot!!! I could live in this place, I really never want to leave. I could keep one of the top of the line gaming laptops from the buses and just move into a cozy little out of the way nook here!!!

    I have scheduled cocktail hour at 6 pm, this is a blowout cocktail hour, I have hired World Class Mixologists, and its actually 90 minutes, dinner is scheduled for 7:30 pm. If you have any special requests, the chefs and the bakers have asked that you get them in by 3 pm.

    Our Park Hopper Passes are good through tomorrow, so you can continue to visit any of the Disney Parks lists in your guest materials through tomorrow night at midnight when all of the parks close. Then Wednesday morning we port to our Super Secret Final Stop that only I know on our SPRING ROAD TRIP. Tomorrow night, I will be extending invitations and giving porting information to all of your loved ones, but they will not know the destination, just where they can get a port to the destination if they wish to join you.

    Remember, the SUMMER ROAD TRIP begins on Saturday, 20 July 2019, portals will be available from your homes to the DBG Studios in San Diego, California at 6 am and we will port from there at 7 am to Kennedy Space Center in Florida!!!

    *casts the group Speed Buff and begins her Pirate Swagger carrying a bottle of Rum* ARGH!!! Lets take over Epcot!!!!
  3. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    To quote a certain jazz piano player "The piano has been drinking, not me". Ye Olde Gravel Voice.
  4. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Good Morning ROAD TRIPPERS!!!!

    Here it is, our last day at the Disney Parks!!! Not sure what to do today, spend a couple more hours at Disney World then head back to Epcot? Choices, they are not my best friend, but we do have our warps in place so I guess that would be the best option!!!! I found this shop at Disney World to take Schmet to, but I haven't seen her since our propeller beanie outing to Epcot. If anybody sees her, nab her, I think she will really like it!!!

    I got us all new outfits in case we went to Epcot again today, well I knew we would, seems we all prefer Epcot!!!! I don't think anybody will recognize us at all. *passes out Lederhosen, Dirndl, and Tyrolean Hats* These outfits would work for Disney World as well!! I got everybody these wonderful carry-all bags to, so in case you don't want to wear your wonderful new outfits all day, you can put them in the carry all, they all have your names imprinted on them and they have a button to press, so when you are done wearing your new outfit, press the button and *poof* a Cabana boy will be at your side to take your bag back to the bus for you, you can also put small purchases in the bag if you choose to wear your outfit all day or with your outfit and return them to the buses. *passes out the carry-all bags* If you want your bag returned to you, just tell the Cabana Boys to drop your items in your bus area and return the bag to you!! I found a neat little shop at Epcot a few days ago that was able to whip those bags up for us, they even say SPRING ROAD TRIP 2019 on them.

    I have scheduled a full blow-out cocktail hour and dinner tonight beginning at 6 pm. We have the World Class Mixologists again. And everybody, Chefs, Bakers, Bartenders, Cabana Boys, and Mixologists have been told to pull out all the stops and make every single dish and drink that everybody has requested over the course of the ROAD TRIP since day 1. And Schmet, a special surprise for you, I have hired a World Class Austrian Chef and a World Class Austrian Baker to make some of your favorite dishes as a way to say thank you for inviting all of us to your home. And since I know we all love chocolate, I have also hired a World Class Chocolatier!!!! Oh this may be the best dinner we have ever had tonight!!!!

    Our Park Hopper Passes are good through midnight tonight when all the Disney Parks close, you may visit as many of them as you like. Tomorrow morning, since we are porting, I will say lets sleep in. At 9 am, we will be porting to the Final Super Secret only Cyrrena knows destination on the SPRING ROAD TRIP. I contacted all of your family and friends and gave them information on contacts for a port to the destination so they may join you, if they wish. I assure you, everybody will be Gobsmacked!!!!

    Now lets get going and have a great last day on the SPRING ROAD TRIP 2019 *casts the group speed buff*
  5. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Yodel, yea, heee, Who ?
  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Have you seen Uwekete in his Lederhose yea show those knees
    In another game I used to play we got international cloaks at least for Europe and on another we got soccer dhirts and shorts
    for the different teams . I wished we could get at least cloaks with different flags on them , but that would be just a lot of work.
    She sells seashells by the seashore , I am going of to the shore I found some Othmire there having a lobster and abalone
    shell feast.
  7. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    Its pretty hilarious imagining all the virtual tourists running amok in the 98 degree / 11.2 UV index weather in Orlando right now. Don't forget to stop by Haulover Park in Miami... (winkyface.jpg)
  8. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    we's are toons , we's are like bugs bunny we can makes it rain or snow's when's we want's watch out Zeddi
    incoming snowball ( the size of a cat ).
  9. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Good Afternoon ROAD TRIPPERS!!!

    Here we are!!! The final destination on our SPRING ROAD TRIP!!!! We have the entire top two floors of the Treasure Island Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada through Sunday night. You may stay the entire time or if you have to go, you may depart for home early!! Your loved ones will be arriving as they can if they wish to join you throughout the day and night. We have VIP passes to all the amenities and shows. In each of your rooms, you will find a welcome folder with information on how to book reservations for whatever shows you may wish to see. Everybody has been given a voucher and vouchers for their loved ones to go to the Outfitters on the second floor and have a custom outfit made for them, it takes about 24 hours so you will wish to go as soon as possible, this includes footwear and hats.

    I have booked the Steak House for us at 7 pm on Friday Night. I have booked us the Captains Pub at 6 pm on Saturday night followed by dinner at the Captain's Table at 7:30 pm.

    This has been a fantastic ROAD TRIP. At the Captain's Table on Saturday night, they will be having a slide show and a video presentation of highlights of our entire trip!!! I cannot wait to see all of these.

    Lets make the most of our last few days together ROAD TRIPPERS!!! Remember, the SUMMER ROAD TRIP begins on Saturday, 20 July 2019, right at your own front door, just RSVP to your invitation and a Cabana Boy will be at your home to port you to the DBG Studios.
  10. Breanna Well-Known Member

    O I can't wait to see the slide show that is going to be awesome!!!! Then we can prove to ttobey that he did not kill us all when he dropped that anvil on the bus. And also that the kracken didn't get us. There will be proof.

    The steak dinner sounds good too. I've eaten a lot of steak on this road trip. I keep having the chef's make me steak almost every time. There was a few times I went Mexican and Italian though.
  11. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I's went to the outfitter and got's a bat suit I's going to haves to try it's out tomorrow , I's goings to be a flying ratonga.
    What anvil ? OHH the rubber inflatable one .
    He lured that kraken out of the ocean who became our barkeeper for the night I wonder how he made that octogorgon so angry , probably told him his wife was sushi.
  12. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Well, considering they have the digitigrade models for Kerra (sort of; the feet are actually plantigrade, like human feet, but the upper legs are much shorter), they're probably a lot higher up than you might expect... ;->

    who'd get a Welsh flag/cloak, at least... ;->
  13. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    How big a cat... ;->

    based on a lion for his Kerra form, so at least he's used to humid heat...his player would be less than happy (and having lived in Florida in RL, I was miserable pretty much most of the time...gimme a desert any day ;->)
  14. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    WOOT! I'll have to check with Da Hubster to see what kind of outfit he'd want, but gimme a black and red ensemble... ;->

  15. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I want to be a fairy godmother so I can make all our wishes come true :D LOL
  16. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I think most of my wishes came true on this ROAD TRIP!!!! This one was so much better than last years even though we did have a great time last year. We still need more destinations for our SUMMER ROAD TRIP. And SPRING ROAD TRIP (by Airship) 2020 is going to be awesome!!!!
  17. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Good Morning ROAD TRIPPERS!!!!

    I know, I know, nobody is awake in the morning in Vegas, but I am a raging insomniac, so morning or night, I am typically awake. Has everybody had a chance to visit the outfitter? If not, make that a priority today!!! It is Thursday so you will want that outfit by Saturday, I think it would be fantastic if everybody came to our dinner on Saturday night in their outfit!!!!

    I have an appointment this morning in about an hour and 15 minutes with Dirk Vermin over at Pussycat Tattoo if anybody would like to join me. He is doing two very special tattoos for me and I wanted them done by him and nobody else. I hope Ruckus is there for some fun chatter!!

    Vegas is so much more fun when you have all the virtual currency you want to spend!!! I want to see Luxor and Excalibur again and the Tropicana and MGM Grand again!!!! Oh so much to see and do. Harley Davidson is down at the other end of the strip but not downtown. I have never been into Paris. Cesar's Palace was never my cup o' tea.

    *Shouts for Breanna, Schmet, and Uwkete, so they can go and get tattoos at Pussycat Tattoo with her!!!*

    Lets have another great day ROAD TRIPPERS, who cannot have fun in Vegas when its Virtual Money?
  18. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Good grief its hot here. (Opens a pocket universe portal where it snows all day every day.)

    Goes in for a few seconds, ducks back out. Quack.

    Too cold to stay there, and I don't like ice on my skull, but it does cool me off a bit.

    Step right through, but don't stay for long. You could become an icicle.
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  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    it was really hot in Florida at least here it's dry heat
    hmm tattoos how about one that says " don't open till Frostfell "
    But I just got my costume about 10 minutes ago and tried it out .
    amm I think they need to alter it a little , I am a lot more round in the middle and a lot shorter.
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  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Da Hubster wants a brilliant, deep blue outfit, with red epaulets and black trim. So we'll match, a little. ;->

    Hmm...tattoos. As Uwk DaKit or as me, the player? I think Uwk would think he's perfect just as he is: feline, with the markings he got as a cub, but he'll come along for emotional support (or baggage, or whatever ;->). Maybe some reminiscent cub spots here and there; maybe something that looks like a mane, since in Norrath, even lion-based Kerra don't have manes. Sigh. :(

    As for the player, I've been debating for quite some time now about getting tattoos in chronic pain regions; if acupuncture works, maybe tattoo needles applying something symbolic (like, say, a water faucet, or a waterfall, leading away from the region, getting the pain to flow away by focusing on it) might, too. ;->

    who really, really loves dry heat :D

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