Spirit Stone: Orb of Crippling Fear

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Gaarysal, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Gaarysal Active Member

    The spirit stone orb of crippling fear \aITEM 292693061 69959537:Orb of Crippling Fear\/a grants xp based on combat art useage... After about 4 hours of CoE heroic instances it only leveled up about 10% this seems a bit rediculous as you'd have to spend ~400 hours of straight playing to get it to maximum assuming the amount of xp per level is constant (I think the amount of xp required increases per lv so it'd take even longer). This seems a bit excessive, is this intended?
  2. Mohee Active Member

    yes some of these spirit stones XP seems way out of whack...

    My own crafted one is 42% into level 3 after about a rough estimate of 14 hours killing mobs in skyshrine to help guildies level, and doing new instances (which are all superb xp!)

    Meanwhile, a guildy of mine with a dropped green adorn from the ape in Temple of the Faceless, after about 8 hours of grinding XP is 3% into level 1.... and that adorn has like 9 levels to it!

    *sniff*sniff* i smell something funky going on here...
  3. Cruelshot New Member

    I do believe but cant say for certain that they only level up on ethenere mobs and ethenere mobs only, which doesnt even include wurmbone or new chelstith mobs.
  4. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    Some level up on taking damage, some level up on curing dets, etc.
  5. Erage New Member

    I like the idea of different ways to level different ones up, but the time investment needed has to be proportional to the rewards.

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