Spell Screen Shaking?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Jomkiro, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Jomkiro New Member

    Hello! Im a new player to Everqeust 2. I rolled a Conjurer, but whenever i cast that spell, whatever it is you start with at level 1, my screen shakes, or moves a little bit. Like the camera view jumps. It hurts my eyes and makes me feel a little ill.

    Is there anyway to turn this off? I wanted to play a Fighter, but i don't want to tank, unless Fighters can be pure DPS, im not into being sneaky, so Scout is out, and Priests may have the same problem with a jumping screen.

    This screen shake is a deal breaker. i dont want eye pain and an upset stomach whenever i play this game.
  2. Jomkiro New Member

    When i found out Fighters are all tanks, can never be pure DPS or be accepted as DPS in groups, that was disappointing but i was like, i can be a mage. then i encountered the screen shake after casting spells.

    If I keep playing as a mage, that means aching eyes and an upset stomach, no thanks. If there is no way to turn it off, then that's a whole group of classes that will make me feel sick playing them. A game as popular and been around for as long as EQ2, there ought to be a way to turn it off. Especially for ppl who get motion sickness easily.
  3. Jomkiro New Member

    I tried tanking in WoW and Healing, and they were both very stressful; unless EQ2 tanking is different somehow. So I tried a mage. I tend to play in 3rd person. Is there a way to turn this shaking off and if not, does it happen in 1st person view?
  4. s7n7a7k7e Active Member

    I have all the mage classes except the Illusionist. If you don't like last screenshaking you can try the spell filter options. I think you can filter out the Conjy Earthquake spell so you don't see that particular spell. Not sure if that's how that option works but you can give it a try. You can always try a Nerco, Warlock, or Coercer.

    To be honest, the Coercer is probably my favorite class in the game. I have more fun with my Coercer than all my other characters. My Inquisitor is my main though, because I like that it is a bad *** solo quester, and it gives me my fix for both tankiness and caster feel while still being a healer. I love seeing lightning bolts come down and striking linked enemies.
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  5. Jomkiro New Member

    The spell in particular is Crystal Blast. After casting it, the screen shakes. Where are the spell filter options?
  6. Jomkiro New Member

    Found it!

    A new feature, Spell Filtering, has been added. It can be found in the Options tab of the Persona window under the new Advanced Options section. By enabling this option, players will see a new option in the context menu when right-clicking a spell effect in the spell effects window: Hide Effect.

  7. s7n7a7k7e Active Member

    Awesome! Hope that helps. =)
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  8. Jomkiro New Member

    Should Crystal blast be shaking the screen? I cast it, it hits, and then the screen shakes.
  9. Jomkiro New Member

    I enabled Spell Filtering but when i right clicked on Crystal Blast in the spell book, there was no

    By enabling this option, players will see a new option in the context menu when right-clicking a spell effect in the spell effects window: Hide Effect.

    Hide effect option.
  10. s7n7a7k7e Active Member

    I've never used the feature myself, so I'm not 100% sure how it works. Did you try the slash commands that were in that article?

    Just got on my PC. Will check it out and see what I can find.
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  11. Jomkiro New Member

    the /hidden option only lets you clear the whole list or delete one at a time. I dont see an option which lets you actually add spell effects.
  12. Jomkiro New Member

    I noticed, if i move the camera away from the target when the spell hits then the screen does not shake.
  13. Jomkiro New Member

    I tried doing /hide_Crystal Blast and /hide_CrystalBlast to no avail.
  14. s7n7a7k7e Active Member

    Yeah, so far the only place I see the "Hide Effect" option is when you right click on the spell icons in the maintained spell window. I'm thinking this may be a bug or something with the feature, because essentially that means you can only hide the buff effects I would assume. But the way the Filter is described it sounds like it should be able to hide other spells as well.
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  15. Jomkiro New Member

    This is a darn shame because I really do enjoy this game and it does show a lot of promise, but the screen jump is a deal breaker. I was seriously considering becoming a paying member, too. Say I do change classes; if im in a group or around other player's, i'll still be encountering the screen shaking.

    If there is no way to turn off that screen jump then I cannot play; not when it hurts my eyes and makes them ache and makes me feel ill.

    I can't even ask in game for help cause Petitions are Members only....

    I'll keep checking back here for solutions, but I am done with EQ2 unless there is a way to disable the screen shaking.
  16. Jomkiro New Member

    My eyes still ache a little afterewards. I can game just fine, did so on WoW, but at least WoW never had this screen shaking. I swore off WoW but now i may go back; at least casting spells didn't make my eyes ache and give me slight motion sickness.
  17. azcn2503 Active Member

    Screen shaking has been a complaint for years. I too wish there were some option to disable the screen shaking. This is different from spell filtering - I want to still see the particle effects, but disable screen shaking. It should be an option that we can change.
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  18. Jomkiro New Member

    I enjoy this game, I really do. I wouldn't be responding and asking for a fix if i didn't. But this screen shaking is a deal breaker.

    You would think that SOE would listen to people who get motion sickness, and whose eyes for one reason or another are sensitive to screen jolting like this screen shaking.
  19. Jomkiro New Member

    Does the original Everquest have this spell shaking?