Sony Online Entertainment Becomes Daybreak Game Company

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    Many "resources" have already been moved from EQ2 to EQN long before the company was purchased. I'm looking at you, Domino and Zoltaroth! And honestly.. it's not a big deal.

    If my bets are correct, and they usually are, the future of the entire company leans solely on the success of EQN. And not just the success, but the significant initial and continued success.

    If it goes great, I'm sure we'll benefit over here too.

    More freedom, more responsibility, smaller budget. A motivated businessman would eagerly accept. Lets just hope the games can continue as they were, until the financial situation improves.
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  2. Bashem Well-Known Member

    I hope there not banking on the success of EQN to keep EQ2 going. That would leave a pit in my stomach!
  3. Azian Well-Known Member

    I did have to laugh at this. (Not in a mean way but truly amused.) Henceforth on these forums I dub thee, Prince Humperdinck. I immediately thought of The Princess Bride when I read that line of yours. :p
  4. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    EQ1 and EQ2 are just dish rags now that will be wrung dry until they cease to serve a purpose. Others have said it reminds them of Vanguard which ran in maintenance only mode until they finally decided to sunset it.

    I have been trying to be cautiously optimistic moving forward, but that is pretty hard to do any more considering the lag/log in issues and the greatly reduced customer services with slow to nonexistent response times and loss of phone support. Do they actually want us all to just give up entirely? If feels like it.
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  5. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    Lol Azian. Now I can't post without hearing that voice in my head.
    My internal dialog is much more annoying now.

    Thanks :|

    With that said, I don't think it's unreasonable to say the success of the company relies on a huge new project. EQ2 might be able to perpetuate itself in terms of profit.. but I don't think development can really continue without some supplementary profit and larger team. That can't really come from EQ2.

    Pretty sure hundreds of thousands were lost with all the station cash promotions.. double, triple, etc. Subscription fees, expansion purchases. Everything. Painful to think about, and completely out of the control of the EQ2 team, no doubt.
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  6. Azian Well-Known Member

    Hah! Glad to be of service. /bow

    I agree with your comments about a new project. Both EQ and EQ2 are old. New blood is needed to actually draw in any sizable player base. I do think that EQ2 could likely maintain for some time but it's unlikely to grow by any substantial amount. I'd certainly like it to at least. Maybe it's just wishful thinking.

    I'm not so sure I agree with your last paragraph though. It's equally possible that they still came out ahead on the SC promotions. I have to believe (with no hard evidence of course) that there are many players that would have purchased zero SC at all who instead made purchases BECAUSE of the promotions.
  7. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    Except for the people who spent 60 or 70 dollars for 2 years of play time or something ridiculous.. or 60 dollars for 5 expansions or whatever. People stocked up, we knew it was a wise investment. Many, many people purchased their play time and expansions for a third of the price, because they stocked up on SC. There's a reason they don't do triple SC anymore, and a reason you can't buy play time with SC.. or expansions, unless I'm mistaken.
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  8. Bashem Well-Known Member

  9. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    So the article ends with "MOP reader BalsBigBrother has further pointed out to us that Daybreak has closed down multiple game forums, including EQII’s PvP, events, RP, guides, and fan site forums, in order to “increase efficiency and bring [the forums’] structure in line with community needs.”"

    Ummm....EQII is a roleplaying game. How is taking away RP forums in any way in line with community needs???? No more guide events? Are you kidding me? events? fan site forums? Seriously? So are we no longer going to have in game holidays either? Grumbles......
  10. Brienae Active Member

    I'm wondering that myself as there were 2 roleplays going on and several stories there. It makes no sense. Honestly I used to roleplay some on Lucan d'lere and then it was merged with Crushbone and no one seemed to pay attention so I turned to roleplaying on the forums and now even that is being taken away.
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  11. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

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  12. Bashem Well-Known Member

    I hear that I saw that thread by Feldon right after I made my post but already I made my post here which came as soon as I got the news.
  13. Peace Member

    I have cancelled two of my three paid accounts. I am a long term (and older aged in RL) customer of EQ .EQ2, and planned on playing it for a long time more. Im finding the ...we will keep you our customers in mind, and nothing will change with the game, it will be business as usual, is an outright lie when they put new limits on what the GMs can do for customer support.
    Really? No one wants to make a new guild and relevel it up massive amoounts of levels when they want to keep the same name and concept , when for some reason a leader cant log in for three months. The fix was simple enough, after three months , a vote by the reming members of a guild to reelect a new leader. I've also heard other players prasing Customer support for assisting them in regaining old characters they deleated, etc.

    The 'just create a new one' statement by Daybreak is crass and totally not consumer friendly. You have a choice, don't bother with helping folks out and just saying 'tough' or going back to helping people out, even if you don't have to and being given positive reviews and a friendly outlook by your player base.

    EQ 2 still has the potential of being an even greater game, but you have to stop the cutting till it is no more corporate raider mindset and start with the innovation, keep good customer service, and for pete sakes , advertise the game.
    Quite wrecking it. Had enough with Sony doing so, and its hammer fisted nerfs out of left filed, thought maybe with with the new owners there might be a change , but this has not been for the better.
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  14. Peace Member

    Oh and Bring back Brasse, while I don't know all the backroom board goings on,it seems to me it was reprehensible and uneeded to lay her off.
  15. Avirodar Well-Known Member

    Regarding the layoffs at SOE/Daybreak, I read quite a few comments indicating that the customer service team suffered tremendously. This was not specific to EQ2, but SOE/Daybreak as a whole. It would be unrealistic to expect customer service levels to be maintained under these circumstances. While -some- of the amendments seem harsh, some of them are simply "be responsible for your own actions, pay attention to what you are doing". I suspect some people were habitually reckless because they relied on abusing the helpful nature of the CS team. That particular element had to stop.

    I also read that Daybreak wants to focus on multi-platform (with X-Box repeatedly mentioned) games, and I believe the mobile games market was in that mix. I do not recall any direct mention of PC games being important to them (simply that they "plan" to complete current titles in development). This leads me to suspect that the future efforts of Daybreak will be directed toward PS4/XBox/mobile.

    EQNext has been in development for numerous years, and the development was far from progressive. A lot of time (thus money) was put in, only for everything to be scrapped and started over, and over, and over again. And where did the money to do this come from? I suspect that we, the players of EQ1 and EQ2 paid the bulk of the bill. If so, money that we spent on EQ1/EQ2, was not going back into the actual game we play, and we are left in 2015, paying a heavy price for the repeated revamps of EQNext.
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  16. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    And, unfortunately, the guy that was responsible for making these decisions is still in charge at Daybreak. The future does indeed look bleak.
  17. Charlice Well-Known Member

    Isn't it time Smed retired from his position of yes man.
  18. Strings Well-Known Member

    Um, I can't speak about any of the rest of it, but I saw a guide yesterday. Got some kind of bone art sculpture thingy (gave it to my evil toon)

    Edit... OHHH the FORUMS for those are closing. Reading comprehension is not at its best at 5:30 am. Why would making people post in fewer sections of the forum be more efficient? Seems like just dumping everything together.
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  19. Awkk Well-Known Member

    Maybe a Guide Events Thread could be made in the General Gameplay Forum that could be watched or stickied to the top of the forum? All does not have to be lost!
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  20. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    *pours Strings some coffee* That should help ;)

    Glad the Guides are still around, the events are usually quite fun....I still need to do the Nebulous Newsies one. Seems to run when I am cooking, lol.
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