Spells you use as a Dirge

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Suffering, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Suffering Guest

    Hey i was just wondering what spells ( in combat ) , ( and buffs ) at around 20-30 . Anyone got a must upgrade to adept spell ? =)
    Also what is this lanets im hearing about i have one and it does nothing at all..
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  2. ARCHIVED-Haddad Guest

    In fights I will go to Walk lightly, then use misfortunes kiss for first hit. If grouped I let the MT get good aggro first.
    Then I will use Clara's Chaotic debuff (for what its worth). Then lanets if I think the mob will actually last 20 seconds.
    After that its pretty much Taffos , sneak attack, Sparkling blade, Walts singing blade and piercing shriek as they come up.

    As for buffs I use Jonthans whist. warsong and Harls. and brias as needed.
  3. ARCHIVED-Jziad Guest

    lanets is a debuff that does mental damage as it fades, but the damage appears as if its done by another, so you may have it filtered out. Look for damage over the mobs head in grey as it fades.

    I generally use haste, crypts quiet, discouraging discante debuff and clara's if alot of melle

    or if not alot of melee i drop clara's and crypts and use harls and brias. Sometimes depending on if we are killing harder or easier mobs i'll go less debuffs for more buffs. Debuffs seem to favour harder mobs as they stay on longer so you get more for you power if they stick.

    I use misfortunes sometimes, or singing shot on inc, or i'll use lanets depends on if I've had time to stealth or get the range.

    then i use flank attacks and frontal attacks plus shriek at times.
  4. ARCHIVED-Havlen Guest

    I keep Pathfinding, Crypt's Quiet and the new 30th lvl training Movement buff up. I rarely use the melee haste or lucky break buffs as they take 2 conc spots and I don't think are worth it. I use the mana song quite a bit if power seems to be a problem.

    For solo I pull with Lanets (used to pull with bow before Lanets was fixed) and apply Cacophony as it is running to me.

    For groups, I always start out with Cacophony first -- asap even when mobs are running in. To stealth and do Kiss first is not worth it imo as Cacophony seems to have a very big difference on melee damage. (Of course, if I was in a group with 3+ mages I might do things a little different, but have yet to be in a group like that). I will then slow and/or lanets if I think it is needed and go into melee.

    I like to keep conc spots open for debuffs and fear.
  5. ARCHIVED-Kasmn Guest

    For CONC buffs, I use Songsters Luck (actually Rin's) and Merciless Melody, then switch between the level 24 slash/blunt/piercing debuff and bria's (depending on the situation)

    Other than that... sneak and Misfourtunes Kiss (Master 1, oh ya!) to start. Other than that, taffo's and HO's are what I spend most of my power on if I can. I also do try and keep lanets up on whatever the main tank is attacking.

    Edit. This is in groups btw.
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  6. ARCHIVED-Lobo6717 Guest

    For solo, I've been playing around with a few things. Mainly different variations of root, bow, Lanet's, and whatever the debuff one is if I have the concentration point to spare.

    One example would be to pull with Singing Shot, root it, cast Lanet's and the debuff. Right around the time that the debuff is done casting, the root wears off and I start to melee with HO's and re-applying Lanet's as needed.

    It's so nice to be in the middle of the battle and all of a sudden see half the mobs life disappear from Lanet's. heheh

    For HO's, I generall start with the opener, then weaken, then cast Walt's Singing Blade. Next I HO with the stun, move to the side, sneak attack, and cast piercing shriek. Then go back to HO with weaken and Taffo's Brilliant balde. Then repeat til mob is dead.
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  7. ARCHIVED-Havlen Guest

    You shouldn't need to change the second skill in your HO since weaken should be up when your HO intit skill is up. I always saves stun because it can be used to change the HO. So if I get Swindler's Gift and I don't want it I use that as a good time to stun and backstab and see if I get Ringing blow out of it.
  8. ARCHIVED-Meadsong Guest

    Soloing, I pull with the ranged strength debuff and then apply root staight away. I follow this up with lanet's and move in close enough to apply the defense debuff (cacophony). By now the root has broken and the mobs usually hits me around the time the cacphony is applied. I then straight away hit the parry buff (Ardour) and trigger a HO with the cheap-shot upgrade, and Darksong. The next HO is triggered, stun, move to flank, flank attack (one with haste component), close HO with quick strike or the power-debuff. Then reapply lanets and keep chaining those HO's until it's time to attend the mobs funeral.

    Question - at 28 I can take down the level 34 solo mobs in EL 100% using this strategy, I also did some experimenting on the level 33 mobs without using any buffs at all and, though it was close I could still take them down. Are the solo mobs in EL too weak for their con?
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  9. ARCHIVED-Nobolis Guest

    I think you need to pick another class, obviously you have not used a data parser to see the effect of haste.
  10. ARCHIVED-Xanusus Guest

    I'm a 50 dirgeon neriak server. this is my song setup for normal grinding sessions. 1)harl's 2)Haste 3)Clara's(uber can raise entire groups dps by 50 points a person just from this song alone) 4)bria's 5)Lithe disbelief 7)Death's scent 8)sometimes the parry buff on uber encounters

    When soloing double tierd greens and blues and named double tierd:
    Well that's my secret not going to get us nerfed and trust me they would if they saw what we are able to do. If you want my secret you can message me other wise I'm not spilling the beans on this one. We will get nerfed if too many people find out about it. Giana on neriak lvl 50 dirge and no it doesn't involve any kind of kiting whatsoever.
  11. ARCHIVED-Landsurveyor Guest

    I want to second Xano's post. I am only level 43 almost 44 but those are the songs and debuffs I use exactly. Only thing I wanted to add is that I will open with Stealth and Trill on most pulls of ^^ Red and Orange mobs to make sure that Claras sticks. It also helps the nukers in the group land more damage also. If we get a really big group or we are short on healers I will sometimes swicth out Claras or Brias for Discante(I have the level 40 selectable one that included the Slow).

    Again, I just wanted to stress the use of Trills before trying to debuff. I will also tell the nukers to wait til they see me come out of stealth before they nuke also so maximize there damage and usually tell the scouts to save there big hit til my debuffs are done. I think Claras is maybe the best thing we bring to a group especially if the group is melee heavy.

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