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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-ClayPTino, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-ClayPTino Guest

    This was losely discussed in other threads, but I wanteed to get a better idea before investing any money...

    I am an 18 Bard very quickly on my way to becoming a Dirge, but I wasn't sure if I should upgrade any of the mid teen Bard spells I have. I upgraded what I could to App3 during my artisan training before becomming a craftsman (ie: quick strike, ensnare, sneak, pathfinding, etc...)

    I was thinking about upping Piercing Shriek to at least Adept I, becuase it is one of the main damage spells I use when soloing, but otherwise, I wasn't sure if any of the other songs I have are worth investing the money in. I thought about Walt's Singing Blade and Merciless Melodies, but otherwise am pretty clueless.

    I would appriciate any advice anyone has. I'm sure the majority of my problems come from a lack of deeper understanding of the game such as proper soloing/grouping techniques, but I just thought I'd ask.
  2. ARCHIVED-TWValkyrie Guest

    this is a good topic, im a lvl 21 dirge, and since i only got a perry buff and a group debuff, i still use all my bard attack powers.
    it looks like the next new attack power is lvl 24. so my advice is to up grade what you use the most now. just know that the first attack power to be replaced is the striking blade attack.

    so far i have seen a lot of advice for back line dirges, what about front line ones?
  3. ARCHIVED-Havlen Guest

    Going from Bard to Dirge/Troub doesn't have that much effect on what skills you want to upgrade. Not sure why people think this about the level 10-19 skills (see it for all classes). Yes, you are going to get upgrades, but then again you are going to get upgrades to the lvl 20-30 skills too.

    You will want to get adepts for all of your melee attacks, your DD, and your stealth at the very least. Getting adepts for buff spells doesn't seem to do much good at this point.

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