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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Harmonized, Apr 28, 2015.

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  1. Harmonized Member

    So, you are telling me that I can now buy the AoM CE PLUS Rum Cellar for $85? But because I already spent $89 on the AoM CE when it first came out, that I have to spend another $14 to get Rum Cellar? So, I will end up spending a total of $103 when it's all said and done? That is a total crock of sh*t!! Way to screw over the loyal players that actually PAY to play the game! And you wonder why people are leaving this once so great game. My subscription ends in July, after 8 years as a loyal paying customer. I think this could be the end for me...
  2. Gourdon Well-Known Member

    What makes you think AoM bought today is as valuable as it was in November? It's old content and should have its price reduced. Someone buying AoM today will get far less value out of it than if they would have been max level and bought it in November. You will have more time to play AoM content while it is relevant than someone who buys that package today.

    Do you get upset every time the price of a game goes down or when someone watches a movie on Netflix that you paid to see in the theater, or if someone gets a cheap paperback a year after the hardcover comes out? Timing is a part of pricing. SOE often did not reduce prices enough over the course of the year. I'm not sure this pricing strategy is exactly right, but it doesn't seem unreasonable.
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  3. Finora Well-Known Member

    OP, it's more like the expansion's price dropped. So instead of it being 89.99, it' now 80. Rum cellar is the new content and it's $14.99. It's all very similar to how regular expansions include the previous expansion at no charge. I personally have paid for each expansion as it came out on my main account & my husband's main account. That includes all those that any new person can download for no charge at all. I don't see the point in getting bent out of shape over being an early adopter.

    In the past SOE was jumped on about charging full price for previous expansions right up until the next expansion was either up for pre-order or until actually on sale. This change is a step in the right direction imo.

    I'm just glad I didn't buy AOM for one of my secondary accounts last week when I got characters on it to 95. If I had done that, I might feel a bit differently, it's always more annoying to purchase something RIGHT before it goes on sale.
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  4. Harmonized Member

    As long as I have been playing, I cannot recall ever paying for added content. I have always bought the Collectors Edition on each new expansion and I pay my monthly subscription to play the game. Oh, and I have 2 accounts. So all the costs doubles for me. (and I know a lot of others have more than me). The whole point to my rant is why should I pay any extra for an add on, when I'm already paying $15 a month, when it has always been free in the past?
  5. Wurm Well-Known Member

    Can you show me where in the EULA is says all future content between expacs will be free?

    And "always" is also not correct. the free content between expacs started right after DOV.
  6. Lateana Well-Known Member

    We have had adventure paks in the past. The first one appeared in 2005 or 6.
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  7. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

    Adventure Packs with a heck of a lot more content that this 'campaign' - quests, zones, items, dungeons, crafting - all accessible to everyone and all costing about a third of this one when launched.
  8. Skitterfast Well-Known Member

    I have a very simple solution: I have not, and will not, purchase Rum Cellar.

    The GU contains nothing of interest or use to me. Even if I did decide to log into a higher level character, it's not worth my $15 for a single solo instance.
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  9. Deago Well-Known Member

    I would be okay with the price if that monk elite merc went around going "Why is the rum gone?"

    and dps'n like a boss
  10. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    Actually the free content started on Jan 6th 2005, a couple of months after the release with Live Update 1 - and patch notes

    The last one was the Qeynos revamp 24 July, 2012. Only fixes, expansions and now DLC's since then.

    And if you were an Allaccess member, even the Adventure Packs were free. A lot has changed, but I guess it's a sign of things to come.
  11. Nocturnus Member

    All Access was also more expensive, and had fewer perks than it does now. You didn't really "get" anything for it aside from access, but that was back during the subscription days.

    Now to the General Topic at hand, and i'm not going to be so nice, because i'm getting more than a little tired of seeing how absolutely incompetent some trains of logic are.

    Reality check: Games get cheaper as time goes on. I know, right? I bought Bioshock Infinite for 60 dollars, and a few months later, it went on sale on Steam!!!! Someone "call the police", because Valve friggin' "ripped me off!"

    It's honestly incredibly tiresome to see people make these feeble arguments, trying to justify what comes down to simply: "IT SHOULD JUST BE FREE!!!!" It's equally as tiring watching people make rational arguments against the notion of it being free and people making callbacks to past expansion releases, content releases, etc, simply so (at least they think) the price tag will drop to 0$.

    No, it shouldn't. These are replacing expansions. That means that the 40$ you would normally spend in November of 2015 is now going to be spent 15$ here, and possibly another 15$ at the time of the normal expansion release. When a business model changes, it changes immediately. In this case, with the shift of studios, and the layoffs, getting things rolling in the right direction sooner rather than later is a good idea. I can only imagine what would have happened if they waited simply to spare players' feelings, when in the end, there would be no pleasing those players anyway. "THIS IN PLACE OF AN EXPANSION? BLASPHEMY!"

    If you can't keep up with the fact that the team is smaller, leadership has changed, and the industry has changed in how it offers content (hint: it's not through paid expansion packs anymore, unless you're Blizzard, who can get away with it, or ArenaNet, who's Buy to Play), then I have no sympathy for you. You have every right in the world to make a value assessment as to whether or whether not you think it's worth your money or not. But coming to these message boards and crying about how "expansions used to be bigger" and "I got that for free before" screams entitlement. Kicking and screaming won't bring back the staff that isn't here anymore. It won't increase the current budget. Matter of fact, stubborn refusal to purchase it simply out of principle will do the opposite.

    So how about I make this simple:

    If you want the content, you buy it.

    If you don't, you don't.

    If you can't afford it? I'm sorry. Welcome to reality. Sometimes we can't. That doesn't mean that something should be free otherwise.

    Otherwise, watching all the arguments for why people think they should get it for free is like watching a dog trying to find a different way to run circles to catch its tail. It's funny to watch for the first 10 or so threads, but after a while, it gets tiring, and you want to just tell the dog to lay down and knock it off.
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  12. Loch Well-Known Member

    Let's allow the players a chance to express their opinions.

    How about I make this simple:

    If you want to read the opinions of your fellow players, visit the forums.

    If you don't, don't visit the forums.

    People are going to express their opinions about the game that they are passionate about. Sometimes the facts won't always line up and it may come off as whining, but the feedback is important for Daybreak to see. Welcome to reality.
  13. recon1187 Member

    guys this added content, instead of a full fledged xpac, the devs are making little content packages, I am fine with the price, and how they are going about making more content for us to play.
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  14. Skitterfast Well-Known Member

    How about people vote with their wallets. And not just in regards to purchasing Rum Cellar.

    If enough vote NO, you'll be looking for a new game as well. How many subscribers can Daybreak afford to lose and continue to produce any content? They are down to a skeleton crew as is, any more loses and this game follows the same path Vanguard did.
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  15. Ndiar Member

    +1 for Nocturnus. How about we just make the whole game free and we can take a pause in the middle of killing raid mob "Willywag" to listen to a message from our "sponsor" about a lovely new laundry detergent.
  16. Feara Well-Known Member

    I would like to hire you as the guy who answers my phone when a salesman calls. Are you for hire?
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  17. Nocturnus Member

    Depends on how much you're willing to pay me. :p
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  18. d1anaw Well-Known Member

    And again, I liken this mentality to going to a theater in Nov and seeing a movie and then coming back in May and saying hey, I paid $x to see a movie here in Nov, so I want to see this movie for free. It should be included in the price of the ticket I bought back in Nov or I'm going to "call the cops" and tell them you are trying to cheat me. The entitlement generation just seems to think everything they want should be handed to them. If you don't want to pay $15, then don't. Problem solved. And then you can use that $15 for your cigarettes.
  19. Justbecause Active Member

    Not 100% sure about this but I think the generation before all of us started "the customer is always right"? Being mad at the people who were raised in that atmosphere seems moderately unjust. Anybody can call in and say they don't like their service/product and either get a credit or a refund in just about any other place of business. The whole thing about this cops is a little excessive I will have to agree though ("Give people an inch and they take a mile").
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  20. Terrius Well-Known Member

    So your movie theatres charge a monthly fee in addition to movie tickets? Wow, that must suck! Otherwise this comparison has absolutely no ground.

    The fact is, until recently game update content was Free, it was promised to be free with the expansion as a justification for why we were not allowed to pre-order and why the expansions' price was hiked more than ever previously, the zone itself was mentioned on the beta forums as being almost done and ready for release.

    It's a complete 180 on the way things have been done since 2005, of course people are going to complain and be upset, 10 years is a long time.

    Does it matter in the end? No, people that want this "Campaign" will buy it for the $15, everyone else will pass until the "Large Campaign" in the fall. That is when we will see if this new model makes or breaks EQ2, seeing the lack of content of this "Small Campaign, leads me to believe we are looking at the latter not the former.
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