Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core [Solo]

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Chrol, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Toxlas Member

    Oh, I completely agree. Solo zones should be solo content, Advanced Solo should be molo. These zones are both duo at the moment. They should get rebalanced before live, I was just pointing out a way for people to get past them and finish the timeline.
    Also, I was getting tired of being negative about the zones, they are actually a lot of fun with 2 people - still challenging and invovle a lot of dying though.
  2. maxximum Member

    Shiny after first boss frequently spawns in lava near zone in which one shots you. Pls nerf lava or move shiny.
  3. Chrol Developer

    Go down a level to move the lava out of the way.
  4. Balcerak Member

    So'Valiz still escapes me. I know you don't make a 'mirror copy' of the other side, but while I can figure out one or two (despite dyslexia) 3 is too many. I tried getting a good overhead view and I couldn't get the camera to show correctly.
  5. maxximum Member

    First off, the claws alternate, ie if its look at south first and you have to click north, it will be the opposite after so you just stay by those claws you've just clicked until the next stage.

    Second, the way I do it is to always view the claws in my head from the perspective of looking north, regardless of whether I'm looking at or clicking either set of claws. I then number the claws, with the claw pointing north being number one at both north and south, and then number them clockwise. This means that I always know the north pointing claw is number one, and the south pointing claw is number 6, at both ends.

    The first stage is always easy as it's only one claw. If it's the claw pointing north or south then it's super easy, because I know in my head that's 1 or 6, depending on whether it's north or south, and I can always see the southernmost claw at the north, and the northernmost claw at the south from the middle of the room. What you have to bear in mind here is that if you're looking at the south claws from the middle of the room, you have to remember that you're looking in a southerly direction, and as I said, my whole numbering system is based on numbering them from the perspective of looking in a northerly direction. Now that I've run it a bunch of times, it's second nature to a) look at my mini map to double check which direction I'm facing, and b) spot the 'easy' claws without having to run over to them. For example, I always fight the mob in the middle of the room from the start, because I don't know which way round the claws are going to go. From there, I can see the bottom 3 north claws, and I know that if the south pointing claw turns in, that's number 6 so I can run straight to the south and click number 6 there. I also know that if its the claw to the right of that one, that's number 5, and the claw to the left is 7. Likewise, if I'm fighting in the middle at the start and the south claws are the first to look at, I can see the northern pointing claw is number 1, the claw to the left of that is number 2, and right is number 10. I don't even have to run to the claws when it's any of those, I can just run to the other side and click accordingly.

    Obviously this becomes a bit more troublesome when it's 2 and 3 claws, and when they are behind pillars, but once you've put a system in place, it gets much easier.with each run. You also have to get into the habit of checking whether you're at the north or south claws on the mini map, because it's easy to mess up when looking at the southern claws, ie I've done the first stage which was look north/click south, so I know I have to look at south next stage, and I have to remember to turn around and face north, which I usually do straight after I've clicked whatever needed clicking there. I would also recommend f1 to target yourself the instant the mob goes immune and emotes the next stage, just so you don't get flipped round to the mob again.

    I've also got a bit of a rubbish memory, so I find myself saying the numbers out loud, and keep saying them until I've run over to the other place and clicked them. You are probably going to have to get used to it if only because the heroic version is 10 different stages, going from 1 to 5 claws twice over, and unless someone else has come up with a better system, it will probably be done how I do it.
  6. Zannya Member

    I was hoping someone could offer some advice on the Molten Behemoth. I seem to be having the problem you have mentioned here. I cannot pick up and destroy the rocks fast enough so he absorbs them, which seems to heal him. I can never manage to get him below 20%. He just keeps healing himself... He has only killed me once, so its not that I die a lot, it is a never ending fight, I think I died of exhaustion. lol So if anyone can tell me a good way to move on beyond this mob, it would be great.
  7. Toxlas Member

    What helped me is thinking of it as a compass, not a clock. You have to make an exact copy, so North & North, SSE & SSE, WNW & WNW, etc need to match. North and South are on arrow designs on the floor, The others are on compass points NNE, ENE, ESE, SSE, SSW, WSW, WNW & NNW. I mark that on a paper then put dots on the ones I have to remember.
  8. Thand Active Member

    On the 4th floor of obsidian for Verlixa the Top Brazzier always kills you for example If the illusions go left right top. You go through the left kill the mob go through the right kill the mob, The top will always kill you. I even got raise and now All of the portal will kill you. one thing i did notice was even if the text Says the mob went to the top no Illusion ever spawns showing it going to the top. If top is First called you automatically loose. I repeat5ed this several times with fresh zone and Top will always killl you and No illusion showing it going to the top will be shown
  9. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    I haven’t tried in a day or two, but my trick was to keep him right by the brazier while fighting. When he emotes that it’s rock-spewing time, I run out of the room and hide right behind the corner, then head back in.

    If you pause and let him get closer to you at the door, that gives you a little more time to run by and pick up the rocks he dropped by the brazier. I don’t always get all three, but I was able to get them more reliably that way.
  10. Chrol Developer

    And you are clicking the brazier on the ceiling right?
  11. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Thand, are you sure you are looking at the ceiling and clicking the top brazier up there? I haven’t done the fight in a day or so, so it may have changed, but I always saw the illusion go up and was able to get through the sequences by clicking through with no problem (well, after the increase in the timer for those fights, that is <grin> ).

    EDIT: Oops, just saw that Chrol beat me to it. :^D
  12. Zannya Member

    My problem is not him hurting me, he does not hurt me at all... well not more than my merc can heal... but my problem is he heals himself, so the fight went on forever. Literally. I finally gave in. My husband watched a whole episode of 20/20 while I was trying to kill it. It just kept healing itself. So I am hoping to learn the trick to stopping that.
  13. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Yup, that's what I was saying: Get him to drop the rocks by the brazier and move him to the door/corridor right after; then you zoom back and put the rocks into the brazier while he's coming back from the door.

    (He drops the rocks when he does his AoE thing, so fighting him by the brazier means they'll drop there. If you run out of the door before he AoEs and then pause a bit, he'll follow you across the room; you can then scoot back and grab some rocks and dump them into the brazier while he's still walking back. Moving him away from the rocks helps buy some time before he absorbs them.)
  14. Balcerak Member

    Thanks for the help on So'Valiz. I ended up making numbered dots on a piece of paper. Was almost too slow but made it!
  15. Zannya Member

    I tried to do it this way, which is a great way for people who are coordinated haha... but I just could not get it together... so taking your idea and just fitting it to me, I just stood behind the brazier. It caused him to drop them all around it and I could pick them up and drop them in and just keep on fighting. So wanted to post it here as an alternative to the way you have put here so that people can have two ways to fight this guy. :) ty so much for your help
  16. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Headed down to level 5 in this zone and I have a nice yellow message in yellow in my chat box:

    "[BUG:AdHocZoneValue]requires a custom failure string"

    Do with it what you will :D
  17. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Was on level 4 of this zone yesterday....was really enjoying it. Stepped away due to RL. This AM, popped back in and I apparently need to pack a lunch to slay the first room. Did the mobs eat their Wheaties or was there a change?
  18. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Woot, that's awesome, congrats on kicking his butt!

    (I tried to do it that way, but he kept getting in my way and I would click on him instead of the you are actually the more coordinated one. :D )

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