Some level 35 suggestions for someone who enjoys solo or grouping?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Machismo, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. Machismo New Member

    Per the title, I am a recent 35 or 36 now Necro looking for a change of scenery. Currently I am in EL but I am sort of getting tired of the scenery and I am also having a hard time finding duos or groups, I am always advertising and have my LFG tag up as well.

    Can someone give me further suggestions to mix things up? It doesn't have to be grouping only, but I would love a change of scenery. What is better at 35/36? I saw the zone list, but want to hear what some of the favourites are.

    My map in game says: Zek, Everfrost, Feerrott. Anything else I am missing? I popped into Feerrott and /who gave me 0 people, it also did not look like fun at all the way it was laid out. What are your guys' usual/favourite routes through 35-40?
  2. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Zek, but wait until next week and then go to the EoF zones. Most people are in holding patterns for the expac and groups will reform then.
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  3. Machismo New Member

    Okay thanks... it's been awhile since I played 'vanilla' EQ2.. what are some of the zones I should be looking for in EoF? I'm going to hit Zek in the meantime I guess.
  4. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Steamfont Mountains (coming with EoF) is a good place for 35-45 level range
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  5. Ratface Member

    There are some repeatable quests in Everfrost. At the Hollowfrost grove camp, which are great xp and pretty quick to complete. Maybe around level 36
  6. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    For grouping, runnyeye, rivervale, obelisk of lost souls, and Kaladim (eof).
  7. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Tomorrow you will get steam front which is 100% solo friendly and goes from 30 to around 45.

    Around 30 you have EL , Zek (relatively solo friendly) and Feerot (i hate it sonce there is line o sight, quests are fishy, most mob come by 4 and a single group may be spread almost all over the zone, Feerott is probably the worst zone in the whole level 1-100 range).

    You should be able to solo in Kaladim, it s nice xp from 30 to 35.

    Butcherblock shall be 18-30, steamfront 30-40 (some mobs are around 49) , Kaladim 30-35 (semi heroic) and you also get the robot factory in steamfront (open heroic zone) whch is like 45-55.
  8. Machismo New Member

    Thanks so that was my problem, I went to Zek and could only chip away at a few small quests before things got heroic+++... I then popped into Feerrot and the zone just instantly gave me anxiety. I hopped over to Everfrost where the first mobs I saw were yellow+++ heroics... I popped into Rivervale and similar situation. Now I am back at EL and don't really know what I am doing. All my solo quests are done so everything I have left is Heroic+++. I have my LFG tag up and keep trying to find people for leveling groups to no avail. I guess I will wait for Steamfont!
  9. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Keep watching for Runnyeyes (RE) groups, most do have a lvl 70 mentor - usually an aoe tank - and this means super fast xp, at the cost of frustration since the mentor will do 90% of the work.

    RV (ruins of varsoon) is another possibility but usually it's more for 25-30.

    From today on we will get groups in Kaladim too (high 20, low 30).
  10. Shady1 Member

    message me in game on plagues or bonebag and I would be willing to run you through some runnyeye / cazic thule and get you up to KoS where soloing becomes much more bearable
  11. Machismo New Member

    Thanks Shady, I will check in with you when I am on again :)

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