Sorcerer Line: Summon Familiar allows 10 pts

Discussion in 'Wizard' started by ARCHIVED-Riny, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Riny Guest

    To be honest, I never paid attention to this other than putting in a point so that I have access to the 5 paths below it. So I don't know how long I was able to put 10 points into this line. Not sure if it's just new to this new SF expansion. My question is what benefit do you get from putting more than 1 point into Summon Familiar? The description for extra points is the same for the original point, although it does mention that extra points increase INT/STA - but does it also effect bonuses given by famliliars?
  2. ARCHIVED-Scythien Guest

    Only the first rank givs the pets. The second rand and above will only gain more to your stats. So pointless to put more than 1 point into it :)
  3. ARCHIVED-rbritz Guest

    I know for the min/max people they might object to what I'm suggesting, but until you reach the new INT cap at 90, your going to need all the INT you can get to improve upon spell damage. 40INT gained for 10 points until level 90 and can replace it with T9 raid armor is a good option. Once you do, you can always respec to remove it. I'm tossing points into it myself and respec when I can.
  4. ARCHIVED-thajoka Guest

    rbritz wrote:
    We have way to good of options for this to ever really be practical at all tbh. If you have 10 points in there you are definetly missing 10 points somewhere way more potent, even if it is during the level up process or transitional period. Our choices are numerous and pretty decent.
  5. ARCHIVED-rbritz Guest

    I don't know, for myself, with my T8 armor (minus legs and robe), augments, and buffs (minus food/water), I'm just above 1220 before deciding to bump up the INT. At 90, it's approx 1370 for the new cap. That's an extra 150 more INT I need to come up with before I can start replacing with T9 armor which means I need to see armor pieces with 50+ int on them versus our 40+ int items.
    As I said above, everybody can respec out of that 40int buff and put it into higher DPS once they reach the cap so it's not written into stone.
    I'm also without an option to old world Avatar gear as well, so depending upon guild, other readers might not even have to go down this path.
  6. ARCHIVED-SacDaddy420 Guest

    you can get more INT from other sources quite easily, and spend those 9 points you're wasting into summon familiar on something that will actually benefit you much more.

    But spec however you like!
  7. ARCHIVED-Riny Guest

    thanks for the replies. I've decided to stay out of the line and use the points elsewhere. If the points affected the crit chance for the flying book, i would have seriously considered it.
  8. ARCHIVED-Kyaaadaa Guest

    I don't even use the book anymore, my crit chance is well above 110%. I use the reuse gargoyle. Not sure if more points = more reuse, but I also know that I only have 2 more points I can put into the Sorcerer line anyway.