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  1. ttobey Developer

    Oh joy let's shall we?
  2. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    watch out ttobey will cram you into the next spacecraft and watch you get launched Cyrrena.
    Poor ttobey we love you anyway <3
  3. ttobey Developer

    Now there's an idea!
  4. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Monday is good for me :)

    Sounds like it works for Ttobey too I didn't know he was coming on the Summer Road trip too.
  5. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Uhm, which calendar are we using ? Mine show June 22, 2019 is a Saturday. Monday is the 24th.

    I used to dream of being an astronaut. Now, I prefer the idea of a starship. About that big.
  6. Edelphia Active Member

    In Cottonwood AZ is a great wildlife park called Out of Africa. They take in all kinds of big cats and have a great zipline tour.
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  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Why the 22nd? The 20th (Saturday) is Moon Landing Day. :)

  8. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Good Morning ROAD TRIPPERS!!!

    We are all still in Orlando doing our final days of the SPRING ROAD TRIP with our Park Hopper Passes for the Disney Parks. Personally, I love Epcot the most followed by Disney World. I am going back to Epcot today!! Anybody want to come with me?? I have scheduled a cocktail hour for us at 6 pm and dinner at 7 pm, we are calling this one a Celebration of Steak, Cheese, and Bread!!! I have told the chefs and the bakers to go all out for this one!!!! I did like the Disney Wild Animal Safari and I still think the little Chipmunk friend that Schmet has now is adorable. Has anybody else seen them asleep together, they are so cute!!

    Tomorrow I am going back to Disney World, I am going at 7 am if anybody would like to join me, Breakfast with Mickey and Friends!!!! We have a group option on our passes. I also want to see their animatronic display of the Presidents like they have at Disneyland and Pirates of the Caribbean, I love that!!!

    *puts on her Tweedle Dee propeller beanie and shouts out for anybody wishing to go to Epcot, casts the group speed buff and waits patiently*

    Oh and you are most certainly correct Uwkete, we should be at Kennedy Space Center on Saturday, 20 July 2019, for the start of the SUMMER ROAD TRIP and welcome aboard Ttobey, I am so glad you are excited about it!!!
  9. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Geo she was saying July.

    I like the pirates of the Caribbean's in California better, there is that big romantic lagoon where you can eat in a outdoor area over looking the lagoon with the ride boats coming through.
    and the ride is better too , it's a 2 story ride and there are some surprises and some adult humor not watered down like in Orlando. the tower of horror is also a little different, and so is it's a small world after all.
    o muahaha if ttobey is not a nice ratonga we could lock him in inside that ride so he can dance with the little dolls and listen to the same song over and over again :D:p;) aren't I a little stinker.
  10. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I'll go too, back to Epcot that was fun :)
  11. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I realized it later. But I am tired most of the time and need to do things besides sit at my computer most of the day. Most of my other hobbies are done on the computer, like talk on forums.
  12. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    (You should see my house in RL...Apollo 11 Saturn 5-1B rockets, books, DVDs, models... :D

    Looking forward to this, later on: https://apollo11show.com/ Gonna be a blast! ;->)

    Normally I'm not getting up at 7 am (these days, it's more like "'Wake up'? Haven't been to sleep yet..."), but in this case, Cy, I'll make an exception! Especially if you're going back to Epcot; my favorite author, Ray Bradbury, had much input in it. :) I'll even wear a Tweedle Dum propeller beanie with ya (and not even look hungrily at Schmett's chipmunk buddy, promise). Breanna, what touristy thing are you gonna wear? ;)

    also a big fan of (California's) Pirates, Haunted Mansion, etc. :D
  13. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Ooh...yes, yes you are, our Butterfly. :)

  14. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Well I want a beanie too of course, that way we can all match ;)
  15. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    we could have a silly beanie parade :D.
  16. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I have a Dr. Who and The Daleks t-shirt. For a supposed movie.
  17. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Good Afternoon ROAD TRIPPERS!!!!

    Our day at Epcot yesterday was legendary!!! It is not often you see a Wood Elf, a Kerra, a Teir Dal, a Ratonga, a Gnome, and a few others walking together wearing Tweedle Dee propeller beanies!!! I just cannot get enough of Epcot, so I know where I will be tomorrow, if anybody wants to plan for that, I might get a new hat for the occasion, I am not the girly type, maybe a pirate hat, ARGH!!!!! Who knows, maybe a full pirate outfit, maybe we could all dress like pirates, I am sure we could get the full Captain Jack Sparrow costume, or some of the others, maybe even Captain Hook?

    Today I am going to compare and contrast the Disney World version of Pirates of the Caribbean, Its a Small World, Bear Country Jamboree, Space Mountain and all the others with the Disneyland versions, since this is the first time I have even been in Florida, let alone Disney World, yet I have been to Disneyland many times, I know what I like, I would not be to shy to send the folks at Disney a letter telling them what they need to improve in Florida!!!! I have already noticed glaring differences in the animatronic presentation of the Presidents from the version in Disneyland. Some of the animatronic models have been changed and not for the better, they look less like the Presidents then the ones in Disneyland and they have added a couple of Presidents that did not do anything notable enough to be on the same stage speaking with the ones that are in that presentation. Lots of work to do today, lots of work!!!!

    I have scheduled our cocktail hour at 6 pm as usual and dinner at 7 pm as usual, tonight our special will be after dinner, we will be having a Celebration of Dessert along with a Foam Party until 10 pm!!!!! Remember our Park Hopper Passes allow you to visit any of the Disney Parks, they are listed in your guests materials packet. All the parks are open from 6 am until midnight. Our passes are good through Tuesday, 25 June 2019.

    Wednesday, 26 June 2019, we are porting to our final, super secret only Cyr knows about, destination on the SPRING ROAD TRIP. The SUMMER ROAD TRIP will be leaving the DBG Studios in San Diego, CA on 20 July 2019 at 7 am PDT and porting to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Ports will be provided from your homes to DBG Studios!!!!

    Lets have a great rest of the Sunday ROAD TRIPPERS!!!!! *recasts the Group Speed Buff and heads off to Pirates of the Caribbean*

    You are one lucky Kerra Uwkete, I would love to see that. I have masters degrees in Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Geology.... they all stemmed from my love of the stars and the moon ….
  18. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    And a Halfling wannabe pirate with a parrot on her shoulder!
  19. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I used to sing and dance,
    then my relatives said Please Stop That !
    So you just have to imagine,
    what it is like,
    Pirates of the Carribean,
    have nothing on me.

    Knot even rope.
  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    From the Peter Cushing era? Yeah, I saw that one...and the other one they did. Oof. :-/

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