Something is going on // Players get one Shot for no reason

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Hellfiren, Mar 13, 2023.

  1. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    Hello guys,

    since last patch our groupe members randomly get some one shots out of no were, especialy in H2.
    All Reqiuerments for doing stuff up to T2 Raid are Green so HP ,, Resolve etc should not be the problem at all.

    Its absolutly misterious thing you only move collecting trash no body hit anything and out from nowere i or an other member got on shot, act does not say or detect any income damage or reason why ??
    and on fights in H2 too not any Curse // Dot or other bad effects on players or any script fail happen or missing bulwark happened peeps die instand for no reason.

    An other issus i saw again the Channelers Pets in this case mine because i am the Healer in groupe (Channeler ) does not show or has its correct HP values since last Patch the Pets HP droped from like 230Q to only 155-165 standing alone in GH and do nothing. As the pets HP is based on CB and Pot and i dont changed , down or upgraded the stats massively thier is no reason why this difference apears.

    The major problem is the game effecting mechainc, that the pets ward and prevent values are based on its HP for having the Constructs Overloaded Intercept working correctly, so this masiv drop in HP lowers the abillitys and values to ward // intercept damage of all typs massively and game effecting.
    And since last patch our Goups HP Values in fight are like disco lights like they never have been before and i dont do any other things on my healer as i did before and we were 100% green or evan sometime one play maybe yello but never orange or dead.
    It look that some kind of damage inst warded or interceptet in its correct values on my pet, in the way the damage bypass my pets abilitys to ward or intercept it.
    Our Groupsetup is very deffensiv but strong Channeler // Guard // Assa // Swash // Dirge // Coerc normaly a dream melee setup.

    Nothing Changed on pets Buffs or Essences too
    Recast the pet dont sovle it.
    Nothing changed on Pet in AA as well.

    Any thoughts or ideas please tell us
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  2. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Usually the problem is that your familiar and/or mount has uncast itself and needs to be resummoned. Have you checked that? Also, make sure no one is wearing their crafting clothes (yep, this happens to people!)
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  3. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    Nope all stats in Green as i already mentiont , all buffs and other stuff is running and today i heard from a Mate of mine they keep having this issue since last patch too.
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  4. Feara Well-Known Member

    Oh man, this is something I would do. I'm so bad.
  5. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    Sorry guys ,

    i want real ideas of an issuse i posted and you may not know the Sentence " All Stats ( instruments in the Green ) which originaly comes from the flying operation and is usualy used from the Board Techincan or Navigator and means > All realy All things on the Plane // Healicopter are in optimal conditions to Land // Start.

    So if i say all Stats in Green thier is not any Issue on Gear // Stats // Buffs // and all other stuff a Toon can use which dierectly implents to the reader thier is a Game Bases Fail Condtion // Issues which apeared clear ???

    My qusteion in this case was:

    1 can you confirm this happens on you or other members too ?
    2 any idea beside the things i generaly cut off the discussion here ?

    greetings Hellfiren
  6. Tyrval Active Member

    Some mobs spike for like 2.8b or higher, so people getting one shot from pulses wouldn't be that weird in RoR in that group makeup. I'd want to see what your parse read outs were, though, sorted all incoming by max hits. If that's what is causing the problem then you could have everyone swap to 3 flat hp bardings to put everyone in like the 3.3b range or whatever. Feels awful to ever take the dps loss, but if you gotta do it, you gotta do it.
  7. Yenk Active Member

    Yes, that can happen. For example me. If you have a macro to change the combat gear and mount to harvesting equipment and you accidentally click it outside of combat, you are not able to switch it back during the combat. :confused:
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  8. Hellfiren Well-Known Member


    no it should not happen it was not case before the patch they did before this week patch we had never any problem like this.
    We got on shots in zone while only moving no fight no nothing aggro or evan trash got collected from the tank and nobody hit them for creat a reflect or any other scriped based damage evan the ACT detects nothing on inc damge, its lke you walk from A to B and suddenly god think ok this noob i shot out of life by lightning without any warning or Thunder // Rain clouds on the sky.
    You get on shot out of life you stay next sec your dead by doing nothing.
  9. Argent Active Member

    So I question that people are dying as if they have been one-shotted *and* nothing is in ACT. There are clear situations where either could happen but none that I am aware of that both would happen.

    and in your last message you are saying no combat and people just die? Then why all the talk about channeler stuff in the first message. If there is no fight or anything happening, no combat mechanics come into play at all. I think if people were dying out of combat just walking around that messages would be flooding discord and the forums about it ... so I'm going to just assume combat is in play.

    ACT doesn't really handle damage a character does to themselves. You can see it in the text, but damage you do to yourself ACT doesn't really deal with. Example: A player is in combat and has the tormented blood rune / vampiric requiem activated and is out of range, that ongoing damage is in the text, but like I said ACT isn't going to assign it anywhere. So when you say ACT shows no damage, but people die, my first thought is bloodbound / vampiric requiem adorns. Here's a line in the logs:

    YOUR Tormented Visage hits YOURSELF for 306244839 disease damage

    Above this line you'll find stuff like channeler pet absorbing some damage, characters with a regenerating ward covering some or all of the damage, etc. Often for those reasons (absorbing and wards) it's not doing damage through to the characters health, just eating wards which still has the end effect of doing damage.. However, you won't find this in any category in ACT - you have to look at the actual text of the logs. This would not instantly kill a player, but is a situation where the damage is not showing in ACT where you are probably looking.
    -- next --

    Scout's Detect Weakness will show that pretty much every mob this expansion has some % chance to AE-Auto attack. Mobs this expansion can hit like a truck with auto attack, and accordingly tanks have ways to avoid dying to these hits like Wary Protection, abilities like Tsunami, Stonewall, etc to avoid the auto-attack outright and damage reduction abilities to hopefully make a hit that does occur survivable. This is not true for non-tanks. If a mob takes a swing and you are in the frontal area of a mob and it makes the "roll of the dice" against it's AE auto % chance, people can absolutely be hit for 3+ billion damage. This is the one-shot scenario but it will show in ACT.abilities to prevent this (Tsunami, Stonewall, etc etc.) or to reduce incoming damage to survive these hits. so if non-tanks are in the front area of the mob an it makes that % roll to AE auto-attack, non fighters can be hit for 3+ billion.
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