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    Was thinking of coming back after a very long time after seeing that the ages end plot had come to a close... to happen upon a wiki entry of Mayong showing up in the new expansion... with the Ewer of Sul'Dae.

    Immediately my head went to the conclusion: was ages end finished in ToV like I thought? The Calendar had the Ankh of the Ydal on its "blue" aspect and back in the day the theory (as I recall) was that Mayong played a key role in the prophecy along with Kerafyrm (the red dragon head)... could it be that there is a second part of this prophecy? I'm assuming that Mayong is planning to try to re-create his extinct race/world... that might certainly qualify as an "ages end" from what I recall of Mistmyr.

    Context appreciated here, I will likely never have time to play this xpac myself (I was just planning on coming back to play through ToV) but now I'm worried that the story I was interested in seeing didn't end where I thought it did.
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    I happened to take screenshots of each of the runes on the Shissar Calendar back in the day. I would link the images but for some reason these forums don't want them to work for me, even if I link from Imgur or another photo hosting site.

    Okay, there's no mention of the Ankh of the Ydal on the calendar, or mention of the Ydal, Ankh, or vampires anywhere as a significant event in Norrath's history.

    "Return of the Kept, The Council of Gods, The Erudite Civil War, The Mating of Fire and Ice, Rise of the First Rallosian Empire, Voyage of the Veilbreaker, Death of Rallos Zek, The Rending, Breach of Deific Planes of Power, Upheaval of Velious, Birth of the Teir'Dal, Fall of the Sebilisian Empire, Discovery of Luclin, Establishment of Human Cities, and Awakening of the Sleeper."

    The runes are listed as follow:

    Red rune, outside, 7 O'clock: Rune of Invasion
    Blue rune, outside, 9 O'clock: Rune of the Vault
    Red rune, outside, 11 O'clock: Rune of Death
    Blue rune, outside, 12 O'clock: Rune of The Scar
    Red rune, outside, 1 O'clock: Rune of Sundering
    Blue rune, outside, 3 O'clock: Rune of Oblivion
    Red rune, outside, 5 O'clock: Rune of Severing
    Blue rune, outside, 6 O'clock: Rune of The Combine
    Red rune, inside, 8 O'clock: Rune of The Nine
    Blue rune, inside, 10 O'clock: Rune of Bayle
    Red rune, inside, 12 O'clock: Rune of The Dal
    Blue rune, inside, 2 O'clock: Rune of D'Lere
    Red rune, inside, 4 O'clock: Rune of Velious
    Red and blue runes, center: Runes of The Awakened, and The Swords Of Destiny.
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    Happy to know that despite of the class dmg problems and nerfs the devs are going forward with new and old lore specific Anashti Sul and Mayong lore
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