Sony Online Entertainment Becomes Daybreak Game Company

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  1. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Just to completely derail everything... Since there was a major interruption recently, can we extend Erollisi Day a bit? At least a couple of days to make up for the ones we missed? :-/

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  2. Kilathian New Member

    There is a Studio that is where I live. THEY Do not make a profit yet. THey make games just to make them and have people Enjoy them. Though in the future they would like to make a profit. But right now they make games because they know others will play them. they do have a game on Steam Platform. I will respect EQ and the company's and you all will have to find that out yourself, though it is in Fort Wayne. If the Moderator does not like my message, I am sorry.
  3. Sherrieamor New Member

    Hi Long- Time player Here! I have always loved EQ and probably always will.. it is a Very unique and special game> I have yet to come across any game as complicated and unique as the EQ franchise (About 8 yrs. EQ & EQ2 now about 6 yrs plus). I guess that is why I always keep coming back to it, I am wondering do you think you might be closing it down all together? OR just combining servers like they did when allot of people left to go play WOW? I am just trying to prepare myself for whats to come and hopefully won't be investing too much more time an effort into the game if your just gonna shut-it down? Please let us Long-Time Dire had players know a bit of something if you have plans already for EQ? TY >faithfully always an EQ player & have been happy to be a part of your world for about 16 yrs pluss now! :D
  4. Smite Active Member

    They had a youtube video update this past week that explained:

    Database updates on each server...
    Database updates to prepare for cross-server grouping...
    If and only if they feel that doesn't solve issues then they would consider merging servers...

    If you want a heavy server 12 months a year Antonia Bayle is the place to be. Most of the others surge from Nov-Jan and then die down a bit till the next expansion or raid /logins.

    You mentioned you've been here awhile so you probably already knew this.
  5. Bashem Well-Known Member

    When I watched the video it sounded like they did not want server mergers due to it being a messy proposition something I had not given much thought to and I want everfrost server to be merged due to low population but if they can get cross server integration working that seems to me to be a less painful solution I would like. I just dont know whats possible and how long it would actually take for it to be implemented.
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  6. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    I played on Freeport back when they merged us with Bazaar...later, I hopped to servers I might like to explore someday and created a toon, same name as my hold it ;) I saw what folks went through with the duplicate names....I still see names with a "z" added at the end and think of that. I'd bet there are tons of other details as well, beyond naming schemes...duplicate items, housing issues. When I moved to AB, one of my houses existed in Frostfang on existed in Frostfang 2 on this server, there was no way I could access, w/o a petition and someone showing up to fix it for me.

    I'd imagine full-scale merges being pretty rough.
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  7. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    True what they said was they want to try cross server first. If that doesn't work then they want to look at a couple of other things. If those don't work; then and only then will they discuss merges.
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  8. Ridolain Active Member

    Indeed. I don't care how anyone spins it, layoff and closings of a business is NOT GOOD. This happened to my father, when he was given the pink slip, then 3 years later, his business closed down for good.

    Even I am having second thoughts about my sub. I came back to play with friends, but thinking I should keep at Silver until I see more what goes on.
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  9. Griff Well-Known Member

    Funny thing about start-ups like that in almost any field.
    • They start out with a "passion for their craft" hoping just to survive and someday make a profit.
    • Then, if lucky, they take off and "grow up" feeling that they deserve a chance to rest on the laurels a bit while they take in some profits.
    • Then they start to hire some people, need to share that work load and enjoy life a little. That takes a bit more money than planned.
    • Need some investors for the new projects you know. Start-up projects were a huge hit, imagine what we can do now with the bigger staff, more capital, perhaps a larger studio, some upgraded equipment.
    • A bit debt heavy, thank goodness we can siphon some money off the initial projects. Just need to cut back spending on them and pump some of the old money into the new projects. New projects are running a bit over budget, but so much great stuff is coming out with them, kinda expected that.
    • Delayed the new projects, need to release them in pristine shape. More investors, but they have more control now. Gained attention of some whales in the industry, they seem interested.
    You know the rest of the story, it sounds a lot like Vanguard, McQuaid and his team. Not saying it's a bad thing; just saying when "small" takes off, they often become "big" and corporate in the end to continue that dream. Once you make those deals to become "big" you get the corporate control along with the deal.
  10. zadical New Member

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  11. zadical New Member

    EQ Next is all about multi-platform gaming.. xbox/playstation/desktop all together playing simultaneously together on same servers and cross servers. that was the whole idea in the first place to corner the various type players in one corrall. as for where eq2 fits into this plan.. guess...
  12. Bashem Well-Known Member

    Too much speculation these days especially since Daybreak Games now owns all these game properties.
    As a long time EQ1 player and now EQ2 is only MMORPG I have interest in atm due to no idea yet whether EQN will work for me.
    I would just like to this new company that has my favorite game EQ2 show some vested interest in the game and not seen much so far just the cuts in personnel they dont want to talk about.

    I have seen no grand vision of the future of EQ2 and no one knows if any is coming.

    People have to hope DG does the game right and that not leaving me feeling too good about the game either so my patience is wearing thin and as a 10 yr on EQ2 and many more on EQ1 paying customer not a F2P and one I think more input from you is needed!
  13. Helican New Member

    The developer states that its ending relationship with Daybreak is not to blame.

    In a surprising newsletter this evening, Storybricks announced that it will be closing its doors.
    Mostly known for their recent work on EverQuest Next's AI with Sony Online Entertainment, the studio cites that the decision was their own and "Sony Online Entertainment (now Daybreak Games) bears no fault for it. Sony Online Entertainment had been up for sale for a long time so our exit had no connection with the Columbus Nova acquisition."
    The team did try to sell Storybricks to undisclosed interested parties, but no agreement was met. During that time, all affected employees found new jobs.
    Storybricks states that most of their work was for EverQuest Next and therefore is co-owned by Daybreak Games. Side projects unrelated to EQN they plan to release for free later on in the hopes that "maybe some Storybricks tech can live in other games."
    You can read Storybricks's full statement here and tweet your farewells to the team over on Twitter.
    There is one more story to tell before we part ways.

    We fell in love with the EverQuest franchise and we wanted the best possible future for it. We knew Sony Online (300+ employees IIRC) was for sale so Storybricks (barely 10 people) tried to actually buy out the whole division.
    We retained an investment banking firm as a proxy and they went directly to Sony Corporate bypassing the local executives. We would have been able to raise the necessary capital, and had interviewed new and existing management ready for a turnover.

    Alas, it was not meant to be as the terms offered by Sony Japan were unacceptable to us and to our investors. It is my understanding that other buyers had the same reaction and, in the end, Columbus Nova got a completely different deal that the one we were offered, but by then our investor group had moved on.

    Make no mistake the company needed cuts badly, and we would have cut and cut deeply. Possibly as deep as Columbus Nova did but maybe we would have cut more senior management and less game developers instead. It was our intention to try to acquire the 38 Studios assets and made them available to players in EQN. Moreover we would have probably changed the server infrastructure allowing people to run their own servers. It would not have been a very canonical EverQuest but we would have done the best to service our customers with the limited budget of an independent studio who wanted to punch above its weight.

    We really did try our best. And our best was not enough.
  14. Bashem Well-Known Member

  15. octi New Member

    wait lol

    EQN go on android (quality report) ^^
  16. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    I'm grateful storybricks did not acquire SOE!
  17. Ratza Well-Known Member

    EQN never peaked my interest.
  18. Griff Well-Known Member

    Agreed. It's not to slight EQN; but many of us that play either EQ1 or EQ2 do so because of the so called "serious" side of the game (as if it exists). To our family EQN feels like "joining the kids in EQN"; instead of "the kid's joining us in EQ". Just can't seem to get into the feel of EQN.
  19. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    Completely agree, I don't see eqn taking me away from eq2 at all. I do like landmark cause of the freedom of the building in that game. If I want a window I can simply cut a window in. So many times I've wished that for eq2 building lol.

    But eqn, naw, doesn't do much for me. Just another pvp fps type game from the looks of what's going on in landmark right now. And it's being made in a way to make it easy to migrate to consoles and smart phones. Not for me. LOL.
  20. Bashem Well-Known Member

    I am worried that Daybreak could divert resources like money and manpower from EQ2 to use it with EQN.
    I have no interest in EQN/Landmark but that dont mean Daybreak wont spend too much time and resources on it.

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