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  1. dreamweaver Developer

    Hail Norrathians, as many of you are aware there were issues last week and some of you were unable to access the game for several days. Thank you for your patience during this time and we'd like to apologize for the inconvenience, so we will be running some bonuses.

    This special bonus will run from November 20, 2020 at 12:01 AM PST and ends November 23, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST

    Live Servers during this time will see

    Double XP

    Double Ethereal Currency

    Limited Time Familiar Drops

    Limited Time Mount Drops

    Bonus Jadeite Medallion Drops*

    Kaladim during this time frame will see

    Double XP

    Double Hunters Coins

    Double Expansion 5 Loot Drops

    *Please note, Jadeite Medallion bonuses are additive, not multiplicative, so if the base is 1, and you are a member, and a bonus is running, you will get 3 (1 base, +1 member, +1 bonus). If you are not a member and the bonus is running, you get (1 base, +1 bonus) 2.
  2. Cylint Nyte New Member

    This is awesome. Except, the first day of the new cycle that the weekly missions become available, many players run their missions. So effectively, and perhaps arguably one of the more important aspects of this is missed; these first day finishers do not get double ethereal currency. Yay.
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  3. Chrexx Member

    Hi. What does this mean: "Double EXP05 Loot Drops"
  4. dreamweaver Developer

    Expansion 5
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  5. Majesty Active Member

    Thank you so much dreamweaver :) All of the hard work you all do is greatly appreciated! We all know how times are challenging right now. I can't even begin to say how wonderful it is to come home and relax in Norrath to get rid of stress. :)
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  6. dreamweaver Developer

    For those that miss this, there are still more double and triple bonus timeframe remaining before the end of the event.
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  7. Saturn New Member

    Is double loot in TSO going to impact raid zones or will it just be dungeons?
  8. dreamweaver Developer

    End Boss loot in heroics

    and raid loot
  9. Dockter Active Member

    Dear users:
    We screwed up, we're sorry, please forgive us and keep playing. Here's some incentive to do so.

    Well done DB. I think this was the best way to handle this.
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  10. Thand Well-Known Member

    I just want Spell research reducers :(
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  11. dreamweaver Developer

    Those are on the GULU list.
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  12. Ambirwent New Member

    I would truly love some double sp...I have been saving the items for quite a while and could use the bank space!
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  13. Succulent Member

    So effectively, and perhaps arguably one of the more important aspects of this is missed; these first day finishers do not get double ethereal currency. Yay.

    I am also questioning this. As some do the weekly quests upon availability will be missing the double ethereal which alot are diligently trying to catch up on that don't get a lot of play time. is there any way to retro those that completed them already to receive the double that was not announced before weeklies reset for this week as the double will be over before they reset again?
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  14. Dyss Member

    Thank you very much! Please convey my thanks to everyone for working hard during a difficult time, as well. Have an excellent holiday - or as much as possible during such a year.
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  15. Cylint Nyte New Member

    I'm taking this to mean the beta period and not the 20 November to 23 November period? Because to my knowledge, only weekly missions give Ethereal currency in BoL and the next weekly is not up until 26 November. Just trying to clarify before I get all excited.
  16. Skrapa New Member

    Sweet! Now I just have to bring my PC to my girlfriend's house this weekend to get some EQ2 time in :)

    Thanks, Dreamweaver and team! You had my gratitude even before these bonuses, but now I give you Double Gratitude Bonus! :D
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  17. Victisa Active Member

    hi dreamweaver,

    I have a few questions if possible. when will there be double status xp? and if so will the guides give out guides guide to CD?

    much hugs and whiskers wiggles!
  18. Dude Well-Known Member

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  19. Catatonia Member

    Is the Limited Time Familiar Drops and Limited Time Mount Drops only apply to higher level zones? Meaning zones that are above level 100? Only asking because I have all my toons level locked below level 90 and have never seen dropped mount or familiars...
  20. Adept Active Member

    Unfortunately out of that list only the double ethereal was of interest to me and I have already done the weekly missions I am able to do so, yeah .. thanks :rolleyes:
    Any reason this bonus could not have been added for a week later so that we all had opportunity to be made aware of it and be able to enjoy it?
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